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I'm going to take Doug Bensons movie challenge to see 365 new movies (new to me) within 365 days. I'm starting on Dec 9th because starting Jan 1st is arbitrary. So I'll finish up Dec 9th 2016. Unless of course I get a life before then. You never know...
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A completely self indulgent walk down memory lane trying to remember every movie i've ever seen at a cinema or drive-in.
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*Not necessarily the 1st time seen.

*I haven't included movies I switched off half way through
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Roughly in order of awesomeness.
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Now with drunken commentary! Excited?
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This is my 'to do' list, because those TV shows don't watch themselves.
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If I had a podcast like Marc Maron or Alec Baldwin these are some of the people I would like to interview.
(Work In Progress - more names coming.)
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I regret starting this list!!! Obviously this is an ongoing project and eventually i'll mix in the movies from my cinema list. I honestly think I might have seen a few thousand movies in my life and now i'm trying to figure out if that's true.
(Okay i'm going to strip this down and do an A-Z version, it's too hard to manage otherwise.)
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