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A completely self indulgent walk down memory lane trying to remember every movie i've ever seen at a cinema or drive-in.
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*Not necessarily the 1st time seen.

*I haven't included movies I switched off half way through
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Roughly in order of awesomeness.
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Now with drunken commentary! Excited?
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This is my 'to do' list, because those TV shows don't watch themselves.
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If I had a podcast like Marc Maron or Alec Baldwin these are some of the people I would like to interview.
(Work In Progress - more names coming.)
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I regret starting this list!!! Obviously this is an ongoing project and eventually i'll mix in the movies from my cinema list. I honestly think I might have seen a few thousand movies in my life and now i'm trying to figure out if that's true.
(Okay i'm going to strip this down and do an A-Z version, it's too hard to manage otherwise.)
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