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Mr. Turner (2014)
Sooooooooo Boring!!!!
4 December 2014
Every year, there is at least one movie that becomes the "Emperor's New Clothes" of the Oscars. Critics love it, the Academy loves it, and then you go watch it and think, "What is this garbage?" I think this year Mr. Turner will be that movie. Why would a filmmaker think we would want to spend over two hours in a theater and not show us anything? If you ever watched the Harry Potter movies and thought, "I'd love to see that rat who turned human grunt for over 2 hours," then this is the movie for you. I understand that in reality life can sometimes seem like a series of unconnected, uninteresting events, and filming something like that might be realistic, but it doesn't make it good.
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Maleficent (2014)
Angelina Jolie in the role she was born to play!
30 May 2014
Angelina Jolie is perfect in the role she was born to play. She reminds me of how Glenn Close was as Cruela DeVil. I couldn't think of anyone else doing this role as well as she did. If I were on the board of the Academy Awards, I'd happily nominate her for an Oscar.

The film is really good, but you have to watch it as it's own entity. You can't think about what you already know from "Sleeping Beauty." This is a completely different story. Everything you love from "Sleeping Beauty" is here, but not in the same way. It kind of reminds me of how it is when I watch "Once Upon A Time." Forget what you already know and just enjoy this!
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Frozen (I) (2013)
I can't wait to see it again!
26 November 2013
The last time Disney adapted a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, we got one of my favorite films, The Little Mermaid. Now, we have a movie that has very much the same feel as Mermaid. Frozen feels like it could fit right in with the Disney movies of the late 80's/early 90's, like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The music is great, and I left singing it; the lead characters are very likable, with memorable sidekicks; and there are even surprises, things you would never expect to see in a Disney animated film! This is my favorite movie of the year so far, and may even be my favorite movie in years. I highly recommend this one!
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Contadora is for lovers, NOT for movie goers
15 June 2012
Contadora is for lovers, NOT for movie goers. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The story makes no sense; the lighting was too harsh at times, but looked like it was lit by a flashlight at other times; the sound quality was so poor, I think the microphone was in the ocean while the actors were talking; and the camera work was so jumpy! It looked like everything was done in one take - if an actor stumbled on a line, or something went wrong, why wasn't that scene re-shot? How did that end up in the final movie? However, it was a great performance by Tony Sago. Too bad he wasn't in a better film. You really can't blame the actors when they clearly had nothing to work with.
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Rampart (2011)
Terrible film
22 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Rampart" is so awful that it actually makes me question why I even enjoy going to the movies in the first place. There are so many really good actors in this film whom I truly respect that I can only assume that they did not get to see the script before agreeing to be in this horrible film, or the finished product is so radically different from the original project. What is the meaning behind this current trend of independent films to not tell a story? Setting and character are not enough. A good film needs a beginning, a middle and an end, not just a murky version of the middle of a story. This film is uninteresting, unpleasant and unmemorable. Worst of all, it is horribly boring.
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Like Crazy (2011)
I did not like "Like Crazy"
2 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Q: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" A: "I'm going to give you the opportunity to figure out why you think the chicken crossed the road." Oh, you didn't like that joke? Well you just must not get it. That is how I feel about this pretentious, poorly made movie. Honestly, the filmmakers couldn't figure out how to end it. Rather than thinking of an interesting ending, they came up with, "Why don't we let the audience decide?" Oh, wow, how powerful! Imagine how much we would have loved "Snow White" if it ended when Snow White passed out after eating the apple! Oh, you wouldn't like that? Why not? You could have thought of so many good ways that it could have ended? Oh, you wanted to actually see a movie with a beginning, middle and end? Oh, weird. This movie is just poorly made. It's an hour and a half that feels like five hours. There were times when it was so drawn out, and really needed to be tightened (but the audience really wants to see the aggravation of dealing with government bureaucracy, right?) and then there were times when things should have been explored further. Honestly, the movie started pretty good, but the relationship was so rushed at first, that it didn't cause the audience to care too much when it could be ending. Also, it is hard to feel sympathy for a character who knows the consequences of the action, but does it anyway, and then has to deal with those consequences. The characters make poor choices, and they just come across as annoying. Yes, the movie is realistic, and honestly I could relate to some of it, so it should have been better. It was just so poorly done and boring that I couldn't care at all. Who cares if it is realistic? I could sit at home and look out my window and see what my neighbors were doing if I wanted that. I want to be entertained at the movies. Don't make an hour and half feel like 5 hours. I don't like "Like Crazy."
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The Emperor is Naked
30 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie could have been a cute 2 minute short. Unfortunately it is an hour and a half long. This is the film equivalent of "The Emperor's New Clothes." Reviewers are giving it great reviews because they are pretentious and afraid to look stupid by giving it a bad review. Well I'm here to tell you that the Emperor is naked! This movie's only real illusion is that it will make an hour and a half feel like a day and a half. Yes, it has some charm, but charm can't carry an entire movie. I really wanted to see this because I've heard rumors that this could get an Oscar nomination for best animated feature. If this gets a nomination over a quality film like "Tangled" I will be furious. "Tangled" has charm, but it also is very entertaining. This movie is boring! It feels like a student film. It is as if they didn't bother to find actors who can speak English, so the English speakers just mumble. My friend said it was like Charlie Brown's teacher voiced all the roles. Charlie Brown's teacher is charming for the few seconds of dialogue we hear from her, but imagine that through an entire movie! And the story - are we kidding here? A CHILD moves in with an older man and he starts buying her pretty clothes, taking care of her, etc. I felt like I was watching a pedophile's dream. Are we meant to think the relationship is okay because the child initiates it? The adult needs to tell the child that this is inappropriate! Did you ever want to see an animated movie where a clown attempts suicide or children beat up an adult? Then this is the movie for you. Otherwise, avoid this movie! Believe me: The EMPEROR IS NAKED!!!!!!!
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8 out of 10 stars
8 March 2004
I saw the Passion of Christ on Friday. It really is a very powerful movie. This movie is violent, but the message is about love. Jesus said in the movie "Love everyone as I have loved you -- even your enemies!" I just wish the movie would have shown more of Jesus' life -- but the movie is all about his death. The movie assumes you know who Jesus is, which most viewers probably do, but I think it would have been a more powerful movie if they showed why Jesus is wonderful and not just how he suffered. They do show a few flashbacks, but the focus is how he suffered, and I think there is a good reason to show that too, but it is not the story of Jesus I would have told. I also didn't like that they had to show a personification of Satan. I think there was enough evil in the film from the humans without having to also show Satan. Still a good movie that makes you think. I give it 8 out of 10 stars.
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Dogville (2003)
28 February 2004
It's a shame that this movie is so slow moving. The cast is wonderful, and I love Nicole Kidman, but even she could not save this film. Most of the acting is very good, except for Cloe Sevingy who seems too modern for this part. Unfortunately, good acting cannot save a boring story. The story is told in chapters and when we read that the last chapter was beginning, the audience cheered that this torture would finally end. I watched this film in a full theater and about 50 people walked out. My friends asked me to walk out with them as well and I was very tempted to do so, but I stayed, just hoping it would get better. Don't make the same mistake; You would just lose 3 hours of your life.
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Slow moving and disappointing
14 July 2002
I wanted this movie to be better. It really moved too slowly and it was rather boring at times. Also, although I think Tom Hanks is a great actor, he was miscast for this part. People feared his character, but Tom Hanks is too likable to be feared. When other characters were nervous around him, I never believed it. Maybe someone like Russell Crowe would have been better for this part, but honestly it probably wouldn't have mattered. It would have still been boring. Perdition is another word for Hell, and after sitting through this movie you'll feel like you've taken the road to perdition.
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28 June 2002
This was a great concert film! It was a lot of fun and Barry sang all of his major hits (Unlike when I saw him in concert and he didn't sing "Looks Like We Made It" or "Can't Smile Without You.") "Looks Like We Made It" is very well done here as a medly with "Send in the Clowns." "Could it be Magic" is a lot of fun in the disco version, then beautifully sung as a medly with "Mandy." My only complaint would be that I wanted more of "The Copacabana." This is a must see for any Barry fan!
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