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The Screen Savers (1998–2005)
The best on Technology TV
31 March 2004
You can look everywhere, but The Screen Savers on TechTV is by far the best tech show ever. An hour with this lovable crew will keep you coming back everyday for more doses. Even if you are not addicted to technology, this show is easy to get addicted to with its humorous views. It's like "Live with Regis & Kelly" for geeks. You'll get the latest tech news, first-hand looks at new software, hardware, prototypes, etc. Humor is clearly evident as the gang rags on themselves, others on the set, and occasionally Bill Gates. Highly recommended whether you are a gamer, a hacker, teen, single mom, whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, you get the idea. 10/10.
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I'm with Busey (2003– )
Brings fun to reality TV
28 August 2003
With the sudden boom of reality tv shows, I haven't found one that was even a little bit funny. Until I saw "I'm with Busey", and then the fun stuff came out. The plot is hilarious: a kid out of college finally meeting his childhood hero and learning his philosophy in life. It doesn't take Adam long to know that his hero has become... unpredictable. From the episodes where Gary dressed up like a woman, taught Adam how to get a date, shown a nerd fight between a ufo guy and a bigfoot guy, up to the nearest where the team operates a restaurant, this show is bound to have more seasons. Only reality TV show I will give a 10/10.
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You'll like it... you'll definitely like it
29 January 2003
This wonderful film featuring the hilarious-loving comedian Eddie Murphy playing the whole Klump family, and nice-looking, great-sounding Janet Jackson as Sherman Klump's new girlfriend. After working on a DNA extraction plan, the theoretical advancement of science that would remove unwanted genes in a person's body, in Sherman's body to get his arch-nemesis, skinny vision of himself, Buddy Love out of his body once and for all. He tries a procedure and slowly finds out it reverses his memory, and he has only a couple days to find Buddy and get him back in his system. It's a race against the clock, and who will win, Sherman or Buddy? Hey, couch potato, get up, drive to the video store, rent it, watch it, and tomorrow, go to Wal-Mart and buy the hilarious movie.
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28 September 2002
Whoever said this movie isn't funny, well, they ain't smart.

Just a quick rating of my views of the movie:

Plot: 9.5/10 Carachters: 10/10 Cast: 10/10 Settings: 10/10 Special Effects: 10/10 New Car vs. "Old busted Joint": 9 over 10 Frank's Teeth: 0.00000000000000001/1000000000000000000000

My view:

SEE THE MOVIE! One of the best EVER! If you liked Monsters, Inc. and Scooby Doo, this is an Ideal movie for you.
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Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Disney At Its Best
2 July 2002
Disney has made their best film to date. All you people who think that all Disney movie characters are like, "we have the best lives and we want to show it in an animated film". YOU'RE WRONG! This movie is a good family movie that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. One of the best movies this summer. This girl, Lilo, adopts what she thinks is a dog, but is really the most dangerous alien in all of the universe. She names this "dog" Stitch. After teaching him wrong from right, there is still much damage of things (emotional, physical, etc.). He quickly learns the meaning of Ohana (Family), and becomes part of one. Very cool movie.
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Get a Clue (2002 TV Movie)
One Of Zoog's Best
1 July 2002
This is definitely one of the best Zoog Movies. It's about a reporter's daughter (Lexy) who walks in his footsteps to become a reporter herself. She writes a gossip column in her school newspaper and has had an article published in a New York newspaper. The article is about two of her teachers having romantic ties. After learning that one of her teachers has switched their identity for protection, Lexy and her friends plan a plot to capture the person who is blackmailing their teacher. Great Spy Movie. 8/10.
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Mr. Deeds (2002)
Funny and romance combined into one. Kind of like Big Daddy.
20 June 2002
There are many funny parts to this movie, and many romance parts. But the main story is like this: LongFellow Deeds (Adam Sandler) inherits $40 billion dollars from his great uncle he never knew he had. Deeds then goes to New York for the signing of the documents. Before that, he takes a detour to a Connecticut Wendy's. In New York, Deeds then falls in love with a reporter who claims she is a high-school nurse raised in a small town (Whinchesterfieldton, Iowa). This "nurse" works for a sneaky news channel in which she has a hidden camera on her at every date she and Deeds goes to (The "nurse", claiming to be Pam Dawson, is played by Winona Ryder). What Deeds does with the $40 billion dollars is outstanding (not really). Let's just say there is a funny stockholder meeting near the end of the movie. And yes, there is a water fountain filled with Hawaiian Punch in the Bedroom. See the movie coming out June 28, 2002! It's worth the $6.
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