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Easily Brandon Lee's best film!, 29 August 2002

This film is a great combination of action and comedy, and brandon lee's best film, in fact, the only decent film he ever did! It is basically just a rip off of lethal weapon, with a bit more violence and sex, but it moves at such a break neck pace, you love every minute of it! Well worth seeing!

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Nobody can do a love song quite like the hanson brothers!, 26 August 2002

I don't really like their music, as it is too girly for me, but when I listen to them break into a great ballad like 'I will come to you', I can't help but be moved! Some of their lyrics and songs are so beautiful, you break into tears on hearing them! Hanson are not for everyone, but the fact that the eldest was only 17 and the lead singer was 14 when they released their first official album, it is incredible! Some great songs, sure to make you feel romantic! Watch and enjoy the beautiful music!

"Daria" (1997)
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This is the girl I loves fave show!, 26 August 2002

The girl I love does not get along with lots of people, so of course, she loves this show! It is boring and tedius, and daria has to be the most dull character ever created! If you hate the people around you, you should watch this show and whinge about how everyone has it in for you! That is what she does!

Time Crisis II (1997) (VG)
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Incredible graphics, great speed, but far too short to ever be truly satisfying!, 26 August 2002

This game is great for a rental, but you can finish it in a few hours! Almost no skill whatsoever is required, and when you finish it you are treated to a very poor ending! It is good for a boring afternoon, but in no way should you ever buy this game!

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Great variation on boy who cried wolf, except a little too unrealistic at parts!, 26 August 2002

This movie is very entertaining, but it is far too short and unrealistic. Travolta almost instantly believes his sons notorious story without question, despite the fact it is too crazy to seem true. Vaughn does a great performance as the bad guy and travolta is in true form as the hero! It is too short, but if you don't expect much, you'll like it!

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A brilliant mockumentary style black comedy, that grabs hold of you from the start!, 17 August 2002

All the reviews of this movie slam it, but they are missing the point - if you look at it from the point of view of the characters involved, and try to se things as they would, you would love it! The film maker is like every film maker and news reporter I have ever met, eager for a ground breaking story, hoping against hope that Jimmy turns up dead, because it will make great cinema! The other characters are a lot like some people I know - they seem to resemble young high school drop outs, who are just milling around, looking for ways to make cash! When Jimmy goes missing, they all half heartedly look for him, not really caring whether he shows up or not, and the results are hilarious! This film is a rare gem, well worth seeing! Steve Buscemi and Samuel L Jackson carry the movie, and those two make it worth seeing for them alone! A great movie!

A good sequel to the original hit!, 10 August 2002

This sequel is what superman movies are meant to be about - action packed, plot driven, with little care to characterisation or any other boring factors that often plague superhero movies! Seperman is more enjoyable than batman because it is more upbeat and never depressing! the scenes with lois lane are great, and it is a great way to spend two hours! Well worth seeing!

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A great collection of horror stories, despite the low budget!, 7 August 2002

This is a great collection, even though it is clearly low budget! It is entertaining throughout, and even though it is clearly low budget, the first and second story holdyour attention throughout, and the third is voyeuristicly entertaining! The girl is the wraparound is beautiful, and is worth renting for her alone! A good collection, well worth renting!

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Social satire, 60s style!, 5 August 2002

When watching this show you notice that while externally it hides behind routine sitcom conventions, laugh tracks and sight gags, underneath it is a sharp and poignant social satire about the treatment of outsiders in America, circa 1960! Someone once joked to me that if the addams family were black this show would have been banned - there was an underlying truth to his statement!

The addams family represent everything that is old and outmoded by todays standards! Gomez follows old British traditions, has a rich family history and loves his wife dearly! Morticia is equal to him, but is always obedient to everything he does! They love each other, and there surroundings! The joke of the show is how others, ie the 'normal' people, react to them! They don't like their outmoded life style and try to change them! The addams family is a great show, but should not be viewed as a sitcom, rather a social commentary on times that are well and truly over!

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A mixed bag of treats, with a ratio of one good episode, 3 bad ones...., 5 August 2002

The Twilight Zone is a mixed bag. Any fan of the show knows that for every good episode there are 3 bad ones! The twilight zone works on many levels, but fails on others. The key theme of the show is how it manages to scare you on an intellectual level, using thought provoking stories instead of flat out horror! However, sometimes the episodes were so poorly executed, or it was just a bad idea, and the show was boring and tedius. But when it delivered, boy, did it do it well - I fondly recall one unforgettable episode where a woman is in hospital bandages, and is trying to get an operation, to get rid of her horrible disfigurement. At the end she removes them and looks as beautiful as ever - she starts screaming - then we finally see the faces of all the hospital staff, and they are pig snouted and horrible - in this alternate universe beauty is abnormal and unacceptable! This episode stuck in my mind forever, as it was a great idea, but even that episode had poor execution - throughout the entire episode they would only show the hospital staffs faces in shadow, and it was obvious that there would be a twist, like the one there was!

This was a great show when it showed good episodes, but that only happened a quarter of the time! If you get the chance to view it, don't pass it up, as when it tried, this was the best sci fi show around!

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