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Boring ,please don't make me watch again, 10 August 2015

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Don't want to too much time of this steaming pile so I'll be brief. Where to begin ,the terrible accents ,some told me later were supposed to be English (not south African), is what Americans think they sound like? Sat waiting for the entire length of the film utterly bored waiting for a laugh and then it ended.I have no idea why this bafflingly unfunny movie is so popular at all and now gets voted one of the best comedies of all time ?It seems to me more of an exercise in remembering cool quotations than an actual watch-able film,much like withnail and I.So to fill in the minimum ten lines I'll end by saying something positive ,its far too dull to hate .That must be ten lines by now

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Build up to no battle screwed over again, 15 June 2015

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one of the things that used to bug the hell out of me in the early G.O.T seasons was the budgetary requirement that battles couldn't really be shown . so we had all the talking, preparing, build up and then ...aftermath .Tyrion wakes up after very conveniently getting knocked out .Robb lets his wolves loose on the lanister army then... no battle .We get the same thing now for an entire season All stannis has been doing is talking ,preparing ,plotting and planning to take winter fell from the boltons and it leads to a build up to sweet bugger all. A bitter disappointment ,I thought they had the budget to match their imagination these days but no ,still pulling the same old "walking dead" style tricks.

Frank (2014/II)
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Spectacular, 10 March 2015

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Spectacular. Frank is an amazing film .

Bizarre beautiful and with a great ending. based incredibly loosely on frank sidebottom the northern gent with the crazy band and the weird appearance on children's TV in the 80s/90s,and with a voice like a kazoo. In real life our frank died from cancer,in poverty, and was only saved a pauper's funeral by charitable donations.fortunately this film only take the craziness and the giant head from franks legacy. Its not a full on comedy it has its darker moments and little twists that take the film from good to great.

So I wont spoil any part of the film for you with a synopsis . just go watch.

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Ollie proves to be a massive hypocrite, 15 November 2014

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Ollie proves to be a massive hypocrite Oliver queen had a few scenes in this that really annoyed me. He chastises Wildcat for his partner killing a drug dealer and for taking up being a vigilante.When Oliver butchered and murdered his way through half of the elite in starling city in the first season? I kept expecting someone to point out this massive uncomfortable fact but no one did? Are the writers trying to retcon this out of the arrow 's history now he's a non lethal vigilante?hoping we'd all forget the first season blood bath. Found my self hoping wildcat would punch the smug ,superior look off arrow's serial killing face

not a great ep

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An unexpected Abomination of a classic, 23 August 2014

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An unexpected Abomination of a classic . If you read the book or not doesn't actually matter because most of this film is asides ,made up sub plots, extra characters and other awfulness. Massive shifting of characters from believable to unrecognisable seems to be the norm here .One boring action set piece after another ,actual plot is something you don't even dare dream about. hard to believe this is the man that fans demanded to direct the films i think even Michael bay would have been a better choice and more faithful to the source material. After shouting for the hundred time "when does this happen in the book?" I suddenly felt a calm descend over me and realised this is not the story of a hobbit who goes on a journey and finds his courage this is the story of a great of director who went on a journey and gets seduced by money churning out awful cash in prequels like this for ever more .George Lucas disease strikes again peter Jackson RIP

weirdly schizophrenic film, 30 July 2014

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A teenager falls in love with the girl next door and then releases she a porn star,and they some how take this inventive premise and make one the most boring films ever made. To be fair it starts getting funny suddenly in the last half hour,before that its boring as hell . After an hour of a uncharismatic ,lantern jawed teenager mooning over a girl and endlessly boring people over his college scholarship interview,it suddenly morphs into a hilariously bad taste comedy for the last stretch. Problem is of course you have to put up with the rest of this film with no jokes .At least when dusk till dawn went from violent escape caper to horror movie both halves of the film were entertaining but this is just weird.

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Swinging on a star, 29 June 2014

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Hudson hawk is shanghaied by various powerful people the moment he gets out of prison into pulling a museum job but of course this is just the beginning of his troubles. One of those hilarious underrated classics that pop up every now and again.The world and his wife lined up to criticise this film . They were ,of course, all completely wrong. Its part smarmy heist caper, part musical, part buddy action movie it does not clearly fit into one genre so of course people hated it.

The comedy works the stunts are good and the plot is strangely compelling. Id advise you disregard everyone's opinion and see it your self (except mine of course)

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A Good Simon Pegg Film? must be the end of the world, 25 June 2014

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The movie is very funny from start to finish. Pegg plays a incredibly selfish loser from the start but still manages to make him a sympathetic character. It even manages to mix moments of emotional drama with comedy not an easy task.Its a film about growing up and the ramifications about holding onto youth ,and is the first grown up movie pegg has ever done.

Far too dark for the normal cornetto morons,who apparently hated it,probably hated watching a movie that wasn't just prat falls and tomfoolery .

Pegg may finally have turned a corner with this movie its good to have him actually being funny again

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Embodies the Spirit of exploration, 29 September 2013

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A found footage story,of the first Manned exploration of Europa.

A privately funded deep space ship is sent to the icy moon of Jupiter to attempt to find life under the surface. But space is a dangerous place communication is lost and there are strange lights under the frozen surface. Very effective creepy film as well as using real science they give us characters to care about and a fascinating journey into the ultimate mystery.Are we alone?

Minor gripe:the film is disjointed and non linear ,maybe to amp up the found footage /out of order angle,but it does get mildly annoying at times.Chopping between early enthusiasm and later horror.

Absolute gob smacking ending and certain to be a classic ,its a shame (at time of writing) no ones seems to have heard of it

Looper (2012)
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Creepy eyes, bad prosthetic nose constantly reminds you this is a movie and not reality, 11 September 2013

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A young murderer called Joe lives a life of pre arranged shootings and wild drug parties,until one of his suddenly materialising victims turns out to be an older version of himself. How we know this is because that's how the film has been advertised not because of any thing like a resemblance . Which bring us to the heart of my problem with the movie,Joseph gordon levitt has been made up (badly)with a rubber nose and contact lenses to try and resemble a young bruce willis .They really ,truly failed. Every single time I looked at the weird eyes of JGL it broke the reality of the film for me. Creepy, bright and totally out of place. oh dear I'm sure it was good other wise even if almost everyone in the cinema guessed the ending long before the punch. Shame i couldn't enjoy it felt like it was constantly holding up a sign saying Sack the make up department

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