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Van Helsing (2004)
This movie kicks major A**!!!!
12 May 2004
If your into monster movies then your going to love this movie, especially if your a werewolf fan. The special effects looked great and the movie never gets boring, its action from the start to the finish. It doesn't have a very complicated story line, but there is a bit of a plot twist. Yes, it is loud and there is a few silly moments but pretty much every movie has those and No, it doesn't dwell much on character development, but why would you want it to, it's a freaking monster movie not Gone With The Wind. So just leave your brain at the door, sit back and hang on for the ride. I give this film an A+ or a 9 out of 10.

PS: As I was leaving the theater I never heard one negative thing said about this movie, it was a full house and everyone I overheard talking was praising the movie so don't believe all the negative crap you read some people would complain about anything. Check it out for your self!
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Van Helsing (2004)
This movie kicks major A**!!!!
8 May 2004
Let me start off by saying that if your a fan of werewolf movies then your going to love Van Helsing. The Werewolves in this movie looked Awesome! I went into this movie figuring that it was just another movie about Dracula and that the other two monster stars would just be small side characters, boy was I wrong. The movie plot does surround Dracula but the other two monsters really get plenty of screen time, especially the Wolf Man. I don't want to give away the plot of the film but it does have a bit of a surprise to it, and being a major werewolf fan I'll just say I was very happy with the surprise. To all those who love monster movies and especially you werewolf fans this is one movie you don't want to miss. I give it an A+ rating. Take care, God Bless and go see this movie!

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Desert Blues (1995)
A light-porno flick
16 February 2003
This movie unfortunantly sucks to the highest of highs. It was shot on video not film and is basically a light-porno flick. Plot: teenage college boys rents a house for spring break, but guess what? the house has already been rented to some college girls. No problem, they'll just share the house and have plenty of sex. They also save a local bar from being shut down by having a wet t-shirt contest. With the exception of all the T & A this film is a complete dog.
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Enjoyable Film
22 June 2002
Varan The Unbelievable is a very enjoyable Japanese giant monster movie. This movie was practically re-shot for it's American audience so if you enjoy the American version then you diffenently need to check out the original Japanese version. It will be like watching two different films, Varan has the ability to fly in the original version. The U.S. version is good but the original is much better.
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