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"Whitney" (2011)
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One of the best new comedies!, 9 October 2011

After seeing Whitney in a stand-up routine on some cable special, I had to give her new show a chance. I was not disappointed.

Other than the canned laughter, which producers feel the need to run every 8 seconds, the show has fresh faces with sharp wit. Whitney says what women should be able to voice - and that's the sharpness of this show. In a society where people expect women to have a limited intelligent contribution, Whitney dares to challenge the status quo without being offensive. To round out the lead roles, her boyfriend on the show does not play a wimp, but is a second person that can match her vibrant approach to life.

Watch it more than once and Whitney will charm you with her flair.

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Not as good as the first, 10 July 2006

While everyone WANTS this movie to be good, it just does not appeal to the audience as much as the first one did. I thought perhaps there were different writers, but they are the same.

The movie relies more on special effects, which are well done, than actor exposure. Johnny Depp is not the central character this time and shares equal screen time with Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly. The film is slow, dreary, and drags at times. The comedic lines looked hammed up at times, desperately trying to pull a laugh from the audience when there really is none. At other times, the editor clips away from the moment much too soon for your brain to register that a line or action might have been funny.

The character, Captain Jack Sparrow, was the center of entertainment in the first film with others interacting in HIS story. In the second movie, he seems to be dragged in to fulfill some contract and not interested in being on screen much at all.

One can only hope the third movie thinks about what the audience is hoping to see, and provide it!

Sequels are never as good as the first!, 16 March 2006

I love Naomi watts (rent Mulholland Drive!), and she made the best out of a shady plot line in Ring Two. If i had directed it, i would not have repeated some of the needles points (another boyfriend, another death etc). the special effects were fantastic (water on the ceiling in bathroom). the other commenter was correct to say that Rachel had a 'motherly moment' with Samara in the first Ring movie in the well, just before the little girl disintegrated. give this movie a break. it's not the best, it's not the worst. if it bores you, turn it off. why stay tuned for 90+ mins so that you can whine about how bad it was? yes they are making a Ring 3; plot not determined. i wish there was more video copying/chasing in this movie too, but the director wanted to try something new.

if you really want a great movie that's creepy, but MAKES SENSE, watch Hide and Seek with Robert DeNiro and Dakota Fanning!

Otherwise, just enjoy this movie for ENTERTAINMENT.

Too much Carrey, 27 May 2003

While Jim Carrey is very good at his level of physical comedy, sometimes he does not seem to know when to end that moment in his films. This film, while enjoyable, began to get on my nerves when scenes overextended the face-twisting, body-jerking reaction we've come to know and expect from him in his movies. Getting a laugh is fantastic. Demanding one can have a negative effect. I would give this 4 out of 5 stars for devoted Carrey fans. If you are not a Carrey fan, expect a 2.5 star movie.