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Great "historical" audio-visual movie, 6 May 2012

I know this movie from the director's mom- she recommended it to me. Well - I said - I'll give it a shot. After the first minute I could nonstop watching it since I was growing up in the 8 bit area and on this "historical" time line I came across some of the movie's demo/scene by chance - sweet memories.

Watching this movie I realized: wow these people are (still)around? They are making these things which are sometime much more better than a multi million dollar budgeted movie?

So even if you are younger it worth to watch because the visuals and the music is excellent and who knows? You might get inspired and become the next world famous scene coder.

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A decent series, 5 January 2011

Why I like this one? It's more dark, dramatic and somewhat more epic like the other SG series. I think for all these reasons. SG-1 had more fun factor, Atlantis (Rodney, Sheppard, Beckett and even Zelenka) as well- true. But this one for me has more atmosphere and better musical scores (see S1-e5 last 15 minutes). The characters are well balanced as well. Scientist, doctor, hit-man... and they are good at what they are doing and it is believable.

And it is more about human side. This is what I liked about Battlestar Galactica as well- not just technology saves us but friends.

So it's a shame that they will end it (if it is true) - 10 more episodes and done. I would love to see where Destiny is heading...

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A fun movie from the past!, 5 January 2011

This movie is one of my favorite from my high school area- we quoted a lot of it's phrases since.

Of course I was watching it Hungarian dubbed at that time but I think that was for the better. This is one of the rare cases when I say I prefer this version more. The voice act for Ford was done by one famous Hungarian rock musician (Feró Nagy) who was the same attitude and even more hoarse voice.

I even liked the story and the gags - this movie has a re-watch value for me. Acting is pretty good as well so if you like the mood and the hair of the 80's along some good music- watch this movie.

One last thing: Respect to Jimi Hendrix :-)

District 9 (2009)
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Healthy mix of old and new, 30 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I started to watch this movie with caution: usually the over-hyped movies proved to be not so good for my taste. But not in this case. At the first 10 minutes I thought "Oh yes, this is the same old camera-shaker-amateurish-Blare Witchish/Cloverfieldish movie style" Then at the end of the ride I noticed that among others the style have shifted towards more "normal" movie . And I liked it. Then I have found in the story somewhat familiar traces (A.C. Clarke- Childhood's End, Alien Nation (1988)) but the movie has managed it to mix it just right with some new ideas- for my greatest joy at least there is a movie where aliens are not that overmystified and evil/ good- I could feel for them. In this movie WE are the bad guys. Of course this is not as black/white there are (2nd Wave of joy) personal development involved! I could feel the change in the main character throughout the movie. Personally I like those SCIFI movies better where there is more emphasis on character development than on CGI tricks. But just to contradict myself the fight scenes were quite nice too. So again this movie is great and has a healthy mix of old and new creating a really unique movie.

---- And now some (possibly) spoilers ---

I also liked this "hidden" goodies: mutilated cows (only crop circles were missing :-D ), weapons being Half Life/ Quake etc. like, battle exoskeleton (Starship Troopers 3, Mech Warrior etc.), but what I liked the most: at the end of the movie " Father and Son goes together to the bright "heaven" to save their race- in a cross shaped ship!!!

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Nice surprise, 19 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off: I am Hungarian so I might seem to be partial. And I am. If you watch this movie you might sense some Hungarian scent to it. When I started watching it I thought: what a lame cat (Dönci), nothing is happening but when I finished watching my opinion completely changed (not about the cat). Some shots are really ingenious (I think): the light-bulb vs wrench, the Pluto scene with the suit up, the tricycle scene etc. But what really did catch me is the sync between the music/sound and the story. It really puts you in the mood. And yes, the movie is a bit childish but also has some strong saying: Our Solar System and Earth is so beautiful (as the whole Universe) so don't frak it up (BSG rulez)- save it! What is interesting that this movie still haunts me. The music (Ice Cold Space, Galactrip, Back to Earth, Mourning) and some scenes are still coming back. After watching this I have had feelings like after A.I, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5. A bit sentimental, hopeful, sometimes tensed but then relaxed. Remember when you watch the 10 Years After scene. Great movie, try it out.

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I don't know..., 11 May 2008

... I 'm might not a normal person giving only three stars... If you are a fan of this movie, or one of the actors- stop reading, go to the beach and play volleyball while sipping your favorite cocktail.

To the others: This movie sucks! A have found not a single original thing (bed scene, two couples at the other side of the wall: "L.A. Story", the cuts are like in "Rushmore" etc). Almost everything is a rip off from other movies which would not be a problem if it was put together in a funny way. But it's not. I really tried to laugh, tried to find a good scene but I couldn't. I also couldn't see the point of nudity in this movie. Was it a "artistic" expression of- what? Those 3 stars goes to only two actress/actor the ones who play the receptionist girl (Rachel) and the fast living singer(Aldous). Only them I have found worthwhile to mention as actors in this movie- The others- well, just leave them...

As I checked the ratings here on IMDb I was surprised to see 8 (!) star rating for this movie. It might means that I'm a weirdo or has no sense for good movies or didn't get the message of the creators etc. but one graffiti came to me: "Eat sh@t. 1000 billion flies couldn't be wrong!" So I hope there is hope for me...

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Real SCI-fi!, 2 April 2008

First off: I am a great SCI-FI fan which makes me a kind of partial. I like movies with nice space ships, gadgets, visuals and all. But I just recently realized the following (strictly my opinion!): To things happen like in Star Wars, Star Trek and so on has a very, very, very little probability. Why? There could be a lots of civilizations, yes (see Drake formula) but there are other things which say that we won't meet them soon: Something like "Prime Directive" in S.T. If they are grown out of their solar system to be a intergalactic civilization they have had already realized not to interfere with less developed ones (sorry SETI...). If they are less developed, well, we don't see them. So it won't happen if we meet them we either download their database, upload a computer virus to save Earth or start shooting with phasers an beam weapons- similar ones what they had. BUT- and now get back to B.S.G.:

When WE create something which outgrow us, use the same technology what we have -just better- that is believable. And the human part. Some don't like this series because there are episodes where "nothing" happens: no shooting- flying- blasting. But there are tension between characters, sentences which makes you THINK. And make the whole series great and unique. No buttons pressed and problem solved. No raising shields and we are safe. Just sheer and "naked" humans, human reactions and of course those damned (?) "Toasters" :-D And the great music (thumbs up McCreary!) I watched the 3rd season last episode's final 5 minutes countlessly and it still makes me shiver- in a good way. The visuals are great too (oh, those fight scenes, dogfights) GO ON B.S.G.!!!

The Mist (2007)
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A good adaptation- finally, 2 April 2008

I just watched this movie and I am still under the influence of it. This first sentence only should describe to you how great this film is. Influence. It moved me and made me think. I had seen several Stephen King adaptation but this is the best by FAR. (Oh god, "Dreamcatcher"...).

Generally I am not a great fan of horror movies but this is not a regular horror movie. So here it is when you are NOT supposed to watch it: - If you like hack 'n slash movies, spilling guts just for the hell of it. - If you like movies where the "horror" part is more important.

But watch it if you like: - Suspense, - human part - after watching the movie to stare blindly at the wall because you are thinking ...

All in all this is a great movie with good balance between horror (oh, yes there are disgusting parts, but only enough to put you into the situation) and the human part- how bad/good we humans can get...