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A collection of 40+ aged hotties with curves in all the right places. Some of these ladies are still in their late 30's but will be 40 within a couple of years and get in the list on how curvy they are. MILF
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Shows I'm following at the moment
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Beauties from the land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa. AKA New Zealand :)

A few of these ladies were born overseas but grew up in NZ
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White booty (Whooty) actresses/celebs. Nice rounded bottoms.

If you are an actress/celeb and think your butt belongs here. Please post a link to your butt pic in the comment section below :-)
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Racking up the women with the best sweater puppies who have busted their way on to our TV screens. Thanks for all the mammaries ladies :)

Check out my 'Celeb cleavage pics' list
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I had a similar list for Wonder Woman but deleted it when Gal Gadot was announced.
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My top# list of natural beauties with that sweet, 'girl next door' look.

If only the girls next door to me looked this good
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So you dont have to look for them ;)
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Horror hotties have never looked so hot. Especially when they're down to their tank-tops
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Movies which feature one actor on screen for all or the majority of the film
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Mothers who passed on their good looks to their daughters. She got em from her momma!
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List of my favourite video games. If the game is part of a series I enjoyed I pick my favourite title of that series.