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Verano Azul - the TV-series most loved o hated for Spanish society (la series más querida o odiada por la sociedad española), 19 July 2005

Verano Azul is a great television series. Probably the more famous and important of last times. It advantages more important so much in his day as nowadays, it is your innovation, the great result of an index unknown protagonist, to form visually the beginning of a new Spain, and to try diverse such important and daily topics like the real friendship, the first love, the awakening of the sex, the care of the nature, the family, the adventure to be a child, and the death of a dear person.

Verano Azul is the history of the meeting of a group of persons (of different age and sex) in the village of Nerja, in vacation period, sharing the summer of yours lives. The protagonists are the teenagers Bea (the pretty girl), Tito (the fair child), Piraña (the ready child), Desi (the ugly girl), Javi (the gallant), Quique (the best friend of Javi) and Pancho (the resident only one of the village). They accompany the thirty Julia (later we discovers that is a widow) and Chanquete (an old wolf of sea). Both share you venture and misfortunes, sometimes entertaining, sometimes sad, almost always you fill of emotive, education and melaconlie.

From the first chapter one is showing us the evolution of friendship between all protagonists. Desi and Bea are very good friends. Pancho and Javi fights to obtain Bea's love. Quique is the faithful companion of Javi. And the children Tito and Piraña always together only want to amuse. Chanquete is the father that all desiring to have, and Julia is the mother. Each one has them own protagonism in the following chapters for the most part. The final predicable, is the summer end and the farewell of all.

Antonio Mercero do not manage to have nevermore a success so big as that of Verano Azul (not least with Farmacia de Guardia). Antonio Ferrandis dead in 16-10-2000. Constant Maria Garrallon leading television series. Of the boys and girls little it is known, they disappeared of the world of the television radically.

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Great Spanish bizarro movie, 4 August 2004

Amazing, unoriginal, gore, horror, comedy, parody, action packed, and zombie attack & alien invasion flick movie!!

Spain is great, yeah! Mucha sangre (Very Blood) is a movie what spoof horror/fantasy/action 80s movies (evil dead, bad taste,chainshaw massacre, the killer, critters, demons..)

Blood, blood, blood, gore , action (matrix-low-budget), shootguns, dead, dead, dead, aliens...!!! Heavy metal group's "Mojinos Escozios" are cameo here.

Great low-budget Spanish movie, and failure-film sadly world-wide

Underworld (2003)
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Boring, boring , boring.. bad movie, 18 October 2003

UNDERWORLD is one movie that it defrauds. it is inferior to "blade", "blade 2", "interview with a vampire", "dracula" and similars... and like not, the action is quite bad in comparison to its predecessor "matrix". the special effects are worthy of the 80s, but so even, everything leaves much to be desired the vampires are not current, are inferior to everything. very badly, very badly... a lost one of time to only see once in your life.

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far better that the first part, 24 January 2003

far better that the first part

as much the actors, as the script, history, the situations, the scenery, everything is brilliant! to my he does much but grace to me that first, although both are exceptional. Keenen Ivory Wayans directs very either again, Marlon Wayans also writes and actua very or again, Shawn Wayans is incredible one in its paper of bisexual, Regina Hall almost of being one "sex bomb", also plays a good role, Tori Spelling in its sauce (the idiot of the boat), and Anna Faris is incredible, surely the best American comica actress of the moment (ten for her). the secondary ones: Tim Curry, David Cross, James Woods, Veronica Cartwright, very guessed right also in concrete James...

conclusion, good peli, amused and very graceful, apt for unconditional of the SCARY ;)

Excelent movie !! A perfect adjustment of the video game, 30 June 2002

I am charmed with this movie. it is perfect because to me I am a fanatic of the cinema gore and of terror in general, and also fan of the violent, such video games as the saga RESIDENT EVIL.

From beginning until the end, everything is an entertainment, violently, effective, very rapidly and very terrifying. To the beginning of the movie someone (who is not known the one who is until the end of the movie), voluntarily infected with a mortal virus, one makes of Umbrella's experimentation (the major company of the world), called "the beehive". All the personnel die agonizing, after moments, bit a bit, and "the beehive" remains inactive. There appears Alice (Mile J.) in the shower of the bath, but she does not remember anything of anything. The mansion appears where she lives (identical to that of the video game RESIDENT EVIL 1) and on having tried to go out of the mansion, someone her enters again in the house by force (the first fright). He is Matt Adison. The group of commands appear rapidly, breaking the windows of the mansion. The group of commandos this one led by the commander James (Colin Samon), and formed principally by Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), Kaplan, Salinas, and Medic. The commandos interrogate Matt, he says to them that he is a policeman of Raccon city. nonetheless they take him as a prisoner. Rapidly, and without explanations, the commander directs to the whole group towards a secret door that gives to a species of underground. There in the underground stores (identical to those of a real video game) on having come to the train that joins the mansion with the beehive, they find Spencer Praks (James P.), who also suffers of amnesia.He is the supposed husband of Alice. From this moment, both, Alice and Spencer remember during the whole movie, bit a bit, recovering the memory. The whole group goes in train up to "the beehive". There they discover that quite this solitary, and the commandos put hands to the work your mission. They speak about the beehive and of the computer that directs everything and that supposedly madman has turned, the so called red queen. Immediately, the commander James and three commandos more, remain caught in a trap. Enclosed in a corridor, a red laser them is departing from one in one (first, medic loses the head, after another the fingers of the hand, another commando is departed in two, and finally the commander is he throw thousand pieces). After this unexpected event (and very gore), Alice and the demas, safely someone already, deactivate the red queen (the first appearance of the girl). On the other hand, Rain and two commandos more, together with Matt of prisoner, discover a woman zombie (the first walking zombie, exactly at the half hour of the movie). The zombie attacks and bites Rain, and the whole loader shoots this one, but the bush. There joins to the group Alice and the others, and appears zombies for all sites, surrounding them. There is a great gunfire, but the commandos do not manage to kill to anybody zombie. They all try to escape, and ultimately after the alone holocaust they remain alive, Alice, Matt, Rain, Kaplan, and Spencer. Matt manages to escape of his captivity and avoids to the offices. Matt, discovers your sister, Liza, but it is a zombie. Alice fights against the doberman zombie (killing all spectacularly). Alice kills to Combat, and Matt tells Alice who is a secret agent with the aim to unmask Umbrella's company and extracting to the light your secret experiments.

From these events, more zombies and spectacular situations. Alice reveals herself to if same she turns into the real heroine of the movie. In the distance to your destiny, Rain is attacked and bitten often by some zombies. They all come to Umbrella's laboratory and there there discovers the reality of the plot of the movie (Spencer's real role is explained to us, that in the end, it is the wicked one of the movie). Spencer betrays Alice, and makes all enclosed. Giant appears the monster zombie and one eats it. The red queen makes clear that Rain must die in order that the demas survive, but Alice does not want to kill her. There appears Kaplan, to which him believe dead man, and he saves to all. The monster zombie giant chases them. They come to the train and there this one Spencer, dead man. He turns in zombie and Alice murders it of a palazo in the head. They ignite in train and flee. Alice gives the antidote against the virus to Rain (that this very bad). Appears again, the monster zombie giant and kills Kaplan. Alice and Matt try to kill it but they cannot. Matt is hurt by the monster. Rain turns in zombie and attacks Matt. Matt kills Rain, and drives also a button in order that the monster zombie giant is destroyed against the route of train.

Matt and Alice are saved, and are the surviving only ones. On having come to the mansion, Matt's wound begins to mutar, and Alice scares. They appear suddenly, a few rare types and they remove them to the two by force. One of the doctors says: " we will put him in the project NEMESIS ". Alice remains incoscient. After a relax, Alice wakes up in a room of operations. Alone this one. There is nobody. Quite this desert. she goes out from the hospital to the street. There the great this desolate avenue, and everything looks like a chaos, as if a catastrophe had happened. A newspaper says: " the dead men walk!! ". Alice takes a shotgun of a car policeman, and wait .... soon the second part, RESIDENT EVIL "NEMESIS"

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the best FERNANDO ESTESO again, 29 June 2002

Fernando esteso, antonio ozores and juanito of Navarro interpret incredibly this adventure, with dyes to the fantasies to JAMES BOND. the plots, the jokes, the entertainment, the diversity, the girls, the erotic situations, the taking the lid off things, and even the action they are unsurpassable. To emphasizing the scene where three protagonists (together through) retained by the villains, are isentados in a strange machine where according to the button that you touch they can be ampalados alive, a tremendously enterteining scene!! Yeah!!

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MORE BRONX!!!! yeah!!, 29 June 2002

Impress your sequel of 1990 warriors of the bronx. with more presuesto, more faces known about the Italian cinema, more action, more special effects, more BRONX!! Mark gregory again in TRASH's role, here mas incredible that never kills, destroys, avoids bullets and trucks, climbs destroyed floors(flats), destroys a van in thousand pieces with five shots of a pistol... IMPRESSIVE and great amusement in only 90 minutes. Henry silva is the villain malisimo, and in spite of his short performance, his role is very important and impressive. Giancarlo prete, does the role that goes, the typical antihero, intepretando with genius to the teacher of his own son (also son in the movie). It is interesting to see paolo malco, in his short appearance and unexpected and incredible final death. Everything in the movie is action and action, shots and explosions, it if, to the style enzo castellari, that is to say, to Italian exploitation. Very superior to previous one

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Entertained spaguetti western led for FERNANDO ESTESO, 29 June 2002

Marian ozores directs this Spanish spaguetti western led by your brother Antonio Ozores and Fernando Esteso the whole movie is a parody of the cinema western in general, but everything is very enterteining and brilliant. All jokes, girls, erotic situations, action .... everything is brilliant. Incredible the song of the beginning sung by the own FERNANDO ESTESO, who interprets here BILLY golden pistols, the best gunman of any west. Adriana vega and Africa pratt exceptional it is your respective roles.

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excelent, 29 June 2002

Excellent version of the cinema of street bands, to the style john carpenter or walter hill. in this Italian exploitation the bronx is a zone of war (very well created and wonderfully photographed), is good and bad, and also traitors. Everything begins when the daughter of an important businessman remains kidnapped by a band (though she the only thing that does is to flee of the city and of your technologies), led for trash (the exceptional mark gregory). From there an adventure, style begins the movie THE WARRIORS, where the band must cross the whole territory of the bronx, fighting for your life and facing other bands. Mark gregory is the absolute protagonist, together with the girl. Also they intervene secondary of luxe, as FRED WILLIAMSON, CHRISTOPHER CONELLY and GEORGE EASTMAN. had so many acceptance of the public in europa that the director rodo immediately a sequel, THE ESCAPE OF THE BRONX, with many mas action and science - fiction. Both are a marvel of the cheap Italian cinema

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more BRONX again!!!, 29 June 2002

Again more BRONX!! Enzo directs again a fantasy ambientad in an apocalyptic world, style MAD MAX. is remained by them survivors after the great war, it is good and bad. Two heroes (giancarlo prete and fred williamson), initially faced, must help to a group of people, frightened by a band of wicked (directed by george eastman). To the style the seven magnificent ones (though in this alone case they are 2), the antiheroes must face through a few villains, some kind of strangers, because the this band formed like that as a sect not believer neither in god nor in nothing, besides they have homosexual trends (to emphasizing george eastman's violation to giancarlo prete, inesperadisim). Slightly cheap action, incredible car actions, devices of science - fiction miser, painful performances ... the whole Italian exploitation!!

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