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Pacific Drive (1996–1997)
Silly but greay
14 June 2002
Ok, Well I was really young when the show went to year at first, and I can't imagine my mother allowing a 7 yr old to watch a show as raunchy as pacific drive can get at some stages (I don't think she really approves of me watching it now). But then i started watching it last year, g-coding it each day before i go to school, and putting it on the second i got in the door, orinally becase my favourite actress Libby Tanner was in it, but more so because I got addicted to this light entertainment after school. The storylines, especially certain ones, were so far-fetched it was good to have a laugh, before attacking the books. The show is corny but I love it. I cannot help it. and I know i shouldn't... but it has provided hours of entertainment for me, and all of my friends as I tell them the daily storylines, each weirder than the next. Pacific Drive is legendary!! It has great acting, despite the bizarre story's. My tribute to the show should be online some day soon, as I feel this show deserves some recognition..despite all the bad press. *Nikki* 16.
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