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You can finally find these titles officially released & available :)
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I've been saving classic & hard to find still unreleased movies on Vhs for many years... and thank goodness I have... because even though I love how studios like Warner Archive and Universal Vault have been giving so many lost films their long deserved release, wish they could work faster... too many titles still awaiting their chance to be available to all!
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As much as I love my classic oldie movies my favorite genre of film is the '1970's Made for Tv Movies'. The ABC Movie of the Week, and the others channels that followed could always be counted on for a fun 90 minutes that showcased stars from our regular tv shows in some suspenseful, scary or mysterious situation!
Since so many still unreleased to dvd I'm lucky to have quite a large collection of original (now long out of print) Vhs releases. as well as many 1st satellite saves from commercial free cable :)
And the Tv Movie genre has hung in there... can find them running on one channel all day long... gotta love 'em too... those cheesy, suspenseful, scary, nutjob neighbor/lover/best friend, oh woe is me tvm's! I don't even mind the ones with commercials... can't fast forward fast enough to see what's gonna happen next :-0
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Drive-In's are few & hard to find anymore, but we bring back the great memories every time we set up our projector and pull up the big screen... there is nothing better than watching old movies like Hayley Mills in "The Parent Trap" & "The Trouble With Angels" and Elvis in "Blue Hawaii" & "Spinout" ... and classic tv shows like "Dennis the Menace", "Leave it to Beaver", "Hazel", "Batman" & ""Bewitched" out under the stars!
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I love reading good books and then watching movie(s) based on it... and I'm lucky to have several rare books in my collection that even more lucky to also have the movie adaptation of :)
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Sad the Message Boards not available anymore for us fans who like to talk about movies, tv shows and their cast. Starting this list as way to still add my 'Looks Like" so when subject comes up I can remember who we were thinking that person looked like at the time we were watching.
Wish option was given to let others add to my list but only option offered is to comment using the Facebook comment feature :)