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Dogma (1999)
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Epic and down-to-Earth at the same time., 18 June 2002

I have rarely seen a film take so much flak as DOGMA. This is one of the greatest films to come out of writer/director Kevin Smith, but it is continually brow-beaten and even condemned (I'm looking at you Catholic Church) for being a cheap rip on religion. It's anything but, and by the end one may find him/herself with a quite different perspective on faith, and if you don't, then you at least enjoyed a hilarious and dramatic film about it. It's a story that takes place with real people, real down-to-Earth emotions, but carries along with it an epic parable.

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A philosophical farce., 12 June 2002

An amazing series. I suggest reading the books beforehand, however, because the series was produced in 1981, and the graphics and costume (which were great for 1981) are suitable for forgiving fans only.

Anyway, what a great series! It's wild, it's zany, it's hilarious, and it does a top-notch job at bringing burning philosophical questions to light. I know that's a contradiction in terms, but HGGTG pulls it off in a way that I have yet to see duplicated. This series is about life, the universe, and everything, seen through the eyes of Arthur Dent, a man who traverses the length and breadth of the galaxy in a bathrobe, and is more interested in getting a real hot cup of tea than uncovering the secrets of creation. How a man (and his comrades, a writer for the most important book in the galaxy, a woman who Arthur failed to pick up at a party some years ago, and the man who stole the woman from him) can make such serious statements and observations, and at the same time pitch all sense of seriousness out the window, is enough alone to see this gem, this masterpiece, this wholly remarkable series. Happy hitchhiking!