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On the Beach (2000) (TV)
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I still get nightmares from it, 9 December 2002

I saw 'On the Beach' on tv about 2 years ago now and I still have nightmares inspired by it. Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward, Armand Assante and Jacqueline Mckenzie are all credible actors in their own right and they all give fine performances. The film focuses around these people who come together in Australia after a world nuclear war through various predictable plot devices (see plot summary). The acting, direction and even the script don't really make an impact but it is the topic that hits home. I think the purpose of this remake is to remind the world of the horrible results of any nuclear war that could so easily take place. As an Australian, watching this is even more horrific perhaps because this is a rare movie where the world's end is focused outside the U.S.A for a change. Watch this horrific movie (really it is mini series) if you aren't scared by the "what might happen" scenario then frankly your head is in the sand.

10/10 for being a very welcome piece of anti nuclear propaganda.

Swept Away (2002)
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the most hated movie of 2002, 1 December 2002

'Swept Away' has been the most hated movie of 2002 so far but I think it is an average film that has some really good moments. Guy Ritchie has written a very simple love story that we have seen before in one way or another. It is another rehash of the two lovers from very different worlds coming together. It is the depth (yes depth!) in Madonna and Adriano Giannini's performances that make this film work. They are both at times midly amusing, erotic and wierd but not at all bad.

Heavy (1995)
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This film is still on my mind, 17 November 2002

Even though I saw 'Heavy' in 1996, I still remember alot about it. I think it is one of the most moving films I have seen. I only saw it once but what has made me remember it so well is the James Mangold style that takes you inside a person's experience. I haven't missed a James Mangold film since. Pruitt Taylor Vince plays the lead character and is unforgettable.

I think it is time for me to find this at my local and view it again.

Holy Smoke (1999)
look closer, 12 November 2002

This could be called 'Australian Beauty' but that would drag it down too far. Some of the best written characters in any film that I can remember. Jane Campion manages to capture people in moments of honesty. I really believed in these characters and thats what made it work. Find it, rent it, savour it, thank Jane it was made!

The year's best, 31 July 2002

I just saw Minority Report last night, it stands next to Blade Runner as the best sci-fi film ever made. Tom Cruise keeps getting better with each performance. This is Steven Speilberg's best film since Schindler's List. It has to be seen on the big screen for full impact so don't miss it!