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Well Performed and Executed, 18 June 2002

A Time to Kill has good performances throughout from its ensemble cast. The story moves along at a nice pace. The direction is sharp and holds all the pieces together. Still, the movie isn't always all that entertaining and lacks creativity in spots. Also, I can't figure out the ending, from a legal standpoint, even though it is satisfying to a degree.

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Great Comedy with a Decent Plot, 18 June 2002

A Shot in the Dark is the second movie in the popular Pink Panther series and the first to showcase Peter Seller's Inspector Clouseau character. It is also the only film of the 5 that actually has a somewhat interesting storyline. The comedy isn't as fully developed as it would be later on with The Return of the Pink Panther when Sellers and Edwards decide to rejuvenate the series, but it can still hold its own. As well as being a good movie and a good comedy, A Shot in the Dark is also the first film to feature a character by the name of Cato, which makes it a must-see film.

A Non-Western Western, 16 June 2002

All of the glorious plot elements of a post-modern western lie within A Perfect World. There's the sheriff character and the bad guy who redeems himself character. Plus, it's set in Texas, which is a natural setting for anything Western related. Eastwood's follow-up to Unforgiven isn't exactly Oscar-worthy, but it sure makes for good entertainment. One of Costner's last good roles.

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Pretty But Shallow, 16 June 2002

The landscaping cinematography within A River Runs Through It is very beautiful. However, the story is formulaic and occasionally boring. The movie is an example of how style does not overcome lack of substance. Furthermore, I couldn't fully grasp the concept of how fishing symbolizes life. Fishing is stupid and pointless; life is awesome.

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One Great Scene, One Average Movie, 14 June 2002

I still don't understand the popularity of A Few Good Men. The story is formulaic, the acting is average (save Nicholson's performance), and the film looks like a TV show from an aesthetical basis. Tom Cruise and Demi Moore have no idea how to act, and their good looks are quite out of place in a film of such a nature. The only good scene is Nicholson's famous yelling toward the end of the film. But it seems to me to be a waste of time to watch a movie just to hear one lousy line that we've all heard so many times.

The Birth of Hong Kong Filmmaking, 14 June 2002

A Better Tomorrow stands as several first in cinema. It's the first big film for action director John Woo. It's the first big film for action star Chow Yun-Fat. And it's the film that catipulted Hong Kong cinema onto the international market. The shootout scene in the middle of the film is an absolute classic.

48 Hrs. (1982)
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An Average Cop/Buddy Flick, 14 June 2002

There's nothing at all special about 48 HRS. Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte play their usual annoying selves. The comedy only works on a few rare occasions. The story itself is just another ridiculous crime yarn that goes nowhere interesting. 48 HRS. is nothing compared to the later Lethal Weapon series.

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Perhaps the Most Overrated Film of Alltime, 14 June 2002

A Clockwork Orange is a pretentious mess that never adds up to anything worthwhile. It is immature, vulgar, childish, and inane. You're just missing the point, you might be saying. Of course I'm missing the point! This ridiculous film doesn't make any sense to me. Of course, I could relate to the main character when he was being tortured, for that was how I felt throughout the duration of the stupid film.

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Groundbreaking But Overrated, 14 June 2002

2001 was a bold attempt at making something different. Kubrick did succeed in that, but he failed in making something of use to the viewer. Star Wars works because it is an entertaining story. 2001 doesn't even have a story, as far as I can tell. It's interesting on the same level as modern art in general--pleases the eye but dumbs the mind.

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Groundbreaking Spaghetti Western, 14 June 2002

Perhaps not as great as Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Once Upon a Time in the West, A Fistful of Dollars stands out as the birth of a genre of film that still has a lasting impact upon the movie industry. Not only have many movies been indirectly influenced by this style of filmmaking, but even such films as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels have direct references to the music, mood, and camera angles of Leone's genius. This film also made Clint Eastwood an international superstar and launched his amazing career. The terrible English dubbing over the non-American actors is sometimes difficult to get used to, but the film on the whole holds together as a classic western.

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