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Iron Man (2008)
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Entertaining, Downey is a treat to watch., 5 May 2008

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As other people have already said, when I first discovered that Downey was in the role of Stark, I thought to myself, "What the hell are they thinking?" Now I'll admit that I was very wrong. He is a treat to watch in this movie. He did a great job making the character his own and I'm looking forward to the next two sequels. Paltrow was believable and had great dialogue with Downey. The banter between them was fun to listen to. I also enjoyed the playful dialogue between Downey and his workshop robot as he was building the next gen armor. Action scenes were good. I wish they had done another scene with him getting used to the next gen armor. The final battle with Obadiah was OK. But I think it could have been better. All in all it was entertaining to watch and better than expected.

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Do it for your daughter, not yourself, 18 February 2008

I took my 8 yr old daughter to see this just yesterday. I wasn't happy about having to see it myself but I know my daughter had been asking to go so I did it for her. Miley is a likable girl and I hope she can stay the course of being a good role model for younger kids. I also seem to think that she has a lot riding on her as the lead for all this Hanna Montana promotion and she seems to take it well. Hopefully she wont go the way of Britney or Linsday. Kids need someone to look up to when they are young. But this movie/concert is not for sane adults. I closed my eyes through a lot of the Jonas Bros. and Miley concert footage. The only things that were vaguely entertaining were the behind-the-scenes footage. The concert itself is fairly mundane for most sane adults.

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What were they thinking?!!!, 2 January 2008

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After seeing a good majority of positive comments on this film here at IMDb I have to wonder if I saw the same movie that they did. This was a pretty bad movie as far as plots go. It wasn't suspenseful and it didn't have you rooting for any one side. I consider myself a fan of the franchise. One of my favorite movies is AVP probably because the story was fairly believable and interesting. AVPR doesn't even come close to being original and, sadly, it tries to replicate many scenes from previous movies, i.e.: injured Predator, swimming Alien, Alien hive at the hospital. Why not take a chance and do something different that will make your mark on the franchise? I think they tried introducing a few new Predator weapons but they didn't make an impact (pun intended?) I should have waited for it to come out on DVD. Now I can just say that I've watched it and I don't have to rent it...Ever!!!