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A Good Film With an Ending I HATED, 29 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD This movie was the final installment of one of my all-time favorite film franchises, Back to the Future. While not quite as good as the first two (which were phenomenal) this film is still worth watching. The basic story is that Marty has to travel back to 1885 to save the Doc from being shot by the town bully. But things are complicated by Doc Brown falling in love with Clara, the new schoolteacher. Now they have to figure out how to get back to the future, and whether or not to bring Clara along.

Now, as I said before, this movie was a lot of fun. You genuinely care about the characters, and the story is quite enjoyable. While it can be definitely classified as a western, it does not beat that to death. We are not treated to an hour and a half of "howdy, y'all". It is a science fiction film within a western, and the result is pretty cool.

That being said, this movie was unbearably cheesy at times and I didn't particularly enjoy the love story between Clara and the Doc. But the absolute worst thing about this film was the ending (spoilers ahead, one final warning), in which the time machine is destroyed in 1985 without the Doc or Clara coming through with Marty, only to have them show up a minute later in a new time machine (defeating the purpose of destroying the Delorean). To each his own, but I would have much rather that all three came through, and the Delorean been destroyed more respectfully that being crushed by a train. I loathed this ending, and it almost ruined the whole movie for me.

Anyway, now that my rant is done, I recommend that you watch all three of these films one after the other. Like, right now.

The weakest in the trilogy, but still a good movie.

Mean Girls (2004)
Surprisingly Good, 9 February 2008

I watched this film because all of my friends had seen it and I was not going to be out of the loop any longer. I was very glad I did. This film is about high school cliques, so it has to be dumb, right? Nope. This is no Saved By the Bell. The story is actually quite unique (though I think there may have been a couple of similar movies I have not watched). Basically, Cady (Lohan) is experiencing high school for the first time, because she has been home schooled in Africa her whole life. She immediately makes friends with two lovable outsiders who convince her to hang out with the "Plastics", a vicious clique of beautiful girls, and then report back to them so they can laugh at how stupid the Plastics are. Unfortaunatley, Cady soon becomes one of them and loses her initial friends. I liked this film because we actually got an in-depth look at what really goes on in a clique like the Plastics. We saw the betrayal, gossip, and down-right b**chiness that, as a high school girl, I am all-too-familiar with. We see Cady get sucked into their world, then realize that there is no substance to it. It was non-cliché for the most part, and very well casted. Another of its merits is that it's not a film that only teenage girls will like. Most people should enjoy this movie (not the kids, though, the word 'slut' is tossed around a little too much for it to be appropriate for them) because most people have experienced high school first hand. All in all, its a great movie that I highly recommend!!!

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What Can I Say? It's The Simpsons, 9 February 2008

If I were to time-travel a thousand years into the future and find that this show was still running, I would not be surprised. It's never going to die. And it shouldn't. One might wonder how a show so stupid could be so well-loved, but it is. The plots and characters are absolutely ridiculous, but are lovable all the same. And anyone who's anyone has guest starred, including movie stars, singers, and no less than three former US presidents. The Simpsons have been to almost every continent AND the moon. And they have given us some of TVs most memorable songs, from Mr Burns' 'See My Vest' to the Simpson family's own rendition of 'Under the Sea'.

The only bad things I can say about the show is that it has gotten a little racy as it has gotten older, and the Halloween specials are no longer good!

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It Ain't T2, 28 January 2008

I didn't have high hopes for this TV series, but I will watch it faithfully because it is my job as a Terminator fan to do so (at least in my opinion). Anyways, the show isn't THAT great. As far as quality in comparison to the first two goes, I would place this on the same level as T3. This show really feels like just a watered-down, changed only slightly version of T2. And quite frankly I'd take T2 over it any day. That being said, as with T3, this show is a lot of fun. Explosions, crashes, shootouts, robot fights, they're all here. And if they're all you're looking for than I urge you to check this show out. And it is nice to visit a little more with our friends John and Sarah. This show is not a train-wreck by any means, but it falls short of its predecessors by enough that die-hard fans will be disappointed.