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Not a Good Movie to Watch On a Bus, 11 November 2005

This is probably one of the most excruciating films I ever had to sit through and it was done involuntarily. The only reason I looked at it was due to the fact that it was being played on a bus on the way home from a trip and this film was very painful to watch. The story was not even intriguing and it probably would make a good torture technique for prisoners of war. Ice Cube is a pretty good actor, but his talents are totally wasted in this lame attempt at comedy. Also, the two kids in this film make the Katzenjammer Kids look like the Waltons. In fact, the kids came off more like a couple of spoiled brats rather than a couple of kids who are looking to bring their parents together or at least looking out for their mom's best interests. In fact, they may be a perfect argument in favor of corporal punishment. This has to be one of the worst films in cinematic history and when I see it on the shelf I will be sure to pass it by.

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Cute, But Confusing, 25 October 2005

When I was a kid this was my first exposure to Doris Day. I was only two when this show first aired and I used to watch it every week. However, it was fairly confusing due to the fact that it changed situations almost every season. In the first season she was the typical widowed mom raising her two kids in an almost carbon copy of "Green Acres", but without the surrealism of that show. In the second season we see her become a writer for a magazine, which she would remain, with slight variations for the next few years. However, in the final season, the show pretty much becomes another version of "Mary Tyler Moore" with her now playing a single girl and without the kids that she had for the first few years. However, despite these changes Doris Day retained the charm and grace that made her one of the most popular stars in television.

Also, one thing that is quite ironic is the fact that this show was set in San Francisco, which was the same locale as her former co-star, and close friend, Rock Hudson's series "McMillan and Wife". That fact could have led to all sorts of guest star possibilities.

The Gospel (2005)
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A Modern Day Parable, 17 October 2005

As one person already said, this film is a modern day retelling of the parable of "The Prodigal Son". David definitely is the younger son who runs away and lives a life of sin while Frank is the older brother who stays behind and who tries to live a righteous life. However, the twist in this is the fact that even though Frank is now the the head of his church he has forgotten that his main mission is to spread the word of the Lord. However, he uses his position to pretty much alienate everyone, including his wife. This film pretty much looks as if it pretty much speaks to a lot of people on a lot of different levels. One is obviously the music and the other is the moral dilemmas that many of us face in our lives. It also takes a hard look at a lot of preachers out there who, like Frank, use their positions to promote themselves and don't care about the needs of their congregations. This is truly a good film and it definitely has a very uplifting story.

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Beware of Dog, 10 October 2005

This is a fun show to watch. It is almost refreshing to see what goes on in the life of a real bounty hunter and what his family life is like. To me the real strength of the show is showing that Dog is not just a bounty hunter, but the fact that he actually tries to counsel his fugitives. It definitely looks as if he tries to get down to the roots of their problems and tries to offer them advice on how to make their lives better, especially since he had been down that road before. I also love the fact that we get a look at the family life of Dog, especially his relationship with Beth. The touches of comedy that Beth provides is classic. She truly is one of the funniest persons on television and it basically is real. This is truly one of the more original shows on A&E.

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Still the Gold Standard, 10 October 2005

"60 Minutes" is definitely the originator of all the great television news magazines. Every Sunday night for several years I have either watched the show or listened to it on the local CBS radio affiliate here in Los Angeles. To me "60 Minutes" works in two different ways. The first is as an investigative program that looks hard at very controversial issues that the public should be made aware of. The show also is great at doing wonderful celebrity profiles. It really allows the general public to look at the lives of various celebrities and show what they are like once the spotlight is off. Of course, the show has its detractors who say that it has become very self important, but this will always be to me one of the most influential shows in the history of television.

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MacGuyver Before There Ever Was One, 1 July 2005

As someone pointed out, this was one of the few dramatic series that didn't rely on violence or gun play. The main hook was the fact that the crew often used very elaborate plans to bring either a dictatorship or a mob boss to justice. Though I never really saw any of show's from the first season when Steven Hill was the lead, Peter Graves will always be the consummate leader of the Impossible Missions Force. Also, the supporting cast always had a great chemistry and when one member left the producers always made sure to find someone that was just the right fit. This show will always go down as probably the greatest spy series in the history of television.

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Great Version of the Batman's Origin, 25 June 2005

This is probably the best of all the Batman films. What makes it so is the fact that, as it title suggests, shows the how Bruce Wayne went from being orphaned as a child, to the Dark Knight. It was also great to see them show a little bit of the relationship between young Bruce and his father. This relationship was only hinted at in the comic books, but you can see why the deaths of his parents really after their tragic murder. You also see how after his parents die how the anger builds up inside of him to the point where he almost makes a very tragic mistake that almost ends his quest before it begins.

As far as the cast is concerned, Christian Bale is excellently cast as Batman. He shows the almost split personality of Bruce/Batman that is apparent in all the books. Michael Caine is also excellent as Alfred. This is the first time that you pretty much see Alfred as more than just a confidant, but as a father figure as well to young Bruce. Katie Holmes is also good as Rachel. She does a lot more than just play the damsel in distress role that other actresses in the series have. She pretty much has a great deal of spunk that hasn't been seen in all the other actresses, especially Kim Bassinger. Morgan Freeman is also great as Lucius Fox. For those of you who may not know, he is one of the more important characters in the latter day Batman stories and Freeman captures the character well in his portrayal.

This is definitely the best of all the "Batman" films.

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At Least We Know the Russians Also Did Grade-B Science Fiction, 22 June 2005

I used to look at this film when I was a kid on the "Creature Features" that used to come on early in the afternoon or late at night. This film could almost be called the then Soviet Union's contribution to B-movies. The film looks as if it could pass for a typical American B-movie with all the bad special effects and cheap looking rockets and dinosaurs. It also takes a cue from the original Godzilla due to the fact that when it was released in America, Roger Corman decided to insert scenes featuring Basil Rathbone and former Hollywood "scream queen" Faith Domergue in order to pad out this film. It is also quite interesting to see Miss Domergue not playing her customary "damsel in distress" character that she played so well during the 1950's. However, it was sad to see how far Rathbone's career had fallen since he played the definitive Sherlock Holmes. However, this film is interesting due to the fact that it lets us know that America didn't corner the market on B-movies.

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Great Early Vehicle for Eddie Murphy, 22 June 2005

This is probably one of the funniest films of the 1980's. It not only is a play on the classic nature vs. nurture theme, but it is also a somewhat comedic commentary on the "greed is good" decade of the 80's. However, it is also a nice bridging of the generations as it features two of the biggest stars to come from "Saturday Night Live" Eddie Murphy does a fine job as con man Billy Ray and Dan Ackroyd is great as Louis. Jamie Lee Curtis is also wonderful as Ophelia. In fact, it was good to see her do something other than the "scream queen" roles which she became famous for during the early part of her career. She definitely shows the comedic timing that she would display later in her career and would make her one of the finest comedic actresses in film today. However, the one that really steals it for me is Denholm Elliot as Coleman. He delivers a very low key performance that is befitting for that role. This is a real gem.

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A Bert Gordon Film Without a B.I.G. Monster, 20 June 2005

This is probably the only decent film that Bert I. Gordon ever did in his career. The story film is full of tension as we see the protagonist, Geronimo Minelli, not only hunting down the bomber, but he must also try to save the life of the creepy rapist who witnessed his second bombing. Vince Edwards does a pretty good job playing Minelli and Chuck Connors is good as Dorn, the title bomber. Connors really shows how much he really wants to get back at the people he feels has wronged him, and goes about his "work" with such cold, unemotional efficiency. However, Neville Brand steals the film as the rapist. Brand showed why he was one of the more popular villains in film with his disturbing performance. Its a shame that this picture isn't shown on television anymore.

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