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Great Reboot, 12 April 2011

When I first heard that they were going to reboot Five-O, I was dreading it because most attempts to not only remake, but reboot a series rarely, if ever work. However, this is definitely one that not only works, but in some ways it surpasses the original. This show definitely relies more on the characterization of the four characters. In McGarrett, with Alex O'Laughlin perfectly cast in the role, you have a guy who becomes the leader of Five-O even though he isn't really experienced as a cop. Daniel Dae Kim is great as Chin. He is a lot younger than Kam Fong, but he is great as a mentor to not only McGarrett, but to Kono and Danny as well. Grace Park definitely ups the sex appeal factor, but she definitely shows the vulnerability that Zulu never showed in the role. However, the biggest revelation is Scott Caan as Danny. He not only adds a bit of cynicism to the role that James MacArthur never had, but he adds a lot of the humor that sets this version apart from the original.

As another reviewer said, this is not your parents' Hawaii Five-O.

"Treme" (2010)
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A Great Slice of Life Drama, 9 May 2010

This is definitely one of the best shows on HBO. It shows how New Orleans is coping with the disaster of Katrina with not only great scripts but with great characters such as Davis (Steve Zahn), Ladonna (Khandi Alexander), Antoine (Wendell Pierce) and "Big Chief" Albert (Clarke Peters). In fact, the character of Davis is truly a one of a kind character. He is both passionate and manic and you can truly feel his passion as well as his anger over the disaster that destroyed his adopted hometown. Also, this definitely captures the spirit of New Orleans, both good and bad and the true star of the show is the city of New Orleans itself with This definitely has a chance of becoming a true classic and hopefully the audience will continue to grow for this wonderful show.

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A Worthy Successor, 7 April 2010

Let me start of the reviews by saying that this version of a television classic is a worthy successor to all the versions that have aired in the past. Wayne Brady definitely brings a younger and hipper feel to the show and he is the perfect successor to Monty Hall. What also makes this version great is the chemistry between Brady and Jonathan Mangum. They pretty much have made this a showcase for their improvisational comedy skills and it shows whenever someone gets "zonked" or when they have to deal with some of the crazier contestants that they will get.

This show is definitely a great compliment to "The Price is Right", which it leads into.

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Somehow I Don't Feel So Dumb, 30 March 2010

This has to be the best show on TruTV. It is probably the only show were you can look at people who are just as dumb as they are criminally minded. What really makes this show so good is the fact that they cast members who are notorious for doing some rather stupid things themselves (Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding and Leif Garrett) readily admit to their foibles as they constantly rip on the dumb criminals that constantly show up on the show. Also, the show doesn't just concentrate on criminals. They also show people who do stupid things such as fighting, partying and just general idiotic behavior. TruTV definitely has a winner with this show.

"I Spy" (1965)
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The Anti-Spy Show, 28 March 2010

This show was very unique when it comes to spy shows that were on television at the same time. Of course, the fact that it was one of the first shows to feature an African-American in a non-demeaning role made it unique as well as the humor, but there were other factors that helped make this show one of the most memorable of the 1960's. First, it was probably the only spy show that didn't rely on any special gadgetry as was the norm on shows like Mission: Impossible, The Man From Uncle and even the Wild Wild West. The two spies had to rely on their wits in order to take on their weekly antagonists. The second thing that was very unique about the show was that it relied on heavily on characterization. The characters of Kelly and Scottie were probably the most fleshed out characters on not just shows dealing with international intrigue, but of any show in that era. However, the most interesting aspect of this show was the fact that the characters actually questioned why they were in the business. Of course, this was in the middle of the Cold War, where loyalty was never an issue on the various spy shows, but this was probably the first one where the characters actually would question why they were being sent on these missions.

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A Precursor of Things to Come, 21 October 2009

A some of the other posters have mentioned, this and "Skyhawks" were probably the earliest examples of cartoon series that had a toy tie in. Of course, this was several years before shows like "Transformers", "He Man" and "GI Joe" would hit the airwaves and would make weekday afternoons into a virtual infomercial for various toys. However, this show was one of the first and probably one of the best. I still fondly remember it and I would look forward to watching it on Saturday morning. At least they had some cool animation to make you keep watching even if you didn't want the toys. Of course, I did get plenty of Hot Wheels cars as well as the tracks, but this cartoon really didn't have an impact on my decision. Besides, I was only three years old at the time.

This definitely is a lost classic.

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Pretty Good Effort From Honda, 21 September 2009

This is Ishiro Hondas take on the classic space opera featuring alien invaders who have designs on Earth and will do anything to enslave mankind. This is a good, but not great, film. The only problem I have with it is that it tends to slow down during the scenes on Earth, especially the conference scenes. However, it picks up during the scenes on the moon and especially during the dogfight scenes featuring the rocket fighters battling the flying saucers. Also, in terms of acting, the best performance in this film definitely belongs to the great Yoshiyo Tsuchiya. Tsuchiya is excellent as the scientist who becomes possessed by the aliens, but becomes a hero who sacrifices himself after he is released from the alien control. He definitely makes this film more watchable.

Usually, one Ishiro Honda's science fiction films use two distinct themes. The first one is using his films as thinly veiled commentaries on socio-political issues (nuclear war, greed or commercialism) and the second is the world getting together for a common purpose. This film definitely follows the latter to a tee. This is definitely one where Honda uses his skill as a director to convey his wish that man would pull together for a common good instead of waiting until a major crisis to come together.

All in all this was a good film, but not a great one, but I still recommend it.

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Underrated Classic, 15 May 2008

This is one of the finest of the non-Godzilla epics by Ishiro Honda and Toho. It definitely has all the elements that make for a great film great story, great action and an interesting twist at the end. What really stands out is the fact that Honda pretty much took a near impossible situation in working with several American actors who didn't speak Japanese and was able to do a decent job in directing them. However, the thing that really was interesting about this film was the fact that this film marks what probably is the first and only time that Akira Takarada and the late, great Akihiko Hirata are heard speaking English with their own voices after years of being dubbed. This film is definitely one of the finest to come from Toho.

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Not Just the Female Quincy, 12 February 2008

When I first heard about this show, I thought it was just an updated version of "Quincy M.E." only with a female lead and a little more gore. However, since I started watching the reruns on A&E I have become a fan. The thing that really sets it apart from the show that it was inspired by are the quirky characters that are an integral part of the show; especially Nigel and Bug. Also, Miguel Ferrer plays Macy with just the right combination of cynicism and grittiness to make this show work.

However, this is definitely Jill Hennesey's show. She has definitely evolved from her days as Clair Kincaid on "Law and Order". She definitely shows a perfect blend of toughness and vulnerability that attracts a lot of men to her.

This show definitely is one of the few quality shows of this era.

"Shindig!" (1964)
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Lost Classic, 1 February 2008

This show was what shows like "The Music Scene", "Solid Gold" and "American Idol" wish they could be. I was born the year the show went off the air and even I can appreciate this show for what it was. Imagine a show where every week you would get the top rock and roll acts from America and England and, for the most part, they would perform absolutely live. That was what this show was like. In fact, from what I've seen of most of the clips that I have been shown throughout the years on VH-1 and even now on You Tube, there was hardly any lip synching and that way you could separate the great bands from the not so great ones. Also, let's not forget the dancers. That was what really made the show as well as having the likes of a pre-"Here Come the Brides" Bobby Sherman as well as Donna Loren, a girl with a great voice who should have become a big star. It is too bad that it has never come out on DVD. If it did it would become one of the biggest selling DVD's ever.

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