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The Mod Squad of the 80's, 14 April 2003

This was definitely a quality show. This show was a far cry from what the Fox network eventually became. Many of the scripts dealt with what young people go through on a day to day basis and used a cop show to show it. Issues like date rape, drugs, teen suicide, school violence and incest were all covered in the first two years of this show. When Jump Street premiered, it was the shot heard round the world due to the fact that it was the very first show to air on the Fox network, which at the time was only being broadcast on Sunday nights and it ushered in a whole new era in television. Also, Johnny Depp wasn't the only good thing about this show. Peter DeLuise, Holly Robinson (Peete) and Dustin Nguyen all made this show one of the cult classics of the 1980's.

45/85 (1985) (TV)
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An Incredible Documentary, 29 April 2004

This probably is one of the best made for television documentaries I have ever seen. I love the fact that they were able to cover many of the major events in from the forty years since the end of World War II and show how the cold war pretty much had an effect on this country either indirectly of directly. I especially thought that they pretty much indicted Lyndon Johnson by saying that he pretty much had to go to war in Vietnam to justify probably the greatest programs for social change since the depression, the Great Society. The only thing that I think was lacking with this is the fact that they tended to gloss over some major events in that era, especially the major racial upheavals in America, especially the Watts riots in 1965. Also, the most ironic thing about this is that less than four years later, the Berlin Wall came down ending the major story that this documentary was covering. This is one great documentary.

Also, if you listen to the comments at the end of the show, you will notice that Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, who's politics I don't agree with, both said something that was eerily prophetic. They both said that they didn't believe that there would be a third world war, but from some country in the Third World. In light of what happened 9/11, they were oh so right.

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Still the Gold Standard, 10 October 2005

"60 Minutes" is definitely the originator of all the great television news magazines. Every Sunday night for several years I have either watched the show or listened to it on the local CBS radio affiliate here in Los Angeles. To me "60 Minutes" works in two different ways. The first is as an investigative program that looks hard at very controversial issues that the public should be made aware of. The show also is great at doing wonderful celebrity profiles. It really allows the general public to look at the lives of various celebrities and show what they are like once the spotlight is off. Of course, the show has its detractors who say that it has become very self important, but this will always be to me one of the most influential shows in the history of television.

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Don't Mess With Success, 19 April 2003

When this show first premiered I really enjoyed it, especially the chemistry between the three leads. I especially loved Rita Moreno as Violet, who showed why she was, and still is, one of the best actresses on both the large and small screens. Also, Valerie Curtin was perfect as the somewhat shy Judy (taking over the Jane Fonda role) and Rachel Dennison was great as Doralee (taking over the role her sister Dolly Parton played) However, when they got to the second season they totally screwed up the chemistry by replacing Valerie Curtin with Leah Ayers and getting rid of the girls main female antagonist in Roz. Also, after Jane Fonda left as executive producer, the show really began to go downhill. If they had kept the cast together and if Ms. Fonda hadn't left, then this show probably would have gone down as a classic.

A Case of Rape (1974) (TV)
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Even Better Than Lifetime, 1 December 2003

A few months before this film came out, a very similar film called Cry Rape was broadcast on C.B.S.. However, while that film has long since been forgotten, this film is still remembered as being one of the most groundbreaking films to ever grace the small screen. This is one of those films that come out that helped to make a difference. Before this film was released, few people knew how rape victims were really treated and the indignities that they suffered. This film showed that and more. Elizabeth Montgomery proved that she could do more than just play everyone's favorite witch Samantha Stephens. She took a chance with a very taboo subject and helped to make this one of the most acclaimed films of the early 1970's.

"Adam-12" (1968)
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The Greatest Show About The Average Policeman, 27 March 2003

This is one show that still holds up over thirty years after it premiered. Not only do you get a true life look at the day to day operations of a typical patrolman, but you also see the evolution of the relationship between two officers. When Reed is first teamed with Malloy he is the subordinate young officer who keeps calling Malloy sir and makes a few mistakes along the way, but by the end of the series, Malloy treats Reed as an equal and the two even call each other by their first names. In fact, in either the first or second season, Reed names Malloy the Godfather to his son. This show definitely proves that Jack Webb was a genius.

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After a Rough First Season, It Became Great, 25 July 2003

After a very rocky first season, this show not only went on to become an accurate portrayal of the Black college experience, it was also an accurate portrayal of college life in general. This show is one of the exceptions to the rule that drastic changes ruin great series. During the first season, it became obvious that Lisa Bonet couldn't carry the show and that the real star of the show was Jasmine Guy, whose character of Whitley Gilbert will always be remembered as one of the all time greats. Also, even though the show was set in a college, you never saw the kids actually attending class. All this changed during the second season when both Bonet's character of Denise Huxtable and Marissa Tomei's character of Maggie were written off the show and were replaced by Freddie, played by Cree Summer, and Kim, played by Charnele Brown. But perhaps the big change was that not only did you see the kids attending classes, but the show became more issue oriented. Issues like date rape, AIDS, domestic violence, apartheid and teen pregnancy were all covered in this show and helped to make it more than a "Cosby Show" spin-off. Also, besides the above mentioned characters, Kadeem Hardison's portrayal of Dwayne Wayne helped make this show great.

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Okay Beginning, But Got Too Campy, 15 April 2003

When you look at the show from the beginning, especially the one year Phyllis Coates played Lois Lane, it was pretty much a straight action show. However as the show wore on it became more and more campy. I love it when a show is able to poke fun at itself, but unfortunately the show went from being a faithful rendition of the comic book to being more of laugh fest.

Air Force (1943)
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Good For It's Time, 12 November 2002

I guess I'm in the minority when I say that Air Force is a good World War II film. If you get past all the racist "Jap Bashing" and the fictitious battle at the end, you will see that this film was perfect for it's time. Remember, that the film was made in 1943 and was made to help boost the morale of America in the dark days of the war. John Garfield was perfect as the rebellious soldier who couldn't wait to get out of the army, but when the attack happened he decides to stay and fight for his country. I especially loved watching George Tobias(who would go on to play the role of Abner Kravitz on "Bewitched")providing some much needed humor in this film.

Airport (1970)
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The Beginning, 6 September 2003

This film could be seen as the beginning of the 70's disaster craze. Even though the Poseidon Adventure was the first big budget, all star film, this could be seen as the first film to put a bunch of soap opera stories together in one film and have them come together in a huge disaster. This could also be seen as the best in the "Airport" series as each of the following films became more and more melodramatic and boring. However, the original will always be the best.

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