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Don't be fooled by the positive ratings, 4 February 2017

Whenever I see words like 'stylish' 'inventive' etc etc I immediately get suspicious. I picture a drug addled Hollywood elite 'writer' smoking his bong while writing his/her inchoate but 'subtle' FY to America extolling the 'genius' of the left wing 'creative' 'artistic' ('writers' 'artists' and of course 'actors' and other 'Hollywood types') intelligentsia over regular working stiffs or successful individuals. This pretentious movie fits that mold. Look closely and you will see the Hollywood elite message of disparagement of signs of success (beautiful homes etc) as evil and the 'heroic' image of the 'writer' who is better than that and who exacts his impolite so called revenge(?). Of course, it is the Hollywood elite, the few who achieve financial success, who flaunt wealth and excess far more than everyone else. Who really lives in Malibu and Beverly Hills? If that is your mindset and you are willing to overlook a confused and inchoate 'plot', believe this is a 'thriller', and buy the line that this self-absorbed tripe is some expression of a greater 'intelligence' then this is your movie ... not mine

"Homeland" (2011)
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Don't these writers know Hillary lost and we are at war with radical Islam?, 26 January 2017

They destroyed this show. From 10 to 1 in a single season. I guess the left wing Hollywood elite writers delusionally believe the 9/11 terrorists have a point and that our new President, who wants to protect the US, is a fascist islamophobe for having those goals. Sad. I will watch a few more episodes ... for laughs. And to see how far over the top the Hollywood elite writers have gone. Don't they know that when they hold their insular 'award' ceremonies there are garbage trucks all around and guards with sub-machine guns to protect them from radical Islamist bombers so we don't have another Paris or repeats of the carnage happening worldwide in the name of Islam. Lets see what else is happening here: Apparently George Soros (a billionaire radical lunatic in his eighties) has a role in this show as the young dynamic billionaire heroic NGO funder who is saving the world from fascists. Hollywood doesn't get it. I will stop watching after a few more episodes to first hand see how delusional Hollywood really is. Another thought. Hillary, the 'hero' in this show, is now presented as having nothing to do with the current ME disaster ... after her party had eight years in power! Pure Hollywood revisionist fiction! And we have now learned (from the writers of course) that the crazy 'Iran deal' is really 'working' (in the delusional minds of the Hollywood elite). As a side thought, I was glad to learn from the silly plot hack telling us how easily NSA can get everyone's phone conversations that NSA must surely have all of Hillary's missing emails ... but is hiding them from us! Update: I am having a grand time updating this post since the writers are so pathetic. Double SAD. Some other observations: I see Hillary getting 'even' with Barack by using a Barack lookalike as her flunky (but still defending their 'Iran deal', of course, as their ME disaster becomes clearer daily in real life). I see Steve Bannon also has a role, as a portrayed right wing nut job commentator (as seen through the demented eyes of drug addled Malibu/Hollywood writers) Also, no spoiler need here since this is a prediction: It looks like all radical Islamic terror in the US will now be blamed on Republicans (Bannon and Trump perhaps?) who of course, so the script goes, are the real perpetrators of terror and who are trying to undermine President Hillary and Carrie will now save Hillary and the US from them! Is this a prelude to the left wing coup fantasies of Hollywood since Carrie will now fight our own military/cia insiders (the 'real' terrorists)? Maybe the writers thought they were encouraging/predicting the alternative future they want?

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The big 'green' con is coming to an end, 25 December 2016

Trillions are being spent (stolen) to block the greatest most deadly poison trace gas in the world ... CO2! PT Barnum was right. There is a sucker born every minute ... in this case 'green' crazies who want your money and political power. Think a minute. There are billions of barrels of oil buried at the coldest parts of the earth ... the poles. How did that get there? There were JUNGLES there at some point in time millions of years ago because the earth was much hotter than today then! We are now told that all species on earth will die from 'the heat' (exhaustion?)! That must be like how all the species from the past (remember the dinosaurs?) died off! It's called EVOLUTION stupid! We are told we must cover the earth with (Chinese made) 'solar panels' (that pollute the earth just building them)which are much more expensive for power than oil and gas (NATURAL SUBSTANCES). We are told 'wind power' is 'free'. Except that wind turbines kill millions and millions of birds and bats and drives people crazy (communities stuck with these monstrosities have no money to remove them now and are now stuck with huge tax bills). They have been a disaster in England and are enormously more expensive then oil and gas. Think a minute about what you learned in HS. CO2 and sunlight produce green plants! The sediment from that plant life, after a few million years is buried and becomes oil and coal! Power plants today are completely pollution free and only produce water vapor and CO2. The CO2 is recycled by plant life and we simply recycle it back from the ground into useful CO2. In fact, for tens of millions of years carbon has been leeched out of the earth's surface and all life eventually dies once all carbon is leached out and buried. So we HELP the environment by safely burning oil and coal by RECYCLING carbon!

If you are worried about 'climate change' then it has been going on since the earth was created. The next cycle is a new ice age as predicted by a new cycle of a lack of sunspots. Buy your winter clothes now ... winter is coming!

Copenhagen (2014)
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Rent the bike; get on and savor the ride: what this movie is really about explained, 22 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***warning, possible spoilers*** this movie should be studied in film classes: you watch it, enjoy it, but don't really realize the effectiveness of the writer and director until later. Here is what happens:

1. An analogy best explains this film: we have all probably seen a video of a master with his dog. Sitting in front of the dog is the most delectable treat imaginable to the dog. The dog does nothing even though every fiber of its being wants to gobble up that treat. It is waiting for its masters command. The Masters here are the writer and director, the dog is the male lead. The girl is the treat (and not in a prurient sense). She says she will be 15 (the age of consent) "in a few days". He wants to pounce (But not in a sexual sense even though there is obvious physical attraction).

2. The age difference is not for shock value. It is a very effective plot device relating to 1 above.

3. They are alone in a hotel room, both drunk (largely at his insistence). She is the aggressor. The reality is he cannot believe she is only 14 and repeatedly says that throughout the movie. She tries to seduce him, taking off her blouse and kissing him which he appears to accept.

4. The "masters" do not outright state that they did not sleep together but instead, more effectively, make that clear by: they both wake up in bed fully clothed (she must have put her top back on) in sharp contrast to his other many dalliances where he graphically wakes up with a naked partner; just prior to this he turns down an offer that most males his age dream about – two beautiful drunk girls try to drag him back to their hotel for a threesome. Instead of going with the women, he is much more concerned about having hurt the girl's feelings and rushes out of the bar, leaving the women, to try to call the girl and apologize for acting like a jerk. So, the attraction is not about sex per se. there is much more to his feelings for the girl and he is clearly conflicted. He does not sleep with her.

5. There is more to him than meets the eye: he is in Denmark to find his grandfather and understand why he was abandoned by his father. The girl, with a great heart and overlooking the fact that he is superficially an insensitive jerk sees something deeper in him and embraces the cause of him finding his past and takes it upon herself to help him.

6. The girl, is far more substantial and mature than the women he has been sleeping with (who is really older, the girl or his earlier partners?). She too, has a troubled family but is very close to her mother and wants to help him resolve that part of his life.

7. In one effective scene, he simply glances down a street and sees a father briefly interacting with his son (short and effective).

8. The most effective scene in the movie: she takes him to a museum. She brings him to a dark corner where there is a bust. She tells him she has never brought anyone there before. She stands next to the bust. It is an exact image of the girl. She tells him she is really hundreds of years old and he says the bust is 1500 years old. This scene is a metaphor for what the movie accomplishes. After 1500 years, here she (who posed for the bust) is here again, resurrected, with the human traits that allowed us to survive over those 1500 years: the yearning for family, love, and a striving for happiness even in an imperfect world. In other hands this might seem corny, here it is movie-making genius.

"Sense8" (2015)
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Why not be honest about it? This is an ad for the LGBT lifestyle, 11 June 2015

please, don't insult my intelligence and tell me lesbian strap on sex is essential to what is being falsely billed as a sci-fi thriller. At least if I see a show or movie with "product placement" I can see what I'm getting. But this show is simply an attempt to mainstream the LGBT lifestyle. So at least come out and say so, rather than using false advertising.

As for the production values, there is simply a clumsy attempt, with much copying from other shows and movies, to show a "hip" style of camera shooting, editing (very disjunctive), and use of pounding music to poor effect. The plot could be interesting in more objective hands and without the forced political agenda. In looking at a few of the reviews some of those writers seem to recognize the obvious agenda and, to keep us watching this piece of tripe, tell us to "stick with it" or that the plot is "intelligent" or words to that effect.

If the LGBT agenda is your thing, along with a heavy dose of graphic homosexual sex, then by all means this is your show. But please, don't try "bait and switch" tactics to indoctrinate and be honest about the agenda.

Camp X-Ray (2014)
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Don't Bother, 17 October 2014

If you love Al Qaeda and ISIS or at least believe "we are the same" by all means see this movie. It always amazes me how much dislike for western culture or values exists in Hollywood, a place that would never exist in its current form in Iran, Syria or the new Islamic "Caliphate". If you thought Kristen Stewart could not act ... well you are right. I wonder how well one of these actors or writers would fare under Sharia law. Yes, we all know the US Armed Forces is the evil in the world ... so the message goes ... because it prosecutes innocent terrorists. And we really need Kristen Stewart to set us straight about this terrible evil. If a resurrection of 'Tokyo Rose' is your cup of tea, see this movie by all means. If you know someone in the military or respect what they are really doing for us, then avoid this poorly written movie by all means.

The Hunt (2012)
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A great and heartbreaking movie, 18 May 2014

The topic is most depressing and I thought what more could they do with this movie as engrossing as it was for the first half. I didn't want to end up depressed watching a fait accompli tragedy. I was wrong. This movie truly deserved the awards it received and the acting by all involved was remarkable as was a script that could not have been better. in lesser hands this film could have been a maudlin, pedestrian and predictable affair that would not deserve spending much time watching. But by taking a topic that automatically involves controversy and skillfully weaving characters with depth, honesty, and a realistic portrayal of human nature a great movie was made. By all means, do not be turned off by the topic. See this movie.

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Old ... and painful, 14 March 2014

The jokes are not funny. Will Ferrell is stale. A waste of time. Unfortunately, it looks as though this script was written while smoking newly legalized weed and a parody of a parody is what this turned out to be.

I find it very hard to believe the ratings on this movie and I am convinced, more than I have ever been before, that many ratings are simply a figment of marketing and that many movie viewers knee-jerk react to 'names' and slick advertising to approve of junk that under ordinary circumstances they would reject immediately. The Hollywood marketing machine has created a dud.

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A delicious movie, 18 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sometimes a whole is greater than the sum of its parts ... even when the parts are quite good. This movie is a brilliant and wholly enjoyable combination of parts that are an eclectic mixture of mystery, fascinating dialog, great acting, and a beautiful ambiance of set design and music. It did not bother me when, near the end, you become aware of where this movie is going because you relish how it got there. Don't look for a perfect plot. They really do not exist and there is enough here to carry off the illusion perfectly. Isn't that really why you go to see a movie? As for those who get too involved and call this movie a "tragedy," I saw this movie as a delicious mystery and simply concluded "he had it coming". All in all, a perfect clockwork of a movie. See it.

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Overrated ... stars don't make a movie. Summary: "meh", 1 January 2014

Mediocre at best ... particularly considering the "names" in this movie.

The story is one dimensional and cliché ridden. The acting is unexceptional and having "names" doesn't help. Any good character actor could have played any role in this film interchangeably with the "names", and to same effect.

The plot, without spoiling anything: bad guys (with background scenes showing this), foolish local boy/soldier (with overtones of PTSD and "damaged" psyche from warfare, of course) gets in trouble, bad guys do bad things, hunt for revenge.

It was not that the plot has been done many times before, but how unimaginative the formula steps were carried out, particularly the confusing ending.

If you like this genre, don't expect much. Rent "Deliverance" instead.

If the "names" were not in this movie I would have given it an extra star.

Summary: "meh"

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