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A game show that was at least a lot better than the NBC version!, 30 November 2004

I have to say that The NBC 1 hr. version of Weakest Link is so BORING! I liked the 1/2 hr version better simple, because the show and the game itself doesn't strain out like Anne Robinson's edition. The whole gang seats there for the whole 30 min. and they don't get kicked off the show. However, this show which only lasted for I think only 18 months (Jan. 2002-Sept. 2003) But I think this show really had the potential to be out only after this long period of time. But the good thing about this show was the fact that the host George Gray and the second season change of the $25,000 chain instead of the $12,500 chain in the first season made the gameplay look a lot faster. But I thin that the show will be back again in the near future, but being this the end of the game show era, it's likely to stay that way forever. :( However the Weakest Link with George Gray gets a total of:

8/10 Not a bad game although with the whole changes at least it is much more comforting.

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Survey Says! The best show to stay alive in syndication!, 30 November 2004

Family Feud with Richard Karn (Al Borland of Home Improvement) is the best and surviving show on syndication today. With the fact for the whole 3 seasons with no new game shows it is now likely to stay that way forever. But the thing about Family Feud is that this show stays fresh, exciting and always the best surveys, questions and answers on every show! I think the best thing that was brought to this show IMHO was that in the 2002-03 season Richard became the host and the 5 day champions were reinstated. In the 2003-04 season the 300 point rule was reinforced, and the tiebreaker round was in play. That gave the other team a fair chance of winning the game for the team and that gave the game a whole new facelift for the show isn't that exciting! So for that I give Family Feud a total of:

9.5/10 This show was the best with Richard Karn! Keep it alive on TV!

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What is the best show on TV that had potential!, 29 November 2004

The whole 5 seasons of NewsRadio was like the best show on TV that didn't deserve to get cancelled. The main reason? Phil Hartman. This guy was all out when it came to WNYX but being the first 4 seasons with Hartman was the best than when he died in 1998, he was Replaced by Jon Lovitz. Who was funny as Hartman but wasn't quite the same. Andy Dick really hated him so much on the show that he didn't want him in his life. I think that is why the show got cancelled after the 1998-99 season because of the fact that Me. James really wanted to move to New Hampshire and the fact that on the final episode the two people that still played role to the station was Dave and Matthew. sigh... A Lukewarm finale. But As I can say, NewsRadio is the best sicom in NBC that they had so for that I will give Newsradio a total of.

9/10 Best 100,000 watt comedy radio show!

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This is really a truly funny show!, 29 November 2004

I really like Malcom in the Middle. The main reason, because of the fact that Hal is so funny, Reese is so like too immature at times, Malcom is really like in the middle of this big mess, Dewey is like a very big ass since he is like a black sheep, Francis is like I like to hang around a lot with the Military or work in a logger site with the lumberjacks. As for the really strict mother Lois, MALCOM!!!! I really like this show and since it is a big hit in syndication and also on DVD. I really think that this show would really be on for many years to come. I also think that the show has great characters such as David Anthony Higgins "Guest starred on NewsRadio in 1995 and 1998!" in the first season, Catherine Lloyd Burns and also The handicapped kid. I think this show will give much more interesting polts in the near episodes to come. So for this I give Malcom a total of

10/10 Hasn't soured a bit at all! :D

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OK show during the first 5 seasons, but gone downhill afterwards!, 14 October 2004

What can I say. Another good show especially with Luanne, Bobby, Hank, Bill, Boomhauer and Peggy/ This show really makes for some best cartoons right next to both The Simpsons and Garfield. However, episodes from season 6-9 (Which would likely be the last season) present really started to really suck after the 6th season with stale writing. However the show is still a great way to cap off the series next year.

So what can I say,

9.5 out of 10

Have to give it a 9.5 because since the writing in the 6-9th season dwindled down and really started to suck. But still a great show nonetheless!

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Great show at the beginning but slow towards the end!, 6 October 2004

What can I say. This show used to be as great as it was in seasons 1-4 but then by the middle of season 5 When Leo came along for the ride, the show started to go downhill. The consistency of the game wasn't as good as it would be although the first 4 seasons of W&G were the best there was. However, I fear that season 7 would likely be the last for this show since the show although rebounding, the show was just never the same.

And for once stop booking too many celebs on the show. It's making this show look like Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus! Irritating!!

Like That '70s Show and King of the Hill, Will & Grace lives up to it's name.

Seasons 1-4 10/10 Best seasons there was


"Pyramid" (2002)
The best revival of a classic., 6 October 2004

What can I say. This show really sparked the best of the show and basicially even though the show was foolishly canned by Sony for PAT CROCKE The show really needed much better format of the Original. However, I think that the show is the best of the revival of PYRAMID unlike the John Davidson episodes from 1991-92. Dick Clark will still be known as Mr. PYRAMID! However I think that The best thing that PYRAMID will be is that they did that Dick Clark Challenge in 2002 and yet the gameplay of PYRAMID will still be as solid as ever! So for that I give PYRAMID a total of

9/10 Not a bad revival But still one of the best games out there right now.

Watch PYRAMID repeats on PAX TV every night at 7 PM ET/PT!

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What else can I say, THE BEST SHOW THAT THERE EVER WAS!, 14 September 2004

What else can it be. Don Johnson/Cheech Marin had what is by far the best chemistry on the show that makes it so watchable. One other note that I would like to say is that since I used to live in the Bay area during the duration of the series, I always wanted to be an extra on the series. I tried but never really made it through. The only thing that I would say is that since SF was a great place wher Nash and his Sexy '70-'71 Plymouth Baracuda (my favorite classic car!) made it's way onto TV I would really like to see this show go into DVD one of these days since this is by far one of the best crime dramas in history in simialar to The Price is Right of Cop Shows! The only thing I have to say is that since the show got canned back in May '01 I really wanted to see the ending in it's right of way but since the show was getting too expensive I thought six seasons is one hell of a run to begin with! Also the locations during the shows 6 seasons with the Routunda, (season 1 and some of season 2) the Hyde St. Pier (seasons 2-4) and the Embarcadero shelter (seasons 4-6) I would have to pick the Hyde St. Pier as the favorite SIU offices!

Rating 10/10 One of the best shows on TV next to NYPD Blue which is sadly leaving after this season (2004-05) 12th season ending shows!

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This is by far one of the best shows on TV right now. It also goes to show you that guest stars like Jack Osbourne, Jessica Simpson, Shannon Elizabeth and Estella Warren make this a great show to get into! I also like it when KELSO does this great BURN on Eric and Red always tells his kids that they are such DUMBASSES!! This is a great show that will always live on forever! I also liked the fact that Donna and Eric get engaged and also since this upcoming season for the show (2004-05) would be the last season. At least give a big bang to close out the series! I really like this show as much as Kelso and Eric! So For that I give it a total of

Score 10/10! PERFECTO!