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Wer (2013)
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Very Decent Low Budget Horror, 24 March 2014

As a huge horror fan I did not expect very much from this movie but I was very surprised. Firstly not a massive budget yet it delivers in everything from atmosphere, reasonably decent acting, good sets, good story line. It reminded me of a movie that came right out the 80's UK Video Nasty List (In a Good Way!) The negatives - The Music/sound is over powering very much like the Cannibal movies from this time, some may like that. The lead Female was a complete miss casting, I think she may have earned the role from who she knew!!! (very pretty though) This is very worth any horror fan's viewing and deserves a huge round of applause for having a damn decent go at something a little different. It is not An American werewolf in London. It is more a dirty and gory affair than the previously mentioned with no laughs. Excellent Effort a solid 7-10

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Middle of the Road Zombie Flick, 17 June 2012

I sat and watched this with my wife this morning. I am a Zombie fan she isn't, so with some of the rubbish in this genre we did not hold out much hope! The positive thing is that we watched it to the end, with quite a few other zombie flicks we have not managed to do this. It is not a great movie but not terrible. The acting is fine, again not great, the storyline is very predictable. A goes into slot A, B into slot B. We knew everything that would happen from start to finish with no surprises whatsoever and we did not get anything wrong, Oh and we are not Mensa students! The camera work and settings were excellent for the budget and they used the location to the full. So is it worth watching? If there is nothing else on fine, We voted it a 5 out of 10, in reality we would have gave it 4.5 for the reasonable work they done. The reason we could not vote it higher was it was so predictable...

Acolytes (2008)
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Excellent Movie, 17 May 2009

I Would have to disagree strongly with the previous lame comment. I watched this not expecting too much from it. The Fact is that the cast were superb, Especially The lead Teen Female. The dark sides of them all came through, all were messed up in an not obvious way. There was an underlying current which ran through the movie of teenage angst and sexuality. The serial killer role was played well also as you could feel he had gone through what they had as children. What this movie is, is a strong drama/thriller. Yes I would agree they don't do the obvious, but you could relate with the messed up teenage heads they did what they did and it is believable. Also a decent dark ending, instead of which could have so easily been an opt out happy one. The attention to detail in the movie was fantastic also. I very good solid 7 out of 10. A little slow at times, but lets a thinking person see where the characters are coming from.