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Forever Damned

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Fortune And Fame Will Come When DV And Capt. Die...., 25 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As my username suggests I am probably slightly biased towards the band and any material they put out. However here comes a short, biased review.

In the 40th celebrations since punk broke in 1976, The Damned are the only ones still touring and recording (occasionally) from the original Top 3 (Pistols, Clash and Damned). This documentary incorporates clips from 1976 and onwards alongside new performances and interviews with band members current and old. It's a good mesh and poignant at times with Rat, Captain, Bryn and Paul showing some emotion. The enigma that is DV is explored and I'm still not sure we see the real him even with cameras just left to record.

The film is a 2 hour skip through of 40 years and, by necessity, but sadly some era's are left behind such as Strawberries and the latest recordings. Curtain Call does rightly get some time though.

It was only fitting that this film and the following Blu Ray/DVD was produced and it will appeal to all Damned fans. Even those who are thinking of going into the music business should watch it and learn how not to run a band.

As my summary line points out (quoted from the film) that's probably not the right way to do it. In the meantime, after the Royal Albert Hall gig, the British Library interview on DDD and numerous guest spots on the radio maybe they have finally earned some real money this year but don't retire yet!

Grotesque (1988)
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Weird, 18 January 2003

A weird film that is disjointed to an extreme but could have been so much better with a little thought. It would probably have worked better as a half hour Tale From The Darkside.

Unusually Linda remains fully clothed but does spend most of the movie in her pyjamas!

Don't bother unless you are a Blair completist.

Gangland (2001)
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Why ?, 14 September 2002

Available on DVD in the UK.

It read rather good on the box but the movie wasn't the same one that was on the disc.

A no budget waste of time with a fleeting glimpse of Ice T and Coolio, A Team style fighting and a plot with so many holes it leaked.

Don't bother with this even at budget price.

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Disappointing, 28 June 2002

I suppose it showed promise but failed to deliver. A disjointed story of life in an English 'new town'.

It couldn't decide whether it wanted to be Trainspotting or Grange Hill and it ended up being neither. Too many loose beginnings, middles and ends and you end up not caring about any of it.

The only redeeming feature was the lovely Shona who it would have been better to see more of.

Dogma (1999)
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Superb, 22 June 2002

A really enjoyable movie. Don't be put off by the criticism from some of the religous sector.

This move has a cast that can act and a storyline like no other. Kevin Smith shows he is a force to be reckoned with.

Fortress 2 (2000)
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Corny but fun **SPOILERS**, 21 June 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not a patch on Fortress but in its own way still kind of fun.

Lambert replays his role as Brennick faithfully but the ridiculous plot lines do tend to get in the way.


Tapping into a Bug's nervous system by a TV repair man ?

Stereotypical Russians right down to the Rocky contender lookalike

What is the point of Pam Grier ? She serves no useful purpose as the President of MENTEL and after being flattened on the escape ship...what then ?

Unfortunately, an opportunity wasted but it's worth watching once as it's a fairly fun 90 minutes.

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A Father's Movie, 20 June 2002

It pulls on all the heartstrings and works very well.

The movie does get slightly confused at times and leaves some loose ends but it's otherwise a fine piece of work.

Recommended !

Deceived (2002) (V)
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Average, 20 June 2002

As a fan of the Cloud Ten apocalyptical movies I expected more of the same. Unfortunately, this one did not live up to the others both in story and in production values. The story and therefore the sets were limited, with opportunities missed to branch out from what the observatory really was experiencing.

The final scene gives the opportunity for a sequel. I say don't bother and lets have more from the O.N.E stories.

Judgment (2001)
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Pretty Good, 19 June 2002

As the final instalment (at the moment) of the Helen Hannah v O.N.E this is pretty good.

Cloud Ten are getting more and more quality actors with each feature and it shows.

A fairly riveting courtroom drama that is definitely less preachy than Tribulation.

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Class of 1984 meets Fame, 18 June 2002

Seen in Uncut version on Dutch DVD

An interesting mix with the makers trying to incorporate the punk gang violence of Class of 1984 with the classroom dancing of Fame, sprinkled with 80's AOR by John Farnham. And of course the obligatory shower nude scene with cat fight.

It tries to be everything but ends up being unsatisfactory on most counts. The infamous rape scene is a catalyst to the violence but it seems strange that they chose a girl who looked 15 years younger than the rest i.e 16 ! Seriously though, there is a feeling of titillation that leaves a sour taste here and could have been handled so much better.

Overall, for school gang violence try Class of 1984, for classroom dancing try Fame, for revenge try Deathwish, for titillation just grab a porno.

I wouldn't bother with Savage Streets and consign it to deleted/OOP status so collectors can pay $$$ for a second rate movie.

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