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Avatar (2009)
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Feast for the eye., 3 February 2010

I waited more than a month to go on Avatar in IMAX and it was worth it. I jump to my car and drive to capital city - Warsaw about 2 hours travel. This was my first time in Imax and I must say it is spectacular. Huge screen and 3D glasses bring about I felt like I was inside the movie. A little hard to become accustomed. Dizzy. After an hour I was fully enjoying this masterpiece. "Avatar" is epic. Almost all scenes were made by computer but on the highest level. This is a big step in making details and singular objects. World of Pandora is very complex and full of dangerous species. The plot is unique and cannot be repeated. I felt like I was in a journey to other Universe. Truly magic experience. It was so quiet in the cinema hall. All the people was watching the film with maximum focus because every scene of "Avatar" is very implicate, especially in Imax. This picture is really amazing. After watch I thought a lot and it left something inside me. Hope for the future maybe. I am not sure. This title is definitely one of the best of the last 10 years.

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A masterpiece., 19 October 2009

I am so happy to see this film top 1 in IMDb. It deserves to be there. "The Shawshank Redempion" appears in 1994, I think this year was full of amazing pictures. It lost Oscars but gained recognition. This is a great story about friendship and redemption. Frank Darabont's best movie for sure. Andy Dufresne is one of the greatest characters ever made in the cinema art. A guy who is innocent and get punished. This film shows us that even our intention is a crime in a law world. No one is perfect, and no one can predict anything. We live by a scheme and trying to be fair. People will always make mistakes and the greatest thing is to learn from them. I am waiting for movies which can touch me like this one but after year 2000 nothing close to that appears. There were great films about life and stuff but still it's a modification, a copy thereof what was before. I think until year 2000 most of valuable things in film art was told. It's a little sad but this kind of art will always be deep in my heart as a lesson and beauty how fantastic picture man create. I hope there will be at least couple movies in my short life that leave so many emotions like "The Shawshank Redemption". In XXI century it is a very hard thing to do. I am patient and have positive thinking that cinema didn't say the last words.

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Unforgettable., 29 September 2009

This is the best performance by Al Pacino. He made an extraordinary character, a blind Colonel Frank Slade (war veteran) who is sad and lonely man before he met young Charlie a Baird student. They both created something special. Unique connection between innocent teen and damaged adult. In time they learn from each other and become friends, sharing their problems. "Scent of a Woman" is very profound and full of beautiful scenes. For example when Al Pacino is dancing tango with gorgeous girl or driving Ferrari in the New York. The blind man needs a guide in life like a teenager needs support in his school. Amazing speech about twisted reality where we live, where we must choose our destiny. This movie is truly worth watching and it will give you hope. It also gives me a strength to live on, not give up and just be myself. I love movies. There is only one film like this and in my opinion it is a classic. Remarkable art and deep dialogues make this movie a top one.

Braveheart (1995)
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The best movie about freedom., 22 September 2009

This picture is superb and spectacular. Mel Gibson in his best. Great story, great battles, great acting. Everything in this movie is great. I remember this amazing fights on the fields which take my breath away. "Braveheart" is realistic. I back through time and almost touch those medieval times. It is one of the greatest movies ever made. Created with passion, engagement, reality. Freedom is one of the invisible values which gives people peace and stability. War is the worst and if you want to be free you must fight for it. Love started rebellion which leads to many sad moments but has it's meaning. To sum up "Braveheart" is brutal but real. It's not about true story taken from life, it's about courage, strength and vengeance. We all have our own history, Scots have theirs. If you want to see fascinating battles, beautiful landscapes and breathtaking story this movie is for you.

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"Forrest Gump" is very touching., 17 July 2009

In my opinion this movie is the best. Tom Hanks created an extraordinary character and deserved an Oscar. The film is so deep. I don't have emotional problems but I always cry on this movie. I don't know why but "Forrest Gump" is perfect to me. It hits into my heart and in some way changes me. It gives unforgettable scenes which are truly masterpiece. Every moment of this film is worth watching because it's amazing. This picture shows life in fascinating way. It shows journey, fantastic voyage through time which in the end is death. Event that we can't escape or evade. Everyone has it's destiny. My destiny was watch that movie and never forget it. I will always remember this excellent piece of art. This is absolutely my number 1. I have only 6 movies which I rate 10/10. "Forrest Gump" is definitely on that list as unique masterpiece. Great film about life itself.

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Breathtaking!, 25 June 2009

Comment on this movie is short. Deep touch, understanding myself, sensitive journey, clock stopped. "Meet Joe Black" is more than a film. This is a masterpiece. It shows life and death in very human way. We feel... life feels... death feels... everything feels. This movie is about feelings, emotions, bounds, death which is inescapable. Amazing, fantastic, profound. These words going through my mind when I mention it. Brad Pitt play magic in this film. He took the role seriously and showed how professional actor he is. I was touched and focused almost all over the film. The spark of movie is planted in it's core. Great tribute to all cast and people who made this movie. Art of film is now legendary.

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Dead end., 7 June 2009

Where to start... When I first saw 'The Terminator' or maybe 'Judgment Day'. I don't know but I know that this movie wasn't for me. It lacks everything that three movies had before. I mean the Terminators sent through time to kill John Connor. Action is situated in the future and this is very hard to make this work like previous Terminators. I didn't like new robots, motors, big machines capturing people, flying machines. I was disappointed after watch. I think directing was bad, I mean this shaking camera made me like this :/ and with this face I was watching and seeking for good points of the movie but I didn't find them. I am really not happy with action, story, the vision of the world. The terminators are walking on the world singular with mini-guns which was ridiculous to me. It should be more like starting sequence in 'Judgment Day' or 'Rise of the Machines' when army of them was walking earth. This is solid action movie but it lost it's potential. Half of 10 is high score from me, it had some nice moments but it was moments the rest is just wasted. For me 'Terminator Salvation' is a dead end. 'Terminator 2 Judgment Day' will be forever remembered as masterpiece. TS is not even close to that.

Star Trek (2009)
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Great adventure., 11 May 2009

I have seen a lot of movies and it was one of the best science fiction movie I've ever seen. Really, great action, brilliant acting, very good story, this movie has it all. Moreover the film is giving the viewer something special, new perspective of living. We can be what we are or we can change forever, making new history in our lives, trying to be better than we are. I think it's one of the most important message this movie gives me. Finally and the best of it, I was watching it and I enjoying every second of it. I never watched Star Trek series before but this one is a great adventure science-fiction movie. I give 9/10 and recommend it just for fun and joy also for learn something about life and living something about emotions and feelings. ;)

The Matrix (1999)
One of the greatest movies ever made., 25 November 2008

I watched this movie in cinema long time ago and I never forget the feelings when leaving after watch. This film changed my life. I started to think a little different. It was access to myself. Wachowski Bros. made fantastic piece of art. I think all movie fans know this title and they never forget it. Do you remember when you first time saw it? I remember very well this stunning visual effects which they looked like real. I was so excited watching this film. Every second of this movie is worth seeing. The story told in "The Matrix" is really important to this world because no one knows the future and it shows how could it be and how A.I. may be. It's a warning to humanity. I strongly recommend to see this movie. If you like action on the best level you must watch it and enjoy superb story with great stunning effects (visual and sound).