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Best movie ever made 10/10, 11 July 2010

I cant believe how many bad reviews i read about this movie & i thought to myself i have to watch it & see how bad it was myself. Is everyone crazy this movie is amazing great story line, amazing acting its like a cross between the matrix & crouching tiger hidden dragon. Well i think most the reviews written here are fake or IMDb just paid people to put up bad reviews. So my conclusion is that this movie & the dragon ball z movie are the two best movies i've seen in the last few years. Im thinking that this is also up there with You got served. The special effects were amazing almost as good as The Power Rangers. Keep up the good work Mr Shyamalan.

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Alice Alice who the F**k is ALice!!!, 5 March 2010

Let me start of by saying that i've been looking forward to this movie in over a year, but everyone expecting a big epic movie, sorry to say but its nothing more than an average movie or even below that. Everyone knows the story of Alice in wonderland but this was set to dull & not enough humour used at the right times. Overall i have to say this has to be my worst Tim Burton movie to date. I hope i'm not upsetting anyone by saying this, some people may like it, but for me it was to slow & the characters weren't gripping enough. On the plus point about this movie is that i got to keep the 3d glasses,lol. Anyways my rating for this is 4/10.

Brüno (2009)
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Can't believe how bad this was, 8 July 2009

OK now lets see, i've been into the TV shows for a longtime, but this movie was pretty bad. You can tell that Sacha runs out of ideas in this movie for sure & has to do most of the scenarios which he had done in the bruno show. If you like The Borat movie, trust me you won't find this one anywhere near as good. Most of the things in this movie were acted & didn't seem real like in Borat. OK people i'm not saying i don't like this movie because it had homosexual content, its because it seems to have been made in a rush & it finishes very quickly. Borat was a classic this is a flop. 3 / 10. Personally i think you should watch Bruno interview with Rove, it's a Australian TV show & the host is rather funny.

Year One (2009)
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Year 2009 - Just for fans., 19 June 2009

I have to say that i was looking forward to this & i have 3 reasons for this, Jack Black, Michael Cera & David Cross, these three guys in my opinion are comedians in their own league. If i have to compare this to any recent movie "The Hangover", well then i have to say that its not as good. I Normally don't say this about comedy movies too much but i feel that this movie probably stretched 20 minutes longer than it should've. Overall it was a good popcorn flick & a good movie to watch with a bunch of mates who appreciate a childish like humour movie. The plot as you can imagine was nothing great just something to get by. It was definitely not a failure as some say it was. I'd rate this 7 / 10

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Australian History X, 13 June 2009

The name says it all. A lesson in life & also the ups & downs of being in a hate group. I mean this movie is a good example of showing that nothing good comes from being racist & thinking your better than everyone else. I personally thought that the acting was excellent & its a true blue Aussie made movie. Racism & hatred will never stop because lets face it cause we're not living in a cartoon. Some people might say that this movie influences Lebanese gangs & makes them proud, but i believe that there's always the other side to a story & this being that treat everyone equally. My rating for this is 8.5 / 10. Should win some awards.

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A long awaited Disappointment, Not a classic, 5 June 2009

Now i don't mean to sound very negative, if you knew this wasn't supposed to be Terminator 4, than as a movie this isn't bad at all, good action good plot line & overall good entertainment, but as soon as you will link this to the other three than noway will you think to yourself that this is the best. In fact this actually makes terminator 3 seem awesome. Christian Bale as an actor has got a lot more roles than he deserves in my opinion & this being one of them. Highlight of the movie was definitely Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright, personally i think his was by far the best performance throughout the whole feature. My ranking for this is 6.5 /10. Trust me you've seen much better & will throughout 2009.

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Dull Dull Dull, 25 May 2009

Acting,script whatever you can think of in a movie, it does not work well in this at all. First of all the humour is very out dated & also Steve Martin was the only thing is this movie which sorta even stood out, he tried his best but there wasn't much that could save this from falling apart. You really need to be in a very positive mood or have your brain switched of to enjoy this. The worst thing in this movie was Aishwarya Rai, this chick can't act one bit, very pathetic & her accent so fake & annoying. OK the positive thing in this was that Steve Martin is a one man show, so if you like him as an actor, you will like a few of the scenes. Overall very weak plot & cheap acting 3 / 10

Religulous (2008)
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Bill Maher - Knows nothing - A very Pathetic & poor Documentary, 21 April 2009

I have to first say this this has to be the most ridiculous documentary I've ever ever seen on anything.. I mean basically every person of some religion in this doco her interviews, he's laughs at their beliefs & just makes them sound stupid. He is a sad man. Im not a very religious person my self but i think if someone believes in something to make them a better person, well that person is doing good. In my opinion i had a feeling that he himself targeted Muslims & christians. Bill Maher's conclusion looks to be like this, Muslims are the craziest most violent religion & christians are just stupid happy people who believe anything. BILL MAHER IS A PATHETIC actor/host who has nothing better to do.

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Ledger will win Oscar. Literally the best movie made., 19 July 2008

I knew from the start that this new Batman movie coming out with Heath Ledger as the joker will be greatest movie ever made. Heath Ledger put his life on the line for this movie just so he could perfect the role of the joker. While your watching the movie you will forget that you have come to see a Batman movie & will be waiting every minute for the joker to come back on screen. As everyone can see that this movie is already ranked as # 1 movie of all time. There were other great performances in this movie as well. Its a very long movie but doesn't seem to bore cause its just very well put together. To say i am the greatest fan for this movie is an under statement. You will be blown away by Ledger's amazing performance.

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Was disappointed 4 / 10., 16 June 2008

Let me start of by saying i'm a huge Jack Black fan, i love all his movies, i even thought that his acting was good even in this one, but overall the movie is too slow & not well balanced with comedy. I mean i was just wondering when to movie would be over, because it's so predictable it looses focus on being interesting & funny, overall very slow & a big let down. I can only give this 4 / 10. It had its moments but it just started to fall into pieces during halfway. To me it felt as if I was watching a B grade straight to DVD movie. Main reason being that it felt too long & very low on the comedy. Only watch when you are fully alert, or else you will fall asleep.

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