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Piter FM (2006)
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Brilliant, Imaginative and Entertaining!, 18 January 2008

Masha is a radio DJ who works with Piter FM. She is about to get married. Maksim is an architect who is having to work as a handyman but has been offered a job as an architect in Germany. He is about to go to Germany. One day, as fate would have it, while crossing the road Masha drops her mobile phone and Maksim picks it up. With Masha and Maksim we take a trip into their funny and enchanting worlds. This movie makes you laugh and keeps you hooked until the very last minute, in an "Amelie"-like manner. This is Oksana Bychkova's first movie and make a note of this name. She is a director we must watch out for! Brilliant, Imaginative and Entertaining!

A Bollywood style romantic musical, 26 December 2007

This is a story of a boy running away from his kin. While being chased by men on horseback, he takes shelter in a gypsy van. Apparently, the gypsy van's original resident is the pretty Paquita Rico. The caravan stops at a town to perform where it has to compete with another group of gypsies. Romance and Bollywood style song and dance sequences follow. As the lead actor and actress begin to open up to each others' charms, another suitor for Paquita appears. Things get complicated and you wonder who the man is and why he what he was running away from in the first place. A couple of songs are very good. Paquita Rico is charming throughout the movie. Strongly recommended for Bollywood fans.