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The Women (2008/I)
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Preachy Out-dated Propaganda, 4 January 2009

I was very disappointed by this movie. Ms English who says that she is a fan of the original movie seemed to have taken a great piece of artistic work, and transformed it into a flat-lined "ho-hum" you've come a long way baby production. I tried to like Meg Ryan's Mary Haines, but she was just boring. She didn't seem to feel anything about her husband's affair. There was no emotional struggle, no deep hurt. In the original 1939 movie Norma Shearer's Mary Haines felt betrayed, shocked, vulnerable, confused and angry. The 2008 production was more about some fake sisterhood theme, (Actually my wife's words)and didn't make you shed a tear or even chuckle. The only performances that were note worthy we're of Debra Messing, and Bette Midler. (I wanted more of Bette.) There was really no protagonist in this movie. The Sylvia Fowler character had too many sub themes to it. And Crystal Allen had no fire. The remake of the department store encounter with Annette Benning, and Miss Mendez was Luke warm. Also the pacing was slow as well. Obviously the 1939 version needed to be updated, but this one wasn't it. The reason that the original version worked so well was that the characters were dealing with "man" problems. A subject by the way which isn't out-dated. The magic of the original movie was that the movie was about both sexes, while you never saw the men.

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A Real Embarrassment For Black Families, 19 April 2008

I am a big Fan of Ice Cube. He has done some funny movies in the past. But this movie was worst than RV with Robin Williams, or Father of The Bride. In reality this movie should have had a minus five stars. I was getting tired with the beginning credits that went on for almost 5 minutes. Then it was hard to believe that Nick would move his family into a house that was smaller than their house in the first movie. Nick was at least a well meaning and resourceful guy in the first movie, but in this one he comes off looking being the biggest loser, while Chuck on the other hand was "Mr. I can do everything, including being a mid-wife!" That is where the absurdity really kicks in. I was waiting for Nia Longs character (Suzanne) to stop acting so blonde, and get on Nicks side at some point. But When she flashed him a dirty look about getting rid of Nick and just rolled over and went to sleep, I was ready to go and get a refund on this movie. And then I almost lost it when there is a birthing class that Chuck and Suzanne have set up. Hmmm! It seems like she's bonding with Chuck more than her husband. Wow and can you believe it when Nick walks in on it, flips out and chases the guy off the property? This is not even a black comedy. I like the idea of Ice Cubes character trying to be successful as a writer of a magazine, but when he winds up being such a joke that the dog doesn't want to be around him, then don't come talking to me about a sequel. Comedy should have a realistic plot, peppered with funny moments. And stop giving us the predictable plots where all fathers are a joke, the wives act like teenagers, and worse of all the black family is completely white washed.