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Emotional, 29 July 2013

I'm not going to go into any detail regards the background/story - the IMDb description says it all.

What sets this apart from other TV movies is it pulls no punches and lacks any kind of sugary/feel good factor - it shows an emotional side to a tragedy, where, by all accounts there is no positive outcome...

The performances are great, particularly Hugh Thompson.

And if the scene where the two leads head out to the crash site doesn't bring a tear (or in my case quite a few...) to your eyes, I'll be very surprised. Excellent and heartbreaking moment.

It's not going to change your life, it's not Oscar worthy filmography - but it will kill a couple of hours: invest your concentration and emotions in it and you'll be drawn in and entertained.

"Homeland" (2011)
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I don't understand the hype, 26 March 2012

First, let me say that the acting is of an incredibly high degree, but I can't for the life of me understand the other reviews.

I don't find it edgy, overly-compelling or even that well written, there are plot holes everywhere. So much is written that is convenient - I've just not found it anything like I expected (from other reviews here).

I like everything from The West Wing to NCIS, and it could have been something in-between - but it lacks the intelligence of the former, and the entertainment of the latter.

Shame. But as a series it is watchable, even if - like me - it's from a comfy position, and not at the edge of ones seat.....

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Interesting idea, dull film, 30 November 2011

An interesting idea/premise - well acted and nicely filmed and the end (though not a huge surprise) made for a tense climax.

So the beginning set the scene nicely and the final moments were entertaining if a little harrowing, but it was after the initial interaction between the main characters had set the premise for the film it just went flat up until the very end.


If they could've made that period (possibly half of the film) as interesting as the beginning and end it would have been excellent.

I must admit, I didn't completely fall for the characters either. Considering the situation they found themselves in it would have been quite easy to want to fight in their corner. I didn't like either of them enough to give a fig!

Still, not the worst film I've ever seen - just a little pointless...

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Amazing? No. Entertaining? Yes., 26 July 2011

The premise isn't bad - though nothing new: well respected, kick ass cop, leads a detective/strike team against the scum and villainy of Seattle.

Seagal - though I'm a fan, I get incredibly frustrated at his mumblings, dubs and can't be bothered style of acting - is OK in this.

What let's it down is it's lack of detail, the rushed script and the one dimensional and somewhat stereotypical characters.

But the fights are excellent, the cast - though a little weak (and of course they're hardly stretched) - do an alright job.

As 45 minutes of action/drama, made for TV - it'll do. Does it have much of future? I can't imagine it - but it keeps me entertained for a little while on a Weds eve. CSI:NY it ain't, but with the right producers, and a better cast, it could be along those lines...

Unknown (2011/I)
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Ridiculous, obvious & frustrating..., 19 July 2011

I don't generally feel the desire to write reviews, but 20minutes in I already had an endless list of issues...

It was advertised: "If you enjoyed 'Taken' you'll love this!" - I should sue for false advertising, because I did enjoy that, and if I never see this again I won't be disappointed!

Minds are mysterious things, and I more often than not work out what is going to happen after 10 or fifteen minutes, this can be said for "Unknown".

It isn't difficult, it's all been done before (and done better), it doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat (just as well, you may fall asleep...) - it should be called "Pointless" - because that is exactly what it was, except for:

Some decent car chases, locations, fight scenes and some reasonable acting.

Too many coincidences, lucky timing, and many obvious ways out/things that could help ignored - just silly.

Though why - as a scientist Neeson had to be American (I can't abide his fake accent) - he could've been from anywhere, especially as the "baddie" element where supposed to be European based.

Mildly entertaining, but no "Taken".