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Heat (1995)
yessssss!!!, 8 January 2003

Excellent cast! Excellent acting! Kept my interest throughout the whole movie. I will say the movie was a little long but I would recommend it! Pacino, DeNiro, Kilmer, Judd, etc. It was good to see Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs! I am going to go buy it for my collection!

Ronin (1998)
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uh no..., 8 January 2003

My apologies across the board. I wouldn't waste my time on this one. We waited and waited but nothing ever delivered. Yes to Jean Reno, excellent supporting actor. Tongue in cheek, uh overall, no.....

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Intense, moving..., 29 December 2002

This was an excellent movie with a very good message but to be very honest, I could have done without the "raw" moments. The acting was very very good, many paralyzing scenes. Would recommend the movie. I would take a nap though before viewing...

Gladiator (2000)
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Ridley Scott at his best!, 4 November 2002

Wonderful movie, moving, exhiliarating, emotional. Russell Crowe portrays an excellent honest man and leader! He commands respect at every turn! Ridley Scott at HIS BEST! A MUST SEE!!!

Excellent!, 12 August 2002

Excellent movie, non-stop action, intense, edge-of-your-seat. Well done and would recommend this to other viewers!

Signs (2002)
Tongue in Cheek?, 12 August 2002

I hate to complain but... could you please turn the volume up? It was great to see the cast that M. Night put together for this film. J. Phoenix looked great, but I kept seeing him with a gold crown on from Gladiator! Everyone did an excellent job from the cinematography to the acting. Cute kids! Keep up the great work Manoj!

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Ummmm...., 12 August 2002

Just my humble opinion... We kept waiting for something to happen, but never really got to anything. My humble apologies but, I didn't like this film. Left me empty at the end...

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A Must See!, 12 August 2002

Ron Howard delivers [as usual]! The movie pulled me in emotionally as well as physically. The cinematography and acting are done beautifully. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone!

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Simply Irresistible...!, 24 July 2002

Oh please... Come on... Was David Lynch in on this one? John... NOT!!!

Spy Game (2001)
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Excellent film!, 26 June 2002

Good storyline. All the excitement, love and angst you would need in a film. Redford is at his best, a step ahead of them all! Pitt delivers as well, looking good in every scene! I recognized Catherine McCormack immediately (from Braveheart). Great movie. Watch it!

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