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Sean and Marlon are FBI who go undercover to the Hamptons as two rich white chicks!, 18 June 2004

This movie was Hi-Larious! It was one of the most enjoyable, laugh-out-loud. grab your stomach films I've seen in the past few years. I expected funny moments, but had no idea it would have such a great, easy-to-follow and easy-to-believe plot! Not just jokes, but a comedy that's smart. Kudos to the Wayans for hooking up another sizzling phat funny joint! Sean and Marlon are believable as an FBI team always trying to go for the big bust to make a name for themselves in the Bureau. Similar to Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, they get the job done, sort of, but keep making big messes of everything along the way. The rest of the cast, mostly uppity Hampton white chicks and a successful black pro ball player who LOVES white girls, are off-the-chain funny too. The writing for the film makes everyone in it shine.

Sleepers (1996)
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4 childhood friends set out for petty prank that changes their lives forever., 4 January 2004

"Sleepers," is a captivating, taut, ride. It's well-crafted visually and storywise, keeping my attention from the first plot point to the last, which is hard to do, as I see dozens of movies each week. I can't believe I missed this back in '96. It must have been the pedestrian title, but at any rate, the performances were top-notch and the story, both intriguing and heart-wrenching. One seemingly harmless lifting of a hot dog, places four lives in a juvenile system that rips their promise apart. Wow. Who cares if the story is true, the movie is entertaining and a fun ride!