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Here's the list of the most beautifully wicked (or just purely evil) characters of the silver screen as they come to mind...Bad guys are usually more challenging to play,so one must love them when they are so beautifully portrayed...feel free to add more...
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The list is in no particular order, I'm writing the titles as they come to mind - there will surely be movies that don't count as horrors, but definitely have some scary moments. This is, by no means, an ultimate list, it is just an opinion.
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I think the title says it all...I will try to elaborate...I have to emphasize that this is just my opinion, people don't have to agree with me...I won't include people who I don't consider legitimate actors, like Seagal, Lundgren, Pattinson, etc. Many teenage idols and a bunch of pop stars go without saying.
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Only the nominated ones count...I didn't see every single one of the nominees,but I've seen at least 85% of them...
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Even though science fiction is my less favorite genre,and I'm not a Star Wars nor Star Trek fan, there are such movies that deserve respect. Here are some of them.
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The title pretty much sums it is very hard to choose who is better,for there are so many memorable performances...I had a tough time deciding between certain roles,but it wouldn't have been so interesting if there had been more characters...There are some mistakes in the actors' names due to the bad search string,but you'll know which actors I'm referring to.
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Again,it was very difficult to decide...I'm sorry for some mistakes in the names due to the bad search'll know which actresses the characters refer to.