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As good as the first...., 2 January 2007

I, like most of my friends, was a little wary when hearing Stallone was making yet another Rocky film, but I could not have had less to worry about.

Stallone is fascinating, he's got this wonderful ability to emote almost silently that has been glossed over in many of his "shoot em up" features. He totally and completely blew me away. His performance is so real and raw, I'm sure it will be a testament to the politics of the academy when he is passed over for an Oscar nomination, in that, he joins a thousand other unforgettable performances.

As for the story, as my mother said, it made her laugh and cry, so she gave it a thumbs up. But more than that it makes you want to fly out of your seat and scream for Rocky, cheer him on. (and this is coming from someone who refuses to watch organized sports). I have never been so fully enveloped in a film that felt so substantial, so real. A thousand standing ovations for Stallone, and a huge pat on the back for whoever took the chance on this last Rocky film, please, please go see it, it's proof that sometimes wonderful, meaningful movies do get made.

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what a fantastic little movie, 20 January 2006

I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I rented this film, as a lot of independent films seem to be a bit overrated these days (well, Hollywood films too for that matter) but this movie was fantastic, really great, it's too bad it didn't reach a huge audience because it's just superb. I really love Alice's determination, it really makes me look upon my life as a gift, and i see how privileged I am just to have an education. But all of that aside, this movie really proves that a good artist can tell a good story, no matter what the budget, it's an excellent film and everyone should watch it, they will love it and definitely learn something from it. I don't have to be roger ebert to know it's one of the best movies I've seen all year, and certainly one of the most truthful.

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wonderful look into Dean's life, 5 August 2005

I saw this film at it's American premiere at the James Dean festival in Marion, Indiana. I feel in love immediately and somehow all over again with James Dean. I think that my favorite aspect of the film was how it revealed the "real" Dean, the artist, not James Dean the rebel, because there's so much more to him than that stereotype. The film chronicles a fearless boy ready to tackle the world, not afraid to take chances and step on some toes, but not in a maniacal fashion, which is what I loved. I appreciated how I was able to watch much of the television work of Dean, as well as some of his screen tests, most notably for "East of Eden" in which he tests with a young Paul Newman. This is one of the most wonderful documentaries I've ever seen, and it's because it's made out of love for Dean, and love of art and film-making, not for the almighty dollar, and that alone makes it something very special.

21 Grams (2003)
incredibly depressing, 26 August 2004

As much as I adore Watts, Penn and Del Toro, i really have no want to ever see this film again. This is by far one of the most depressing films I have ever seen. Of course the acting is fantastic, although the praise received is not as well deserved as other roles by the same actors. And as much as I like the independent style of film, i found this one to be monotonous and trying too hard to be sad and an emotional downer. I also felt the film drug on too long and really didn't have enough going to hold my interest for any amount of time. Although the acting is superb and this film received a lot of critical praise, I would not really recommend this film to anyone, regardless of their reasoning.

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not that great, 21 March 2004

i don't really understand why the user rating for this film is so incredibly high. i saw it at the austin film festival in 2002 and was not impressed.

i thought the story was shallow, and lacked any sort of real reasoning, i really don't like how this is compared in any way to "flowers for algernon" which was a great story, while this is not.

i've always thought the point of a film was to make someone care about the characters, and to tell you the truth i was sitting in my chair thinking "geez, he's such a little terd, i dont' really care what happens one way or the other." and although this is a comedy, i can't recall really laughing. this film was trying to be to serious for its own good. if one is going to make a "stupid" comedy, go all out and make a "dude, where's my car" then i might at least laugh a few times.

all in all when i think about this film my first thought is "that's two hours i'll never get back." anyway, i wish no ill will on the filmmakers, i just hope they invest their time and money more wisely next time.

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alicia=hurl, 28 August 2003

Basically I only watched this movie because I adore Benicio Del Toro. He of course, was wonderful and the only reason I didn't turn it off after ten minutes. Alicia Silverstone's constant whiny-snotwad rich girl thing just didn't work for me. Obviously some people will say that she was just playing the character written for her, but as the old saying goes, there's more than one way to skin a cat. There is also more than one way to play a little rich girl who just wants some attention, and Alicia missed this one by a mile, so basically you sit the whole movie wanting to strangle the character I *think* you're supposed to side with and instead take sides with the Co-Star, or maybe that's was how it was meant to be. Either way, I'd side with Benicio over Side-mouth-slur Alicia any day. So don't waste your time unless you love Beni.

Glitter (2001)
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seriously guys, 23 August 2003

ok ok, i am aware that some of you have it in for Mariah, and that before this tape even hits the VCR you're screaming "IT SUCKS!" , but i believe that you actually have to WATCH the movie before you can hate on it. Sure maybe the plot is a little thin, but it's a helluva lot better than some of the *beep* I've seen lately..namely that Will Smith Martin Lawrence sequel. But back to Glitter, it you aren't a slightly wistful person with even a grain of imagination don't waste your time, but if you truly believe that along with the bad comes the good and that miracles really do happen, watch it, and forget what everyone else said, make up your own mind.

Memento (2000)
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Who woulda thought?, 28 August 2002

I mean really, this movie is told backwards, but it has to be the most creative storytelling I've ever seen. You would think that this would take away any suspense, but instead it adds to it. I LOVE this movie, I guess its weird for a 17 year old girl to love it, but I think that proves the movie reaches everyone....I'm gonna shut up now. Just go watch it!