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We are the children of stars, 18 November 2008

10/10 for the brilliant idea of the film! Indeed Atoms never die; they just change form, from dust to rock to water to microbes, plants, animals and Man (talking atoms)… then back to ashes and dust. A play that goes on forever!

After the sun explodes, the same atoms continue their journey in the newly formed nebula (the cloud of gas that contains the remnants of the solar system), and millions of years later, these same atoms will shape new forms: a new star, planets and maybe new LIFE!

8/10 for the translation of the idea to a film. It is very good, and still could have been better.

Thank you for this brain-stretching short film!

We are all made of Atoms: H, O, C, N …

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The Epic of Evolution, 15 November 2008

"2001, a space odyssey" presents the extraordinary epic of Man's ultimate journey, beginning from his primordial ancestors: the unconscious digestive tubes (apes), to the astronaut age, to the 10 dimensional universe and the enlightened spiritual being.

Everything in this movie is perfect! The story, directing, acting, camera work, intermissions, music (R. Strauss, J. Strauss, A. Khachaturian), imagination, visual effects… Imagine what Kubrick & Clarke could have done today (after 40 years) with the current computer technologies!? Genius people are always ahead of their times and Kubrick's masterpiece is a brilliant example.

The movie is full of very important details. The introduction (apes) and the final scene (the star gate and the room) particularly strike you with amazement, awe, ecstasy, and wonder!

Indeed "2001, a space odyssey" is the most important movie of all time! In fact it is far beyond the usual concept of "movie", but one must be able to "see" beyond 3 dimensions, and have an appropriate level of intelligence/consciousness to fully understand and feel its grandiosity!

Today, the movie is ranked 82-th in the IMDb top list !!? Aren't we (as species) still somewhere between the ape and the astronaut? Perhaps closer to the first.

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The dark side of patriotism, 4 May 2008

'Lord of War' is one of the best films that realistically illustrate the bloody industry of arm traffic.

It may seem anti-patriotic to some, as it unveils the dark side of 'heroic war propaganda' we often hear in the media and the 1001 justifications to go to 'glorifying preventive wars'.

The movie is based upon real situations and events, and Nicolas Cage plays the tragedy with light humor and cynicism making it a kind of bleak comedy.

As stated in the movie; "The US is the major weapon exporting country in the world today, followed by the other 4 permanent members of the UN Security Council". It makes us think: Is human nature really this much uncontrollably evil and violent?

'Lord of War' shows us a small part of the sad realism about this death machine, which is said to run entire "democratic" countries !

The message is: We live in a world where Evil pervades. However it is also an alarm to wake up !

It's like a date... It's a date with death., 5 April 2008

The documentary treats the highly controversial issue of Euthanasia.

Exit is an association of 35 "death assistants" who help people suffering from incurable diseases, with no hope to recover, with their own conscious will and after following long and strict regulations, to take their final journey.

This smooth and nonviolent right to "Exit" exists only for those who live in Switzerland. As the "Exit" director says: "We are the only such association in the world".

It is hard to comment on such an extremely sensible issue. Here are a couple of reflecting thoughts from the final (most dramatic) scene in the movie:

Doctor: "Did you think about your decision over and over? Is there anything I can do to change your mind? "

Patient: "Give me the magic potion".

Doctor: "As you begin to feel drowsy, think about your nice memories... the sleep will come so softly, there will be no pain".

Doctor: "Bonne voyage Michelin".

Patient: "Merci".

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Will the "intelligent" human race stop destroying the blue planet ?, 25 March 2008

A series of superb photos taken by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, accompanied by touching music and poetic text, showing our beautiful yet fragile Earth through an eagle's eye.

This unique planet, about 4.500.000.000 years old is brought to the edge of destruction, pollution, overcrowding and environmental crisis by a 100.000 year old species, called Homo Sapiens.

Will the coming generations face the challenge and restore the balance to our planet ?

" We can protect only what we know well" says the photograph.

This movie is a magnificent work of art, however some people may not appreciate its real value unless they have enough sensibility to understand the messages of "The Little Prince", from whom the author quotes at the end of the movie.

Thank you!