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Lucy (2014/I)
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Thoughtful, graceful, violent, essay., 29 July 2014

Quite remarkable in its pace, interest level is kept high and a lot of ground is covered. Surprising amount of file footage leads one to wonder if this is a documentary at times. When the story unfolds, it is fully wonderful, playful, intelligent, and unpredictable. Our theater was about half full on a Tuesday night and the room was completely absorbed. A pin could be heard if one had dropped. Great acting by Scarlett some cool action sequences. Unfortunately, most of the movie she has to move about like a curious child; perhaps there could have been more complexity there. Bring your brain, however, or you will think this is slow. It's meant to inspire thought on a deep level.

Cashback (2006)
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Writing and cinematography feat of excellence, 16 January 2012

What a wonderful, light, and beautiful story. Like a fine drawing with detail that you only see upon reflection, this simple story is as complex as the human heart itself.

I have to say that the tile is pure poop and so is the poster / cover. For such an elegant and refined piece of work, it deserves much more; the marketing company should be sacked.

There are many fantastic transitions through time using cinematography that is just clean and pure. Wonderfully done.

I don't know Sean, but he's up there with the Cohen brothers to me. A+ sir.

The Guardian (2006/I)
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Solid entertainment, but too Hollywood at parts, 17 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We saw the sneak preview and were entertained, even riveted at moments, but other parts of the movie were just too Hollywood for anyone. Kevin Costner did a fine job and created an entirely believable character, but just got carried away in a bad plot twist or two.

While some of the sea scenes were simply excellent and offered a solid experience, they were spliced in poorly because of questionable editing.

This IS the sort of movie that is best in the theatre, but it's best to minimize the expense on this as it's not superior entertainment.

Spoilers below.

First scene, huge waves and rescue, but just 30 to 40 minutes away there were no waves and it's sunny!? Second ridiculous scene is the "navy" bar scene...the timeline is off and Kevin's tough-guy routine in the bar was a bit over the top. The ranking officer showed restraint here, but why not earlier when his crew started the fray? Lastly, the "slipping" cable which somehow lengthened as it started to fray (silly) and the altitude of the chopper with men on the wire were just dumb.

Raspad (1990)
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Amateur, disconnected, and forced. Irresponsible., 25 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Personally, I found the film amateur, disconnected, and forced. The message seems to be global irresponsibility with a drinking song repeated over and over as a cadence. Affairs in marriage, self-serving gratification, and total disregard for anything beyond the moment were themes. Actual footage of the "plant" was extremely short with a few external views and two manufactured scenes inside (both post-apocalyptic). They had a relatively long scene depicting the collection of all young, pregnant women and state "encouraged" abortions, including bloody fetuses. Several random panic scenes were literally sprinkled into the story line, including the classic man-in-wheelchair-pushed-down-stairs. Technically, there wasn't even one accurate detail. Radiation units included "curies," "x-rays," and unitless numbers. In all, this was a terrible waste of time and resources and no clear message was even proffered.

In the hour and a half spent, real education could have occurred. Real fears could have been addressed. Real issues could have been discussed and resolved. Instead, just as in the movie, self-serving gratification was deemed more important.

Spend your time more wisely.

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Action, explosions, total disregard for physics. EXCELLENT., 3 September 2005

So many critics are already lining up to pick at the plot, the action scenes, and the details it's just sad.

This is an action movie with twists and turns, some believable, some not so. If you liked The Fifth Element, The Professional, Le Femme Nikita, and True Lies, this is your movie. If you grew up on Bond, Dukes, and Blade Runner, you'll love it.

Just relax, ignore all those physics lessons on momentum, dynamics, and forces, and enjoy.

If, on the other hand, you want to pay good money to sit in a theater and keep a mental list of all the problems, bs, bad lines, and so on, it's your life.

Personally, I adapt and enjoy.

Tiptoes (2003)
Tastefully unrefined, yet totally useless, 18 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I spent a great deal of time during this film wondering how the high caliber actors and actresses could contain their a) laughter and b) despair at the situations into which they had been put.

Most of the cast are little people. The plot revolves around a "little" relationship, a little child, little realism, and little else.

The relationship between the two leads is hardly warm or believable and Matthew's character has the emotional development of a six year old...hardly believable for someone in charge of training professionals.

Please consider something else. I like nearly all movies. This was embarrassing.

Rent something else.

If you watched it, how's that hard-core rock / art inspiration going to affect the freest flora and fauna?

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Got me thinking., 9 December 2002

I'll keep this short.

1. Great points raised and excellent editing, but that's the baseline expectation from Moore. 2. Marilyn Manson's interview showed that he was well read and intelligent and that he was compassionate and understanding. I was impressed. 3. Even though I support gun ownership, I see no reason why we can't put better controls on ammunition purchases by using professional sales people. I support the unlikely and perhaps illogical conclusion that legal ownership should be more carefully controlled. 4. The movie does wander a bit and Moore does cater to the audience a bit, but I think Moore wanted to draw a crowd for this movie and he certainly accomplished that. 5. Good video rental for early evening...spend the rest of the night sorting out the world and see if you can sleep with your doors UNlocked as they do in Canada. 6. MEDIA...that should be the focus. Mind the box.