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Zoot Suit (1981)
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Excellent, Very Cool, Modern Musical, 1 February 2003

Luis Valdez does a great job directing one of my favorites, Zoot Suit. This film is coming to DVD on March 4th, '03 and is a must see. Valdez should be making lots more movies (He also directed La Bamba...) The music is great and the staging is very good. James Edward Olmos does a great job. Don't miss this one.

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Great Movie, 2 June 2002

Surprised this isn't viewed as a classic in the same league with "East of Eden", "On the Waterfront", etc.

Great story, acting, direction and ending. You won't believe how good Andy Griffith is in this. Too bad he didn't choose his projects better. If you love great movies, be sure not to miss this one. Right up there with "Wise Blood" by John Huston as the under-appreciated movie of all time.

Wise Blood (1979)
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A Classic, 2 June 2002

This is a GREAT movie. Dark Southern drama/comedy/bizarre movie that makes David Lynch seem passe'. One of John Huston's best. Adapted from Pulitzer Prize winning author, Flannery O'Conner's novel, it deals with some very disturbed characters who are drawn together by a street preacher. See this movie.

Carny (1980)
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Interesting sleeper, 2 June 2002

This is a really good entertaining movie. This is a dark comedy/drama that looks great on the screen. Not the average fare. Great cast with good acting and direction. Pretty bizarre and a good role for Jodie Foster. A real sleeper worth viewing.