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So much potential..., 23 July 2010

This could have been a really great film, the story had such potential. The overall plot seemed a little repetitive in the beginning but by the end, I was thoroughly engaged. And when I thought I knew the ending, it was something else. The individual stories were, for the most part, pretty good.

But, alas, there was a downfall. Or two. And they came in the form of the special effects and the acting. The effects were so incredibly cheesy. And don't get me wrong. I enjoy B-movie effects as much as the next guy, but these were just bad. For example towards the end of the film, the main character stabs his friend with a simple pocketknife, probably no more than 2 or 3 inches. And his half of his intestines some how fall out. The acting wasn't awful but it wasn't great either. There were moments when it was fairly believable and times when it was, just, strange.

In the end, this movie had the potential be an excellent film. But it ended up just being another B-movie.

Greed (2006)
Not as bad as it could have been., 31 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With some of these horror flicks, you never really know what to expect. But with this one, I was pleasantly surprised. Obviously, what intrigued me first were the girls but I'm not complaining. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The acting was, for the most part, was alright. The two girls were pretty consistent and Jason London was pretty good in both the "good guy" and the "bad guy" roles. The old man was just unpredictable. I mean, one moment he's rambling about something and then he seems like he's actually trying. The other thing that annoyed me were the sheriff and psychologist characters. They were completely pointless. It really annoys me when characters are thrown in just for the hell of it, especially when it's not even for the gratuitous nudity.

The plot was actually pretty good as well. The twist with Jason London was good, I can honestly say that I did not see that one coming. What did bother me was the Tom Savini impersonator and his biker gang that attempted to be menacing while on dirt bikes. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but it just didn't work. Maybe if it were a group of menacing teenagers it would be a little more believable.

The only thing that bothered me were the effects, special or otherwise. The punches and stabs and what not never seemed to line up quite right. And the whole "killer vision" gave me more of a sea sick feeling than anything else.

But all in all, the movie was not a total waste of time. Not too bad of a way to kill about an hour and a half.

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Worth the Wait, 16 December 2007

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Well, I've been looking forward to this long before the movie was "officially" announced and I was there on opening night, although it took me a few tries to get there. All in all, I think that it was a pretty excellent movie and well worth the wait. In fact, the only thing I can really say about it is best Simpsons movie ever!

The movie had several references to the older episodes like Stampy the Elephant and when Bart was a daredevil. The classic humor is all there, like in the beginning of the movie when the family is watching the Itchy & Scratchy Movie and Homer stands up and complains "Why would anybody pay money to see something that they can get for free at home?" The film also adds more depth to the characters and just makes them more real.

I definitely would recommend this movie to anybody, fan of the show or not. And I can say for sure that come the 18th, I will be first in line to get the DVD. At the very least, I will be rushing to get there.

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Perfect timing, 27 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film couldn't have come at a better time. It shows how much a war can affect the world.

The acting was excellent throughout the film. Tom Cruise is great as a senator hell-bent on winning the war in Iraq. Meryl Streep was excellent as a reporter who is supposed to be writing a story on Cruise's new plan for winning the war. Robert Redford is great as a professor trying to convince a student to aim for more. Andrew Garfield did well and held his own opposite Redford. Micheal Pena and Derek Luke were perfect as two college students who wanted to change the world and ended up in the army. The film's strong point was definitely it's dialog as the was not many action sequences, save for a few with Pena and Luke attempting to take a mountain side.

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Hilarious, 4 April 2004

I love this show so incredibly much. It is similar to Candid Camera or SpyTV, except for the fact that people can set up their friends to get scared. It is so funny how people react to getting scared. It is hosted by Shannon Doherty is totally babealicious. I can't imagine anyone not liking this show. Then again, I love practical jokes and scaring the crap out of people. I hope this show stays on air for a long time!!!

Pretty good., 21 March 2004

I thought that this movie was pretty darn good. I had a decent sized amount of gore along with plenty of laughs. I loved the part in the elevator with the music playing. I don't know if this film is as good as the original because frankly, I have yet to see the original. But if everybody is correct in saying that this version is crap compared to the original, than the original must be a freakin' gem. I give this a 8/10.

I don't want to give to much away but I do want to mention possibly one of the scariest parts is with the baby. Those who have seen the film will know what I am talking about.

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Why do you say it doesn't follow plot?, 29 November 2003

My grandpa used to read the book to me every time he would come to visit me. He would walk in the door and i would run and have him read it to me. So when we first heard about this movie a few months ago we planned on seeing it. Now, my real issue. Why is everybody saying that it doesn't follow the plot. In my opinion, it does: The mom leaves the house, the kids are stuck indoors while it rains, the Cat comes and lets out the Things, they ruin the house, then they clean it up just before the mom comes home. The last time I read the book, that was the same plot. So they added the boyfriend next door. Are you people that picky? All in all, I thought that this was a good movie.

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Great Movie!!!!, 26 October 2003

This was an amazingly good movie. I had never heard of it before I had rented it, even though it had Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore in it. But I read the back of the movie and thought that it sounded good. I watched it and it was amazing.

Pretty good!!!, 11 October 2003

This was a pretty good movie. I was really expecting just a lot of gore. While the movie met it's blood and gore quota, there was actually a suprising connection to the first movie. I won't tell you what it is though. All in all, this was a pretty worthwhile movie. I would recomend renting it. That is if you can handle all the gore that it entails.

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Freakin' Awesome, 22 September 2003

This movie was a total trip. It was a great movie with some clever lines. Quentin Terintino makes great use of all the big names in this movie with George Clooney, Juliete Lewis, Harvey Lewis, Selma Hayek, and of course Cheech Marin. I would recommend this to anybody over the age of 16; some curse words that little kids should not be hearing.

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