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Caligula (1979)
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Too much flesh, to little in the story plot ... boring, 20 December 2005

First - avoid the front rows for this "thing" (movie might be the wrong label ,,,) the naked backs and front of less good looking actors might be negatively breathtaking. Take a deep sip from a good bottle of your favorite alcoholic brand, to avoid the bad taste, that this thing will leave you with at the end, if you make it through the whole thing ... try to remember what it is all about nutty Romans celebrating victory with sex - speechlessly presented ... there are better blue movies, for sure. What I never understood - why did good Peter O'Toole muddle in that thing. Now if I offended anybody with my views, please excuse me, I'm not a puritan, but for sure this thing is neither a blue movie, nor a drama, nor whatever ... at time of first showing, nothing good was noted - has that changed during the last > 26 years

The Bridge (1959)
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A true anti-war movie with little sidelines, plain & clear ..., 20 December 2005

Once you got used to the fact that this movie is b&w (which I think does create the movie atmosphere the more 'authentic'), you get a good insight in the German state of mind towards the end of WWII. The elders get the sense that "the cause" is lost (nobody in his right mind after Stalingrad believed in the >Endsieg< - definitely the least the Nazis themselves!), the teens however are stuck with their NS idealism, marred by the fact that first love, sex and self expression are difficult to handle during these times of change ... Well, I love the movie since I first saw it in Germany as a teenager,it is also very apparent to me that Steven Spielberg has seen this movie - it definitely influenced his 'Private Ryan' epic, which is surely a better "graphical" war movie, however typically for the US mentality today and yesterday: war is still good if your a patriotic guy on the good side ...

well just get it, watch it!