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Very cool visuals!
31 May 2002
Absolutely stunning. You might have already seen other space movies but this one is awesome. Shoot by real astronauts in IMAX and in 3D - it next best thing to be there. Also contains little bit of history but with really cool videos. The things that I found missing is primarily it failed to show the purpose behind IIS, how many other countries are there in this, how long more it will take, what are the operating parts as of now... it just gets itself satisfied in showing zero-g life and visuals of Earth - may be for not to bore audience?
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Total waste of 3hr and money
31 May 2002
I have yet to understand how people can praise this movie. I went with other 3 persons and we got so bored that two of them seating in front row kept paging us and get the hell out of theater. Visuals and special effects were good but story just didn't went anywhere. Characters were the weakest part of whole thing. It just went on and on without any apparent reason. The whole concept of few stupid dont-know-why-so-great morons running after a dont-know-why-so-great ring p***ed us off. When I told most people about these views, none were believing us because all of them found this movie so great. They told me that my views would be different if I'd read the book first. Who has the time to spend day on reading book to go see a movies?? I must note though that I found Harry Potter enjoyable and good enough even though I never read any of those books. But talk about a 3 hour movie with absolutely no logical ending for the first part - just people comes out of a boat and boom! dark screen! Go home people, there's no thing to see here! What a relief.
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