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Touchless (2013)
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Confusing movie, 27 June 2017

This movie is about a girl that gets molested by her stepdad and than suddenly she wants more molestation but by others, so she decides to be a whore. And that's basically it, the performances were well done, all the technical stuff was really good. But what didn't seem to make any sense was the protagonists behaviour, we were left without any explanations to why she made one absurd step after the other... maybe bad writing? Maybe a try to get the viewers to think? If so it didn't deliver enough...

Solid Thriller, 27 June 2017

Good movie with well executed cinematography and acting. The writing could have been better because the plot seems kinda over dramatized. The supermarket atmosphere is well done, some performances a bit overacted but what really got me were the camera and colorgrading, it looked so much like an US American production, but more like a series. It was interesting to see where this was going but all the time I had to say to myself "really? isn't that a bit too much it's just a freaking supermarket" ... but maybe that's just me. What I really didn't like how they forcing US clichés on the characters that simply don't fit the polish society.

Yuma (2012)
It's a good movie with a bad end part..., 26 June 2017

So this story is mainly set in Poland and partially in Germany. The main characters live in Poland and the movie shows the difference after the collapse of the Soviet Union of life standards in Germany and Poland very well. The protagonists admire so much about the western life like certain sport shoes and clothing, music everything. So they want their part of this western lifestyle and they are taking it. Over time they become successful but with success came problems. What started as a realistic good story on how the situation in the beginning of the 90's actually was, became more and more a story about unnecessary excesses, parties and all that stuff ... which was not really interesting anymore because the situations became repetitive and lacked in proper dramaturgy. But the acting was realistic and I would still say it's a "good movie" but not more, if you want to see how people who mainly lived under soviet occupation dealt with the new western options in life this is your movie.

Excellent drama-comedy, 26 June 2017

This movie is about a grumpy grandpa with many prejudices about Poland. Yet his granddaughter that lives with him is half polish. Her polish loving father reappears and wants the custody for her and get's it and takes her from Germany to Poland. The grandpa is angry and not able to understand how the youth welfare office could allow that. So he visits her and gets confronted with a different Poland than he had imagined but he is stubborn and grumpy and tries many shady actions and well the trouble continues. A very charming, thoughtful movie persiflaging the negative stereotypes that Germans have about Poland giving a fresh interesting view to a very close minded person. The acting is great, the drama and the thoughtful and funny moments fuse into a very entertaining and heart warming movie that I can only recommend.

Good movie with many unexpected twists, 26 June 2017

It's about a meteorological station were some bad things happen. Parallely the investigation after the events is being shown to us by two charismatic policemen. They investigate step by step each clue and we're getting all the pieces of the puzzle piece by piece over the whole movie. There were some moments were I thought "oh no that is such an exaggerated situation/reaction" and but later on some sick twist made it suddenly appear reasonable. I think everyone who is into the crime/thriller/mystery type of movie should try this movie. The whole cinematography was also way better executed than I'm used to from Russian productions.

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Just lovely, 12 April 2017

First things first, I hate Korean movies and I think there was never one that I've liked. Well now I have seen this weird thing, there it is, the first Korean movie that I really like.

This movie sets the story of a family father of the loser type. He tries so much to be a respectable father but ... life is hard on him. And it is not so much about what exactly he does, it is rather the presentation that becomes quite charming from start to end.

The humor is surprisingly nice and it's not the type of humor that is too much in your face. The same about the thriller like elements it can really produce some tension effectively and grab your attention. It successfully manages to make you wonder what kind of weirdness will happen next.

Of course some things were a bit wacky, some scenes could have been less exaggerated(or even more!?) but if you like movies that are different than watch this. Also it has a kind of anime like feeling to it, so if you like animes this could be your thing as well.

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Cheesy but quite well executed, 23 February 2017

This movie combines zombie and vampire elements with a spooky clown. Sounds like a popcorn flick? Yeah it kinda is, it leaves the impression as if it could be a pilot for a new series. This movie doesn't take itself seriously and you can feel that all the way because with dialogues as cheesy as these, and vampires reacting in funny comic styled ways you can't expect more. It's entertaining to a certain degree and I'm glad it wasn't any longer, 80 minutes were just about right. The beginning seemed a bit more promising than the movie finally was but, who could have expected something different. The cameraman did a good job and the music was fitting, colorgrading was nicer than expected. Good movie to watch with some friends and laugh here or there.

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It's really bad when you don't know the series..., 9 August 2016

So this 2011 Anime is some kind of tribute movie to the old Mazinger Anime series from 1974... which is a cool thing but I think most people who watched the old Mazinger won't ever hear about this movie cause they are way too old... But another thing that results from it being the movie to a series is that the creators assumed that you will more or less know what's going on and who the characters are. So I have never watched the old series and the missing character introduction and introduction to this world where apparently giant mechs are quite usual is a problematic thing cause you can't really dive into this movie that way. The animation is good, the English dubbing is also good and I certainly can't complain about the music but after over 20 minutes of watching I was as clueless as in the first minute and the overwhelming amount of characters whom I don't know makes it even harder to follow. I can not recommend this movie to anyone who doesn't know the series, but the people who know it should probably give this movie a try.

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Very good action movie that kinda foresaw some political events., 19 July 2016

This movie definitely feels like a Resident Evil title to a fan of the game series which is good for all RE players, so most of us will like this movie definitely not like those Mila Yovovych movies... The story is interesting with some small twists, the political aspects even make it nicer. The action which is very well and interestingly performed (or directed) and can actually surprise you in a good way, not like most of those new Hollywood action movies that seem to get more and more boring... Leon S. Kennedy is again the protagonist of this movie, I would choose a different guy this time but they managed to portrait him well in this animated movie, but not as good as in RE: Degeneration. The side-characters were not well enough developed and they lacked a bit in background story and ambitions. I really liked the president of this "Eastern Slav Republic", she was hot, she was well development and simply an intriguing character. Compared to RE: Degeneration this movie felt a bit weaker because I think the dramaturgy didn't go that well and too many things were left unclear which is really sad - maybe some of the games give an explanation, but that certainly doesn't make this movie better. A really interesting thing is how this story actually kinda foresaw the Ukraine/Krim-Crisis in a very abstracted way, because this movie was released a short while before stuff started to go wild over there... even the president kinda reminds heavily of the general-secretary of the Krim Republic (and internet-star) Natalja Poklonskaja which is an (almost?) prophetic coincidence. In a short sentence: Watch it if you like RE, watch if you want to see some good action stuff.

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Slowly developing story and incredibly stunts, 20 September 2015

This movie developed it's story pretty slowly, like it really needs you to watch it for about 35mins so that you start to know what's really going on. But when you know what's up you will most likely enjoy it, because the story is a good combination of so many science fiction elements you probably know about very well. They made the aliens quite well and in the credits I could even spot some guy who was credited for the alien language... It's really a typical 80's flick in so many ways, but that's why I liked it. The stunts and their coordination was totally amazing. I can't remember any kind of chasing scenes like those with real people and no blue-screen. The ending is a bit less well written but it's OK. It was really a movie me and my friend could enjoy, because it had enough suspense, action, interesting ideas and funny moments ...

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