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A subset of my All Time Favorites list, these films have one or more of the following themes (or atleast thats what made me put them here in this list) -
- Relationships
- Youth
- 80s-90s urban life (a big fan of those times, still living in those times)

I must've seen all of these movies atleast >10 times, and I still keep coming back to them every now & then.

Interestingly, I observe that many of these films are made by cast/crew before they got famous, not that I came across these movies searching by that criterea (maybe I should, it could lead me to more like these).

I have avoided here multiple entries from one director (eg, had to choose between Raising Arizona/Big Lebowski, Election/Sideways, Before Sunrise/Sunset, Living in Oblivion/Box of Moonlight, Clerks./Chasing Amy). If you might have any recommendations similar to anything in this list, pls do mention, thanks & cheers.