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I strongly dislike (hate!) this show!, 14 December 2007

I absolutely hate this show for two reasons Jake and Trixie!!! First of all, I'm a New York City teenager and I hate the way Disney portrays NYC teenagers. I'm 17, and I've seen the show a couple of times with my little brother, and I can't bare to watch it for more than 10 min. The slang that they talk is soooo played out, Jake and Trixie talk like old white men trying to imitate young teenagers, it's obvious the writers of this show did no research on how NYC teenagers act and behave and they based the entire show off of stereotypes. I mean what does Jake call his grandfather, "G-Gramps" or "G-Pops", this show is ridiculous, no one in an NYC high school talks like this! And Trixie, talk about stereotypes! What does she call herself "Mama Trixie"!?! And whats with the phony ghetto accent!?! And all the "ain't nothing but a chicken wang" and all the other stereotypical black girl comments! And of course, what would the show be without the stereotypical blond hair, blue eyed beauty, Rose, Jake's crush? The only realistic character is Spud, I like Spud! But this show is absolutely repulsive! If they wanted to have a black girl on the show, they should of included at least one black writer or someone who's up to date on teenage NYC culture.