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SLC Punk! (1998)
awesome, just... awesome
11 July 2002
this movie is awesome! i loved the whole thing (especially the scene with Steve-o and his parents, man i wish i could do that to my parents...) I'm not punk (but i do love punk music a lot! especially the Buzzcocks, they is good stuff!) but this movie soo awesome, and I have a lot of punk friends and there is actually someone at my school called Sean (real name) and he dresses exactly like Sean in the movie! i thought it was an original look by him, but it was actually Sean! it totally blew me away... awesome movie
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Ghost World (2001)
wow... just... wow
7 June 2002
this movie is awesome! i can't believe no one actually went out to see this movie! i just bought it for $10 on DVD, can you believe it!? this movie is so awesome, i can totally relate Enid, the main character! THIS IS MY MOVIE! yeah, actually, I'm not surprised that a lot of people didn't go see this movie, because american people like movies with big booms and over simplified stories that they don't need to THINK to actually get the whole movie! Ghost World makes you think and it's not only the movie that will make you love it, but what you will be thinking after the movie is over! this is one of the best movies ever! 10/10!
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Very Beautiful
28 May 2002
This movie is awesome and very beautiful. What really p***ed me off, was how people were laughing during the movie because of the way they fought! This movie is based on a fairy tale people! In this fairy tale, they can float as they fight, ok? look into it if you don't understand!
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The most wonderful and beautiful musical since Moulin Rouge. Actually, it's better then Moulin Rouge!
28 May 2002
I am a HUGE fan of Bjork, and at first, I didn't really want to see this movie, because I heard it was a very dark, and grim movie, which it is. Also, a lot of people that saw it at my mom's work, said that they couldn't finish the movie, because it was so sad and dark, that they left crying half way through them movie. I have seen this movie twice, and enjoyed it just as much each time! This such a great movie and Bjork plays her part very well, as a poor immigrant worker who is loosing her eye sight, but she is working very hard to get enough money so her son won't face the same problem. From what I have seen from the other reviews here, people say that story is hollow, and most scenes are confusing and don't fit in, as if they were dream sequences. Well, that is because everytime there is a song, Selma is actually DAY DREAMING PEOPLE! I am so sick of people saying that it is confusing, and stupid because of they don't seem to realize what happens after each song! Also, everyone is complaining about the wobbly camera work. Seriously, everyone is overexaggerating about it. The camera does not move around "as if the director doesn't even know that the camera is on", commented one reviewer. THAT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL! Sure, it does move around, but because it was filmed mainly with a hand held camera, it gives a very big feeling of realism, because this way you see the real colors of the environments, you see how dark it really is. A movie camera doesn't capture exactly how everything looks, and to use a movie camera to film this movie, it would just ruin the experience, because movie cameras tend to make things have more color and light then they really do. The ending will also make you cry your eyes out. This is a very sad story, and I caught myself crying 5 times during the movie, not only because it is so sad, but also because of how beautiful and captivating it is. The songs are also awesome! Just like what Bjork would do, but they also fit in very well into the movie. "I've Seen It All", or the railroad scene, is definently the best songs, but "107 Steps" is my favorite, because it is so sad, and I cry everytime I listen to it! GREAT MOVIE! 10/10!!!!!!
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Boring and stupid all in one big, long package.
28 May 2002
I honestly don't see how this movie could get such good reviews! I can understand all the hype and stuff, but this movie was sooo boring! I couldn't watch the whole thing, I ended up falling asleep about 3/4 of the way through it. By the time the movie was half way over, I had given up on it. NO movie has ever bored me as much as this movie. None of the action sequences made me thrilled or amazed, except for the one where they escape from the Dwarf place and that big monster is chasing them and they run down the collapsing stairwell, very cool. Besides that one scene, it SUCKED!
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