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Gravity (2013)
cool special effects, 18 July 2014

but not a lot happens. This isn't a space adventure. Some astronauts are out in space out of their shuttle working on something and nasa lets them know a satellite has been damaged and there will be flying debris. They don't get inside fast enough and get hit be the debris. Some die and two survive floating in space trying to get to the next orbiting satellite.

Some more things happen and with the right amount of luck, one of the astronauts, Ryan, can make it back to earth.

I didn't think it was that great of a role for Sandra Bullock, I'm surprised she was nominated. There just wasn't much for her character to do.

FINAL VERDICT: Drifting and turning in space was cool, and it was a short, concise, story, just not that exciting. I'd recommend it if you want to see a slow moving drama.

Frozen (2013/I)
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good songs and story, 17 July 2014

This was a good animated film. I liked the songs and the characters. the movie is about two sisters, Elsa, whom has ice powers, and Anna. Elsa is set to take over the kingdom but accidentally uses her powers and scares everyone. So she runs away and Anna sets out to find her. She leaves her just met fiancé in charge and receives help with an ice seller, Kristoff, to track her sister down. The get help from a funny snowman.

Of course you know someone has to be evil and it's easy to figure out who, and as with any Disney film,, an act of love must save the day.

FINAL VERDICT: One of the better animated films I've seen. Worth checking out.

Riddick (2013)
if you liked Pitch Black, 17 July 2014

then you will like this. This sequel goes back to the formula that made Riddick popular in the first film. The first sequel for Riddick had a terrible script but this movie gets back to the monsters in the dark.

Riddick is on a planet where monsters that look like rip offs from the alien franchise, come out and about when it rains. He's been living alone but finally tracked down by bounty hunters. Of course they claim to take his head back in a box, but we know that isn't going to happen. And at the end, just like in Pitch Black, we get an adrenaline rush dodging the monsters to get back to the ship.

FINAL VERDICT: It's OK for what it is, a mindless sequel and has a few bloody scenes, but not that much. I think it could have used a few more crazy deaths besides the ole kick a hatchet through the neck trick.

it would have been better..., 17 July 2014

if he would have gave the presidents advice. I thought it was OK, but it doesn't have the excitement to keep a lot of people's attention spans. Basically, Forrest Whitaker, whom once again does a great acting job, plays Cecil Gains, the white house butler. He doesn't advise the presidents, just sees them in their every day lives. He has wife that has a drinking problem and two sons. One joins the army and one is in the black panthers, getting arrested all the time. And his aim is to get equal pay for blacks in the white house.

so that's the movie, Cecil works in the white house for almost 30 years and lives to see Obama become president.

FINAL VERDICT: I'm sure a lot of people will not like this because it's too boring, so only watch it knowing it's purely drama and no suspense or action or much of anything.

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the wolverine franchise needs to stop here, 28 June 2014

I love Hugh Jackman and the character of the Wolverine, but this movie was terrible. It starts out cool with Logan in Japan during World War II and saving the life of Yashida. Then it's present time and Logan is living in rural area. Yukio, working for Yashida, brings Logan to Japan where the rest of the story takes place. Yashida wants Logan's ability to heal and live for many many years, since he is dieing. He hires Viper to steel Logan's healing power. Also Logan is protecting Yashida's granddaughter, Mariko. So a lot of the movie is the bad guys chasing Mariko and Logan protecting her but without all of his abilities. And then you could see the surprise ending coming a mile away with Yashida. The whole story was just not that good.

FINAL VERDICT: Wolverine is better in the X-Men films then this. You can skip this.

the first movie of comic heroes is always the best and..., 11 June 2014

this was no exception. The film was OK but the first one was better. The funny scenes are the best when the superhero first makes himself known or discovers the super powers. Then in the sequels everyone knows about him and it's just not as good.

In this sequel little even takes place on Earth, most of it nd attacks is on Asgard. Jane and her interns discover some kind of portal to the dark world and some how she gets the aether absorbed into her, which made little sense. And the aether is a great power than can conquer worlds. Thor goes back to earth to check on Jane and then she "zaps" people with energy and then she goes back with him to Asgard. Then this evil elf awakens attacks Asgard, chases ensue and some how they get to the dark world right where the portal to earth is. Then they go back to the earth and the elf follows. Then there is a some what tame battle on earth. Are you following me? See how crazy this is, the plot just didn't work.

FINAL VERDICT: There is the Chris Hemsworth without a shirt scene, so that's cool to check out, plus the evil dudes that were rip offs of the predator were neat. I'd say this movie is for people whom don't want to think while watching.

R.I.P.D. (2013)
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a mix between Men in black and Ghost, 2 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't think this movie had an original idea; all of it was stolen from other films. Two guys chase deados with silly looking guns, does it remind you of 2 guys chasing aliens with silly looking guns. Then as in Ghost, the 2 guys look different to the living.

Jeff Bridges, Roy, does his cowboy routine, this time playing it for laughs. And Ryan Reynolds, Nick, is his partner, the rookie. What little plot there is involves Nick finding out why his police partner, Hayes, killed him for gold. It turns out it's magic gold that can some how destroy the world. But you really don't need to no any more because the movie is about special effects. And the last fighting scenes just had to much going on to be entertaining. You couldn't follow anything, not good.

FINAL VERDICT: I don't care for movies that copy everything from other films. Skip it.

RED 2 (2013)
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if you are looking for some comedy and action, 25 May 2014

then this movie is for you. It's one of those fun movies with unbelievable characters. Frank's back and this time accused along with Marvin of being a terrorist. This all dates back to a job they had in Russia years ago. It seems a nuclear weapon went AWALL and now the real terrorists want to find it. The CIA and contract killers are after them.

Most of the film is just filled with silliness and jokes. And too many product placements. The pringles and papa john's were cringe worthy. I hate it when movies advertise because I'm watching a movie so I don't have to watch commercials. One of the craziest scenes was Han spinning the blue Ferrari and Victoria shooting the bad guys from both sides. Also Katja spins a black porche, skips to the passenger side, and Frank jumps in and rides away. Let's not forget the crashing the helicopter and everyone is OK. How crazy.

FINAL VERDICT: makes for a fun popcorn flick

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the most ridiculous final sequence ever, 17 May 2014

This movie was too crazy and silly to be any good. First of all, since it is the sixth film in the serious, you already know there is no plot. And then too many absurd things happen. Like Brian returns to LA to go to prison under an assumed name. His cop friend just gets him in a high security prison under a false name and then he meets the guy he was looking for, fends him and his goons off, and the next thing you know he's back on a plane to London. Yeah, sure. But the worst part of course is the ending and the plane. The action here is just too over the top. Cars hanging on a plane, people jumping out of a fast moving plane and landing in a car. Give me a break, they would have been on the runway. Then how long was this runway. And the plane explodes but Dom walks away with not even a tear in his wife beater. And how could Dom not have known to hide his sister, terrible.

FINAL VERDICT: Stay far away from this.

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better than expected, 15 May 2014

Since this was based on a true story, I didn't think it would be that great since you already know what happens. But, it was better than I expected. The writers made the movie thrilling and intense. The pirates first try to board the boat but are successfully driving away. This part was entertaining. Then the pirates make a second attempt and manage to board. Captain Phillips manages to keep most of the crew safe and is double crossed on a deal. Then it is him that the navy and US Seals must rescue. I also thought the dialog between the pirates was done well. It seemed legit with the arguing but they had to throw in the one crazy one that just wants to kill. That was so Hollywood. The last 15 minutes was intense and that is all I will say.

FINAL VERDICT: A good movie, check it out.

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