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Concussion (2015)
interesting topic, 28 July 2016

This movie was much better than I expected. I thought it was about a boring topic, but the movie made it entertaining. And I found Will Smith enjoyable for the first time in a long time. He was good and the accent was spot on. He plays a super smart coroner in Pittsburg who says NFL players killed themselves due to brain trauma. The government comes after him and the NFL wants to silence him. They even have a meeting but don't invite him and won't admit concussions can lead to brain injury. But he finally gets his voice heard.

FINAL VERDICT: Well written, Will Smith is good, check it out. He deserved the acting nominations.

Suspenseful tale of how.., 28 July 2016

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to survive on Mars long enough to be rescued. This was a good movie. Matt Damon is part of a group of astronauts on Mars. A huge storm comes and they must evacuate. Damon is hit by debree, suit punctured, so he is presumed dead and left behind. But the pole that went into him stopped the suit leak and he survived. He must grow food and make the rations last longer. He finds an older satellite and can communicate with earth. NASA comes up with a plan to save him. Of course, things don't go according to the plan. But the crew that left him behind, is brave and does the right thing and they get their guy back.

FINAL VERDICT: It's cool to see how a hopeless situation works out. Definite recommend.

funny Christmas comedy, 28 July 2016

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I thought this movie was pretty funny. It's about 3 guys whom spend Christmas together and this is their last year to get together. And as luck would have it, one of them, gets his hands on tickets to New York's biggest bash, the Nut Cracker Ball. They've dreamed of going for years and now have their chance. First the night begins with Isaac's wife giving him drugs to enjoy the night. So he's high the whole time. They go to clubs, wear ugly sweaters, buy weed, but that gets stolen. Finally after some funny adventures, they end up at the ball and Ethan's ex is there. Also Mylie Cyrus and she loves Wrecking Ball. So Ethan and Mylie sing it, and he gets carried away and proposes. To make a long story short, she gives him another chance and it shows the following Christmas and they are together.

FINAL VERDICT: Funny adult comedy. Check it out.

weird movie because..., 28 July 2016

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it is a drama/ but at the same time tries to be a comedy. Sandra Bullock plays a rather depressing soul. She's "retired" from the political game but gets dragged back in to help a candidate, Castillo, win the Bolivian presidency. She's moody and has a potato chip habit and can't get over the altitude sickness. But when she sees the front runner has her advisory, Billy Bob, working for him, she puts her game face on. She wants a negative campaign and even puts out that Castillo had an affair to blame it on Billy Bob so Castillo will agree to the smear campaign.

Her tactics work and Castillo wins. But the ending is very weird. Because he breaks some campaign promises, causing the public to riot. Sandra sees even though she won, perhaps it wasn't the best thing. At the end, it says she's some kind of director for a Latin American organization.

FINAL VERDICT: Not to great. Not one of Bullock's best roles. I say, avoid it.

The Visit (2015/I)
twist too easy to guess, 26 June 2016

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I'm terrible at guessing the twist in movies, but this one I got right on because it was so obvious. When the grandparents start saying and doing all this crazy stuff, well the conclusion is they are crazy.

The plot is 2 kids go to stay a week with grandparents they have never met. First, what mother puts her kids on a train to visit people they don't know. That pushes believability. Any ways the kids constantly say the weird things going on are because they are old. Well when the grandmother creeps around like a possessed person and laughs at nothing and asks the girl to get in the oven, that should have been a clue, something is way off.

Plus at the end, when the mom tells the kids those aren't their grandparents, how could it possible take so long to get the police there and she is with them and supposedly lived far away. Surely that county of PA had someone that could have gotten out there earlier.

FINAL VERDICT: the twist wasn't shocking,easy to guess. I'd only recommend it if you don't mind a dull shocker.

Pan (2015)
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imaginative prequel to peter pan, 20 May 2016

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I don't get why some people didn't like this film; I thought it was pretty good. It's a creative story about how Peter came to Neverland and became known as Peter Pan. Peter and other orphans are kidnapped by pirates on their flying ship and taken to Neverland where the evil Captain Blackbeard (not Hook) is using the orphans as slaves. As a matter of fact, Peter meets Hook and he is one of the slaves digging for Pixie dust. Peter is forced to fly and Blackbeard believes he is the boy in the prophesy whom will overthrow him.

Peter and Hook escape, meet up the natives whom think he is the Pan. The 2 escape with Tiger Lily go on some adventures and eventually there is the battle at the end with Blackbeard in the fairy kingdom.

I think the special effects were very good, I liked the story, and I thought Hugh Jackman was great. The crocodile was cool and all the colorful natives-it was just visual stunning.

FINAL VERDICT: I liked the story, don't believe all the reviews, check it out.

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great visual effects, crap for a story, 24 April 2016

If you watch this movie, watch it for the dinosaurs or the hot Chris Pratt, just don't expect a good story or acting. The dialogue was atrocious, especially the 2 boys. The plot was so dull and predictable. Scientists develop a modified dinosaur that has the genetic makeup of many different animals. Hinse it is super smart and wants to kill. Why, who cares, it just does according to the movie.

So of course it escapes and you have all these tourists on the island. Park director Claire gets Owen's help to capture the escaped dino. Things don't work out, people get eaten, and you can kind of guess the King of the dinos will be required to defeat the man made monster.

FINAL VERDICT: If you love dinosaurs, check it out, otherwise skip it.

It Follows (2014)
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slow horror film...., 24 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

based on a demon STD? That is what comes to mind trying to explain this movie. Jay finally sleeps with her boyfriend only to find out that he passed something on to her. Some kind of supernatural being will now be following her and if it gets her, she will die. He tells her it can be an any form but moves slow, only walks. So, she can get in a car and drive somewhere and not have to worry for several hours. He tells her to pass it on and not to die because it will come after him.

So she has her sister and friends helping her escape, but they can't see the being. But they do see it moving objects. So, of course, you get your jump moments as something just shows up. She passes it on but it doesn't work out. Then does it again, but I didn't like how the movie left the ending open. You assume the boy passed it on, but don't know for sure.

FINAL VERDICT: moves too slow and plot is really out there. Not exactly what horror fans are looking for. So, I only recommend it if you don't want much action.

Ant-Man (2015)
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super hero movie with some comedy, 8 April 2016

Finally, a super hero movie with some comedy and it worked. Normally, I don't like the super hero movies because it's just too much non-sense and silly special effects, but this movie was not over-the-top and most importantly added comedy to keep things moving.

Scott Lang has recently got out of prison, but is pulled back in by a cannot pass up robbery, which turns out to be a set up. Dr. Hank Pym has picked him to try this suit he's invented, that shrinks the wearer and turns him into a ruler of ants.

The villain is another scientist whom worked with Pym and is trying to create a machine to shrink living things. Of course, he wants to use it to take over the world.

We get a few scenes with Lang learning to use the suit and control the ants. At the end he must break into the lab and stop the mad scientist.

FINAL VERDICT: One of the better super heros films. Check it out.

Spy (2015)
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if you like bad language in a comedy..., 8 March 2016

then this movie is for you. Melissa Mccarthy is funny in this. In the beginning she is the one guiding the spy, next think you know, she is the one spying. Jude Law plays the hot guy(spy) Susan is obsessed over buy is always in the friend zone. Something happens to him, and she volunteers to spy on the people he was looking into. Jason Statham plays the tough spy(his usual character) except in this all he does is cuss and make some not top spy mistakes. He was funny.

So Susan uses her charm so to speak to try to find out what's going on with the missing nuclear weapon, but just gets in trouble. Then turns into a tough cookie at the end when her cover gets blown. But her training with the FBI comes into play at the end, and all ends well.

FINAL VERDICT: Worth checking out.

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