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Movies that talk directly, or not, about autism. Even if it is just helping to understand autistic behavior or logic
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A voir avec Pauline
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This is a personnal list of the movies i want to watch most, so as not to forget them...
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A list of the movies I have and have already seen
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Movies to watch with a strong heart
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Movies i want to see on my own cause they're too crazy !
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This is a list of people I consider great directors. Most of them are innovators who are still alive. Some are dead, but leave such a legacy that they cannot be left out.

Mostly, this is about science-fiction, but not exclusively. It simply so happens that it's the field where directors with the most interesting ideas are.

One thing they all have in common is innovation in technics, cinematography and mastership of storytelling. Basically, I'm looking for original directors of great talent with total understanding of what cinema is as an art.