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A Modern Classic!
14 August 2002
In the Bond series, each actor that has stayed on for three or more films, has had number three be one of their best entries. For Connery it was Goldfinger, Moore and The Spy Who Loved Me. Brosnan (like Connery) had his best entry, GoldenEye, before number three. And with GoldenEye being the first Bond I ever saw, it was near impossible to top it in my opinion. But with TWINE's bold plot twists and great character insight, it in the end was hard to say. What makes TWINE so good, well it is not just an action adventure, it has a great spy plot with a thriller emoitional subplot. It affects how 007 treats his mission and what he does in it. Brosnan in my opinion IS James Bond, and while has been the best since GoldenEye, he really perfects his portryal in TWINE. Brosnan really sinks into the role here, blending all the Bond elements required to give a perfect perfromance as Bond. And with a great supporting cast, including the series first female villian, this movie is one of the best. And while Densie Richards (soo hot!!) and the way the plot is twisted around slightly drops it from Dethroning GoldenEye as the best Bond film, this is a true modern classic and a film that once agian continues the Brosnan Bond tradition of excellence!
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GoldenEye (1995)
Nobody Does it Better!!!
14 August 2002
Goldeneye is what we have been waiting for since we saw Honey Rider step out of the beach in Dr. No. With Pierce Brosnan (who put simply IS Bond) and an excellent supporting cast, we are given THE Bond film. It has the right amount of suaveness, action, character and plot presented in the best way. Brosnan gives off the Best debut of any Bond. He has all the right amounts of past Bonds along with a sense of emotion that is all Pierce. It also has the series Best villian, Alec Trevelyan, who is more than just some random physco wanting to destory the world. He wants revenge. This and other parts to his character complicate 007's relationship with the man he used to call his friend. Bond feels used, and as if he is in over his head. It is the most complicated Bond role since OHMSS. And Brosnan does it with style and hints of vernurabilty.

We also see a new kind of Bond girl. Natyala is a grown up Bond girl, who is able to hold her own and is not jsut a Bimbo. She also has and emtiotianl undertone that haunts her,she, like Bond feels betryaed. GoldenEye also boasts some of the series best action scenes with tension not being lost to the plot. If you only see one Bond film, see this.
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A true Thriller
3 August 2002
Certainly, From Russia With Love is much closer to a Hitchcock thriller than other 007 movies. The result is a film which has tension all the way through. Critically analysed, this is in many ways the best of the Bond films. There are some wonderful memorable scenes. The direction by Terence Young is superb, and the fight scenes with Red Grant and the Gypsy girls are superbly choreographed. Tension is high throughout the film, thanks to a carefully thought out screen play. Connery is once again outstanding, and the cast is brilliant, with even minor roles being played wonderfully by a selection of top actors. Overall, although it does maybe lack in action and fun, this is a superb film, and must rank high in the Bond all-time list. Any Bond fan is extremely proud to have this classic film in the series.
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Dr. No (1962)
A fine start
3 August 2002
Bond provided a highly successful thriller, and an excellent prototype for films to come. The budget was used well for the time, producing a thriller that looked much more expensive than one million dollars. The film was a blockbuster success. Firstly, Bond's vices turned him into a superb anti-hero, and condemnation of Bond by the Vatican and the Kremlin caused audiences to flock in huge numbers to the film, which had received good critical acclaim. To this day it remains a classic favourite with traditional Bond fans, a great watch for any lover of a great thriller
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