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Avatar (2009)
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I see you., 28 December 2009

James Cameron's latest attempt, Avatar, is no longer an attempt. Avatar is the most visually beautiful film I have seen in the past ten years. It is a stroke of utter and complete genius. James Cameron brings to life an entirely new way to create a world. With only 40% of live-action material, Cameron created a world so renown and so stunning that for over 2 and 1/2 hours our eyes are glued to the screen. Cameron has a way of allowing you to be awed by the beautiful world that is Pandora while still paying close attention to what's right in front of you. The visuals do not take away from the movie in any way. Everything is superb from start to finish. Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Joel Moore, and everyone else are excellent in their respective roles. I've read some of these comments on here and can't fathom why people do not like this movie. Yes, the movie drags on a bit, but if the movie were only 2 hours long, people would complain that there was no character development or some parts were left unfinished. James Cameron takes you through Jake Sully's transformation in such a way that you actually believe in your own mind that you were watching a human being turn into something completely different, all while not missing a beat.

You don't have to like or dislike any of Cameron's other films in order to decide whether or not you want to see this movie. This is a masterpiece from start to finish, in every aspect of the movie. The fact that this has an 8.8 is superb but only #25 on the Top 250 is beyond me. The Dark Knight was a great movie but it does not deserve to be #9 with Bale's shotty performance (as usual).

Avatar may simply be one of the most artistic movies ever made, and I mean this with no exaggeration. Undoubtedly the most beautiful film I've seen since The Green Mile. Granted I've only seen The Green Mile for the first time last week, but going back to 1999, I can't think of any better movies.

Avatar ranks up their with the best, and it deserves to win every award that it is nominated for. Simply put, a stunning 10 out of 10.

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It's not a remake, so stop calling it that., 28 August 2009

Halloween II is not a remake of John Carpenter's Halloween 2 and it is a direct sequel to Rob Zombie's Halloween. This movie is a complete re-imagining just as Halloween (2007) was.

If you are a TRUE fan of the original Halloween, you will not like this nor Zombie's first attempt because let's face it, who TRULY enjoys remakes of movies that you love? I'm reading that people don't like the repeated stabbing Michael does and the "grunts" he makes. Who cares? Michael is a brutal psychopath, he doesn't just stab someone once and call it quits. And the grunting, is it that big of a deal? People make noises, get over it.

Zombie seeing his mother, his younger self, and the white horse is what is driving him to kill. In the first movie, he was simply trying to get to Laurie and show her who she is. In this movie, however, the images of his mom and younger self are trying to get Michael to "reunite" his family.

I'm also reading that people do not like the characters nor their use of profanity. OK so we can't curse in our every day lives? I use the F bomb pretty much every two or three words, it's just the way we are. And Zombie purposely intended on making the characters as annoying as they were because who wants to see someone not scared of death and just take it.

I personally feel that the characters, the deaths, etc. are made exactly how they would happen in real life. I understand where people are coming from when they're calling this a suspense movie rather than a horror, but what is horror nowadays if it's not supernatural killers. This movie also does not try to scare you with sudden jumps. Yes they do occur a lot but it's a movie, it's supposed to go down that way.

I highly recommend this movie to people who enjoyed Zombie's first Halloween and if you don't care about what he's "doing" to Carpenter's Halloween. As I mentioned earlier and as Rob Zombie has mentioned, this movie is a complete re-imagining, not a remake or a sequel. If anyone had a brain you'd realize this in the original when he introduced the younger Michael Myers backstory.

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Best episode ever., 9 August 2009

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet and I'm literally going to give nothing away. I don't care who reads this or not and who cares. But this episode was by far the best episode of True Blood I have ever seen. Hands down. It literally had everything. The episode was generated and put together to perfection and then distributed to us in absolutely nothing short of perfection. Sookie, Jason, Bill, and Eric were all amazing and now we finally see Godric in his own and he was outstanding. He was so gangsta and so ill, nobody can mess with him. He will FSU. Next week is going to be so ill, and I won't say why, for obvious reasons. Happy viewings!

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Outstanding, 26 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK the spoilers won't happen until the end, they're for the people who hated this movie.

This movie is downright amazing. I went into the movie not knowing what the hell it was about and I don't regret it. I saw the coming attractions for weeks and every time I wanted to see the movie that much more. And it pulled through. It starts off so unbelievably strong that people think the rest of the movie is slow, but it's not. It keeps you watching because they basically reveal next to nothing at a time. OK, we know he has a secret; we know he needs to choose 7 strangers; but why? It keeps you focused and wanting. The acting, the drama, and even some suspense that was thrown in was just incredible. Honestly, it was flawless.

Here are the spoilers: Ben killing himself was not an act of a coward but an act of a hero. It's not that easy for someone who killed seven people to just help thousands more. Yes, there are people out there who do things for a great cause that as a whole, help people one way or another. But Ben's gift to those seven people is MUCH more than he could ever give to thousands as a whole. A woman and her two kids were able to start a new life; a man was able to see again; a little boy was able to live his life; and you know the rest .. this movie is good. Anybody who gives this movie less than a 7 is just downright ignorant. Ben Thomas was not a scared, cowardly man. He was a guilt-ridden man with the power to help seven people who need it. I think we call that person a hero in most stories!

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Arugably the best season finale of a half hour show. ever, 14 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you read this before you see the episode I will basically ruin the whole thing for you.

The finale of Season 2 of Californication, to me, is arguably the best season finale of any half-hour television show (at least the one's I have seen).

It was funny, it was sad, and most importantly, it left you wanting sooo much more.

Charlie left Marcy on the previous episode for Daisy, giving up basically any money or job he had, but now it seems as if he wants Marcy back. Cliffhanger.

Mia leaves for Arizona, which is cool with me because she was a conniving bitch.

Sonia has the baby, turns out it was a black baby: ipso facto--not Hank's. Problem solved.

Damien turned out to be quite apologetic to Hank, stating that he never got a kiss from a girl before right off the bat, so he felt compelled to kiss her back. So far so good.

Now, the two biggest parts of the show: arguably the two saddest parts.

To start the episode, we see Hank finishing up the Ashby book. He then sees Ashby in the doorway and they begin a heart-whelming speech that could bring tears and a smile at the same time. However, as it turns out, Ashby was a figment of his imagination, as the overdose he acquired in the previous episode .. was fatal. Probably my favorite co-character of Season 2 died, which upset me greatly, but everything Ashby ever did in the season, was amazing.

Finally, Karen gets a job in New York and tells Hank that she's taking Becca with her and that he's not invited (mainly because of the situation with Sonia which was not resolved yet). Upon the birth of the baby, Karen and Hank have sex and Karen changes her mind. By the end of the episode, we see Hank, Karen, and Becca packing for New York. And just when it seems like a happy ending, Damien comes along and apologizes to Becca (which Hank then says 'well-played' to Damien). Damien and Becca go for a walk and Karen tells Hank she feels bad that she has to re-break up Damien and Becca. And here is where the epitome of the greatness of this show comes into effect: Hank tells Karen she does not have to by stating that he will stay in Cali with Becca and Karen can go to New York for her dream job.

Alright now that I'm done ranting, I'll sum up. This episode epitomizes the comedy-drama-romance trio of television. In just two seasons, the viewer feels so connected with Hank and most of the other characters, and I really wish the episodes were an hour long (same as Entourage). I really cannot wait for Season 3: it cannot come soon enough.

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Not just one of the best this year, but one the best, ever, 7 November 2008

This movie is nothing short of amazement. I have seen and loved many comedies, especially movies compatible to Role Models, but Role Models is just as funny as Superbad, if not funnier.

Seann William Scott is basically Stifler, and Paul Rudd is all his characters in previous movies (starting with Anchorman) combined. They have great chemistry together and they really put together a great comedy.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Bobb'e J. Thompson also threw in great roles as the "little's" to Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott, respectively.

It's hard to say why this movie is so funny because there's no reason for it: it just is. The great one-liners and laugh-out-loud jokes keep running from beginning to end.

The cameos were great as well. Jane Lynch, Ken Jeong, Matt Walsh, and of course, my favorite, Joe Lo Truglio (go watch him in Beer League, please) had great lines and great characters.

Every scene was executed flawlessly.

Honestly, if you liked Superbad and Knocked Up, etc. even just a little bit, please, go see this movie and let it get the recognition it deserves, because even with the 8 people who were in this theatre with me (including my 2 friends) I still laughed so hard and so loud but I'm not ashamed of it because this movie was perfect.

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This movie should easily be in the top 250., 21 August 2008

Usually a 7.8 average is good for IMDb users, but not for me. This movie is beyond amazing. The acting, the premise, the plot: everything. Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Ben Kingsley all give 100% performances. Lucy Liu and Stanley Tucci were also very good considering I've rarely seen them in any movies like Lucky Number Slevin.

While some may say you can easily figure out the plot from the beginning, I did not. But even if you can, it still keeps you glued to the screen. The ending, especially, is arguably one of the best endings in any movie I have ever seen (very close to The Mist).

I have never seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or The Usual Suspects, which is odd because I am a huge movie buff, but really, this movie is absolutely outstanding. I suggest it to anybody.

Even if you hated the movie, I can guarantee the ending/the last half hour will leave you speechless.

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Finally!, 8 July 2008

After seeing Date Movie & Epic Movie, I said to myself, "how the hell are they coming out with a Superhero Movie?" But after seeing the trailer, I forced myself to watch it; and I loved it. Date Movie & Epic Movie were absolutely terrible, and from what I've heard, Meet the Spartans is ten times worse than both those movies, but Superhero Movie is actually mad funny. I loved Drake Bell, Leslie Nielsen was hilarious as well as Kevin Hart, and even though it was a comedy, Christopher McDonald was an awesome villain.

Honestly, if you enjoyed Scary Movie 3 & 4 (which means you definitely enjoyed Scary Movie 1 & 2), then you will like Superhero Movie.

Let's hope Disaster Movie is just as good, I highly doubt it though.

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Overdone, 31 May 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This comment definitely contains spoilers, so, do what you gotta do.

Okay, I'm all for the horror genre. I am a fan of Rob Zombie's Halloween which seemed to get bad reviews overall, so you would think I'd be a fan of The Strangers: wrong. Although there were some good points such as the isolation of the home and when James shot Mike (granted you saw it coming, but regardless it was still original), the movie had countless flaws that I could not see past to give this movie higher than a 4. My favorite part, however, was when Kristen poured herself a glass of water and you see the Man in the Mask in the background.

1. The blip in the beginning of the movie contradicted the ending.

2. It started off really slow and the two flashbacks were unnecessary.

3. When Kristen escaped the shed, why was the 'stranger' not immediately following her given the fact that she was crawling away? 4. There were at least five times where a 'stranger' or even Kristen/James themselves popped in out of nowhere to give the audience a scare (even though at the 9:55 showing at Farmingdale Multiplex everybody decided to scream THEN laugh at those moments), which is why I considered the movie overdone.

5. The beginning of the movie resembled Vacancy too much (which was a pretty good movie in my eye) given the fact that Kristen and James had tension between each other.

6. The ending (1): The chicks take the brochure from the Mormon's and as they get back in the car one of girls states "next time will be easier." May I ask why? 7. The ending (2): Why end the movie with Liv Tyler alive (hence the contradiction of the beginning) for that final scream to get the audience to jump? Just felt unnecessary to me.

There are a few other points I could post as to why I dislike this movie, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Now I get to look forward to Hancock and The Incredible Hulk :D

Semi-Pro (2008)
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People forget that Will Ferrell's movies are randomness., 29 February 2008

So far I am the fourth person to rate this movie; and I honestly don't agree with anybody else here. I really only rate movies I truly enjoyed, and this is one of them. I don't think anybody that has seen Will's movies and disliked them should be commenting on here.

This movie, along with Anchorman and Talladega Nights, is just a whole bunch of funny, cruel, and vulgar jokes thrown into a 90-minute story line...and it's awesome.

Also, the fact that it's loosely based upon a real merger between the ABA and NBA fits the movie. Sports movies with fake teams and cities is getting overly boring.

As many people will tell you, the unrated versions of Anchorman and Talladega Nights blow the original PG-13 rating out of the water. And for this, is why the writers had to make this movie rated R to begin with.

The movie was designed for Will Ferrell. Granted, it's another sports movie with him, but he pulls it off again. Wrestling a bear, performing dance, and singing a song called 'Love Me Sexy' has absolutely nothing to do with basketball, but it works. Like I said, all his movies are a bunch of random jokes thrown together to fit a storyline.

This movie, to me, is better than Talladega Nights. If you like Will Ferrell, you will LOVE this movie. If you don't like Will Ferrell, you need to get yourself checked out.

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