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Like Mike (2002)
I watched Like Mike in Nov 2008, 7 November 2008

I just watched it. Fresh and entertaining it had magic, good acting, good story, happy ending. If you're a sports fan and who isn't you will like it. I wonder if Jack Nicholson liked it. I'll bet a grand that he did. It is a great kid's story and appealed to the kid in me. I'm 60 and I'm still kicking. If you like stories with children at the center like The Bells of St. Mary's with Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman you will like this. It is not another dull adult comedy that will bore everyone. Where there is hope you will find kids because they are our hope. This one is much better than the movie with Shack as the genie. The movie was perfect in every way or I wouldn't have given it an 8. Enjoy it as much as I did. I'm getting a copy of it as soon as I find it. It is really a 7 or 8 and nothing less. Don't let the 4 or 5 fool you.

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I Agree 10 of 10 and bring tissue, 6 November 2008

I am in agreement that the story is implausible but utterly moving. I sit here and think about Captain's Courageous and would place it in the same category. It will make you cry. What a beautiful story of love and sacrifice. Children are always worth saving and any sacrifice for them is moving. I do not know why there is a minimum number of lines to submit a review of movies on IMDb. That is a change from the original rules. I'm not a film critic and barely find time to write this review. I was very happy to receive help from IMDb in identifying the movie and I am surprised that it was filmed so recently. It deserves 83 ranking and I hope it remains there so that others will get a chance to discover it.

Great Movie, 20 September 2008

This film made me laugh. It is good to be surprised by a movie you didn't expect much from. The movie is special. If it is a cult movie I think it is because it speaks to the heart. It a movie about hanging with the guys. It spoke to me and I'm a white middle-class dude from the Midwest. The cast did a great job. The director is deceased and should have received more recognition. I will definitely find a copy of this for my library. I will definitely tell others about it. I have to make this ten lines or they won't print it. I don't know what IMDb wants. I am telling you to see this movie. It is about guys in the city on the bad side of town going out on the town. Thanks for a great film.