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Harry Loves Lisa (2010– )
Fun and Refreshing
30 October 2010
I like Lisa Rinna a lot, and I used to watch her on Soap Net, because she is funny, and brutally honest, even when she is talking about herself. Harry had the better career initially, but then turned into a house husband and found himself without a career. That surprised me somewhat, because I don't think he is a bad actor by any stretch of the imagination. The cringe factor in this show comes in liking them, and being painfully aware that most marriages do not survive reality TV shows. I have my fingers crossed that the reality curse does not afflict them. It is fun to watch them laugh and gently bicker their way through some of the episodes. The great thing is that they are genuinely fond of each other, and are great parents to their two young daughters. They have a lovely house that is right for them and not over the top. Despite some red carpet turns, they are refreshingly real. We are all affected in some way by the recession, and so are they, which surprised me. Perhaps I just assumed that they were wealthy and immune to the pitfalls that most of us face, but not so. They discuss and display their lives with openness and refreshing candor. I have not watched this show every week, but I do TiVo it, and do watch it at a later date. If I don't like the description, I don't watch it. I'm sure I've missed some great moments, but I am fickle, and have no remorse about it. If you like to get a fix of famous people, try this show. They are real people with a real life and family, and are a lot of fun to spend some time with. This show works on many levels. If you want to watch a show that won't make you cringe like the vulgar Kardashians, this is your show. There is something immensely likable about this duo. He is a very serious man, and she is inclined to be raucous and silly, but she is not the airhead she pretends to be. These are fun people who like each other and aren't afraid to be themselves. They manage to do a show that doesn't seem to be a show, but a visit with some comfortable friends. I hope this show lasts, because they are so genuine. They are not vulgar, foolish, or conceited, and I think you will like them once you meet them.
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Better Than Other Housewives Shows
16 October 2010
Initially I liked this show when I first turned it on. The mix of characters is interesting, and finding out about their lives was fun. Once they got together, the usual snide comments surfaced, and they all seem to like and dislike each other in equal proportions. The big mansions pall after awhile, and there is nothing in these women's lives that anyone would be jealous of. Only two seemed to have a stable marriage. The others were either divorced, teetering, or in the process, and one candidly admitted that hers was in trouble. I'll take my little house and my family over theirs anytime. I liked most of them, and I am reserving judgment on the others for now. If this turns into another debacle like New York or Atlanta, count me out, and don't mention New Jersey. Just the commercials for that make me cringe. All in all, it's not a great show, but it's entertaining, and certainly the best of the Housewife franchises. If you want to see bad manners, lavish homes, jewelry, and appalling plastic surgery this is your show. The woman with the weird mouth and too many teeth,looks like a clown, and not in a good way. If you like junk TV, this is your show. Masterpiece Theater it isn't, but it never aspired to be that. Take it for what it is, and take it or leave it. This one will probably be my guilty pleasure. For all that's wrong with it, there is a lot right with it. Most of them are likable and/or entertaining. Will I watch it every week? No, but then I don't eat chocolate every week either!
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